Joe Biden is going to live to regret this ugly insult of Trump

Photo by The White House, via Wikimedia, Public domain

Joe Biden is rolling out a new campaign strategy.

It’s a huge risk.

And Joe Biden is going to live to regret this ugly insult of Trump.

Biden campaign tries to reverse media narrative through trolling 

President Joe Biden is trailing former President Donald Trump in the swing state and national polls.

Trump built the most durable polling lead by any Republican Presidential candidate since the 2004 Election cycle.

The media coverage of a campaign focuses incessantly on the horse race aspect of who’s up and who’s down.

With polls showing Trump leading Biden, that would normally produce an onslaught of negative coverage for the President.

The more negative coverage a campaign gets, the harder it becomes to dig out a hole as the negative news cycle becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Biden’s team wanted to create a new way to measure the horse race.

And that’s through fundraising.

Trump’s fundraising is down as he’s tied up in the criminal cases and civil lawsuits Democrat prosecutors, judges, and lawyers whipped up.

Big donors shy away from him thinking their money will be used for his legal bills.

Meanwhile, Biden held a fundraiser in New York City attended by former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama as well as celebrities like recording artist Lizzo, actress Mindy Kaling, and actor Ben Platt that’s expected to raise $25 million.

Biden’s campaign released a memo to call attention to the disparity.

The Biden memo

Biden’s team hoped to bait Trump into a back-and-forth over money to keep the focus off his lousy poll numbers driven by Bidenflation and the wide-open southern border.

“Trump is ‘scrambling’ to raise cash as he lags behind President Biden in fundraising. Instead of closing the gap to fund his campaign, he is fundraising to pay his legal bills and relying on donors to finance his bond,” the memo read.

The memo claimed the fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall will raise:

$5 million more than the Trump campaign raised in all of February.

Nearly double what the Trump campaign raised in all of January.

More than what the Trump campaign raised in December and January combined.

More than double what the RNC has cash on hand – and more than the RNC has raised all year.

Nearly 60% of what the Trump campaign has cash on hand.

The memo all but instructed reporters to focus their coverage on the two campaign’s finances.

“This one night builds on the trend of Team Biden-Harris absolutely lapping the Trump campaign in fundraising. The Trump campaign raised $20 million in February, comically less than half the $53 million Team Biden-Harris raised in February. Today, the Trump campaign has less than $42 million cash on hand, which is less than one-third of the $155 million cash on hand that Team Biden-Harris has,” the memo added.

But this may all be a lot of nothing in the end.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton outraised Trump 2:1 bringing in $1.2 billion to Donald Trump’s $600 million.

It didn’t matter as the people rejected her support for amnesty and globalist agenda for Trump’s promise to build a border wall and American First foreign policy.

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