Jen Psaki revealed Joe Biden has this huge problem that no one ever saw coming

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Photo by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 2.0,

It’s panic mode in the Democrat Party over the state of the 2024 Presidential race.

Joe Biden’s facing lousy poll numbers and a deteriorating political environment.

And Jen Psaki revealed Joe Biden has this huge problem that no one ever saw coming.

Jen Psaki warns Democrats about the threat of third-party candidates

Just because Jen Psaki doesn’t work in the administration anymore as White House Press Secretary doesn’t mean she still isn’t President Joe Biden’s propagandist.

She just slid over to the media where the press now openly embraces its role as Biden’s praetorian guard.

In her new role as MSNBC host and commentator, Psaki is expected to provide a steady stream of slogans, televised group therapy, and repeated denunciations of Republicans to the network’s Democrat audience.

But she’s also a seasoned political operative who knows how to read a poll.

And now even Psaki – who had to defend Biden’s open borders, inflation, and vaccine mandates – couldn’t spin the current predicament he faces.

Biden’s trailing former President Donald Trump in the national and swing state polls and she warned Morning Joe that a comeback is complicated by the fact that independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is polling well.

Psaki whined that Democrats who supported Kennedy don’t know that he’s a supposed conspiracy theorist.  

“These third-party candidates are a huge problem. If you look at RFK, it’s the name recognition issue. There are still states in this country where the Kennedy name is beloved, where they may not know a lot about the fact that he is an anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist. They don’t know that yet. There is an aggressive effort that the campaign has been working with the Democratic National Committee on, to run on this, but it needs to be broad. People need to be shouting it from the rooftops because this is one of the biggest threats to Joe Biden being reelected, is these third-party candidates,” Psaki stated.

Kennedy could cost Biden two key swing states

Psaki noted that Kennedy’s polling well in critical battlegrounds.

“Michigan is a state where RFK Jr is polling at 10%. This is a place where Joe Biden needs to win, and RFK Junior is making a real threat to that. So it’s good we’re talking about it. It is a real threat. They’re aware of it, but more needs to be done and more people need to be talking about it and aware,” Psaki added.

Fresh CNN polling from Michigan and Pennsylvania shows that – if anything – Psaski is underselling the threat Kennedy poses.

In a multi-candidate field, Trump leads Biden by six in Michigan and two in Pennsylvania with Kennedy clocking in with 18 and 16 percent of the vote.

Americans are sick of Biden.

Not only did he open the border to millions of illegal aliens and create the Bidenflation that chomps away at American’s paychecks, he now wants to ban gas-powered cars and destroy the American auto industry.

Disaffected Democrats in industrial states like Pennsylvania and Michigan will have a place to cast a protest vote in Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

And if Trump wins Michigan and Pennsylvania then he will be the next President.

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