Donald Trump just learned this chilling truth about the media

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Donald Trump spent eight years battling a corrupt and biased press.

He’s looking like he’s going to get his hand raised as the victor.

And Donald Trump just learned this chilling truth about the media.

Trump proven right about the media

Former President Donald Trump ripped left-wing reporters as the enemy of the people and never missed an opportunity to point out how the press was full of left-wing activists who lie at a moment’s notice to help advance their political agenda.

National Public Radio (NPR) and its controversial CEO Katherine Maher proved him right.

Maher suspended 25-year NPR veteran Uri Berliner for a piece he published in The Free Press exposing how NPR drifted into political activism to advance the Democrat Party cause on the Hunter Biden laptop story, transgenderism, and the origins of the pandemic.

Berliner even recounted how one NPR reporter thought it was right to bury the Hunter Biden laptop story on account that it would help Trump in the election.

Maher responded by suspending him for five days for the “crime” of doing what journalists are supposed to do – report what they see.

“In America, everyone is entitled to free speech as a private citizen,” Maher stated. “What matters is NPR’s work and my commitment as its CEO: public service, editorial independence, and the mission to serve all of the American public. NPR is independent, beholden to no party, and without commercial interests.”

Berliner responded by resigning and ripping NPR for suffering from a lack of leadership.

Maher under fire

Maher suspending Berliner for speaking out against left-wing bias proved the point that he raised in his essay, that NPR is a leftist hivemind with no tolerance for diversity of thought.

Conservatives dug up Maher’s old social media posts which show her to be a committed left-wing ideologue.

In one of her public remarks, she lamented the fact that the media let the truth get in the way of promoting the Democrat Party’s candidates and policies.

In 2020, before she was NPR CEO, Maher campaigned for Joe Biden and defended the Black Lives Matter terrorists who burned down cities and looted businesses.

This entire episode left conservatives wondering, why are Republicans in Congress continually voting to fund NPR with taxpayer money.

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