Donald Trump just dropped this major Vice President bombshell

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Donald Trump is now the presumptive GOP Presidential nominee.

That means it’s time for the running mate speculation to kick into overdrive.

And Donald Trump just dropped this major Vice President bombshell.

Trump tells Newsmax he’s eliminated some contenders from the shortlist

In an interview with Newsmax’s Greg Kelly, former President Donald Trump revealed that he eliminated several candidates from consideration to be his running mate claiming they didn’t “behave properly.”

“Yeah, I probably have a couple of people that you may know very well. Some people that I didn’t think behaved properly. Yeah, I think I’ve ruled some people out, but I’ve ruled a lot of people in. We have a lot of great people in the Republican Party, and they’ll do a terrific job, I think, but certainly I have people that I wouldn’t want as a Vice President,” Trump stated.

He was likely talking about RINO former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

Haley turned into a full-on Leftist as the Primary went along attacking Trump from the Left on Russia and defending the criminal cases against him.

When she dropped out of the Primary following getting drubbed on Super Tuesday, she refused to endorse Trump.

Trump says he can have his pick of the litter to be Vice President because candidates will be tripping over each other to get the job.

“We’ve had some really great people. I think we have really great people that want it. People have expressed, I mean not their interest, they’ve expressed like, ‘I would love to be Vice President.’ Who wouldn’t? If you’re a politician, who wouldn’t want it? But you know, I get a kick out of watching the fake news media say, ‘Nobody wants to work with him. Nobody wants to be Vice President. Nobody wants to be Secretary of State.’ Everybody wants to be in these positions,” Trump added.

He told Kelly he didn’t feel constrained to make a typical pick that that media and establishment gatekeepers would approve of which opens the door for someone like Fox News contributor and former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard among others.

“Really, if you want to stay within a certain boundary, the press covers the people that are being thought about. It’s unusual that you’d pick somebody totally out of that, and there are 15 people they talk about, and that list grows every day. But we’re gonna pick somebody that’s really good, really conservative, loves law and order, low taxes, low-interest rates, borders,” Trump concluded.

Polls show anyone would want to be Trump’s running mate 

Current polling data shows why Trump is so confident in the menu of options before him for running mate.

Brand new surveys from the key swing states of Nevada and Pennsylvania show him holding solid leads over President Joe Biden.

But with Trump the favorite to win the White House being his running mate is a prestige position.

Should he win, he can’t run again in 2028.

Trump’s Vice President would enter the Primary as an incumbent who is essentially his heir apparent.

Every politician dreams of one day sitting in the Oval Office.

Being Donald Trump’s running mate puts someone one step closer to that goal.

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