Dan Crenshaw is going to regret starting this war with Donald Trump Jr.

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Dan Crenshaw is one of the biggest RINOs in all of Washington, D.C.

He thinks he’s bulletproof since he survived a Primary challenge.

Now Dan Crenshaw is going to regret starting this war with Donald Trump Jr.

Conservative frustration with Speaker Mike Johnson erupts

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) sold out the conservative base by joining at the hip with President Joe Biden on a $95 billion foreign aid bill that includes a $61 billion slush fund for Ukraine.

Not only did Johnson include $300 million in the bill for border security forces in Ukraine, but it didn’t include one penny to secure the border in America.

He already sold conservatives on teaming with Biden to pass a $1.2 trillion spending bill and to allow Biden to spy on Americans without a warrant.

This latest sellout was the last straw.

Donald Trump Jr. blasted Johnson as a liar who sold conservatives a bill of goods about trying to secure the border.

“Enough already!” Trump Jr. posted on X. “If you ever even begin to start believing anything anyone in Republican leadership tells you just watch this. Pay close attention to those that don’t seem bothered by this. They’re not our friends.”

Trump Jr. also included a supercut of a one-minute video of Johnson swearing up and down that he would force Biden to accept real policy changes that would seal the border.

Trump Jr.’s post looked like tacit approval from Trumpworld for conservatives to proceed with a motion to vacate the chair and boot Johnson as Speaker.

Crenshaw races to Johnson’s defense

Representative Dan Crenshaw (RINO-TX) – who supports red flag gun confiscation laws – immediately took up for Johnson claiming all he was doing was putting a bill up for a vote and letting the House work its will.

“To be clear, he’s being threatened for even allowing a vote to come to the floor. For allowing the constitutional process to play out as intended by our Founders. That’s a wild thing to consider, especially when his enemies consider themselves ‘conservative.’ They are not conserving the constitutional process our Founders created, that’s for sure. Conserving Putin’s gains on the battlefield, is more like it,” Crenshaw wrote.

But Johnson doesn’t have to put a bill up for a vote.

He’s blocking conservative legislation like the National Right to Work Act and Audit the Fed by refusing to bring them up for a vote.

RINO Dan Crenshaw doesn’t seem too upset by that fact.

Johnson could easily shelve the Ukraine slush fund bill until Democrats actually agreed to legislation that would seal the border.

The fact that he won’t exposes him as the Democrat Party Speaker of the House.

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