This Krug Expedition Bedrock XT2 Ford-based 6×4 Overlander is for extreme camping and has one extreme price tag

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Joe Biden’s attempts to force all Americans into tiny, expensive electric vehicles are falling flat.

It turns out Americans like their vehicles big and powerful.

And this Krug Expedition Bedrock XT2 Ford-based 6×4 Overlander is for extreme camping and has one extreme price tag.

President Joe Biden may want American auto buyers to think small, but Krug Expedition wants you to think big.

You need it big, and powerful

And that’s big as in, a three-axle, Ford F-550-based truck camper for big adventures you might be thinking of.

According to MotorTrend, the Krug Expedition Bedrock XT2 is a “maximalist-mindset sort of truck, and it looks the part.” 

The new Overlander is Krug’s first offering ever in the United States, and the Austrian company is offering big and powerful.

And as MotorTrend says, “If anyone knows how to go big, it’s Arctic Trucks, who consulted on the build for the underlying customized Ford F-550.”

Arctic Trucks is an Icelandic outfit with several local shops (including an American one) that specializes in building trucks with huge low-pressure tires for extreme arctic conditions. 

And the Bedrock XT2 lives up to this massive tire hype with 365/80-20 tires.

That translates into nearly 44 inches in total diameter. 

While you can see the immense front fenders, an Arctic Trucks signature, the rear tires (all four of them) are simply tucked under the camper’s overhang. 

The vehicle is a 6×4, which means the third axle isn’t driven. 

Rather, it’s there to mainly reduce ground pressure, to prevent this massive rig from sinking into whatever soft surface it’s driving over. 

Krug reports that the third axle reduces ground pressure by as much as 25%.

Off-roading has never been so big

Drivers who decide to actually use the XT2 for off-roading activities (and what else would you use it for?) will definitely appreciate any help they can get to make sure they don’t get mired in the mud.

The massive vehicle also has a second set of OE F-550 hydraulic brakes, to help slow down this massive beast.

The details about the dimensions of the camper module, which attaches directly to the frame, are scant so far, but it certainly looks huge.

And of course, that’s exactly what you would expect from a vehicle with a total length of almost 22 feet.

And according to the makers, the camper offers “endless possibilities for customization.” 

The sleeping area can fit a king-size bed, and there is a full shower in the bathroom of the camper. 

And if you are willing to write a big enough check, you can configure the camper any way you want.

There’s also a 118-gallon tank for fresh water, a Truma Combi diesel heating system, and a 1450-watt solar array with a 23-kW lithium-ion battery bank. 

There are also lots of standard and optional off-road features, including limited slip differentials and automatic tire inflation systems.

But be ready to pay for this massive beast.

The Krug Bedrock XT2 starts at $690,000. 

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