One Fox News star just picked the wrong fight with Tucker Carlson

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The cold war between Tucker Carlson and Fox News turned hot.

This one got personal and very ugly fast.

And one Fox News star just picked the wrong fight with Tucker Carlson.

Establishment RINO attacks Tucker Carlson 

The feud began when conservative activist Christopher Rufo – who used his appearances on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show in the fall of 2020 to alert the conservative movement to just how pervasive Critical Race Theory and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs were in corporate American and schools – lamented the fragmented nature of the current conservative movement and stated that Calrson’s primetime program once served as a clearinghouse to organize and prioritize policy fights on the Right.

“When Tucker had his primetime slot on Fox, he served as a successful coordinating mechanism for the Right. He set the agenda with his monologue, shaped the bounds of discourse, and brought in new voices to illustrate specific lines of argument. It will be interesting to see if Tucker, or Fox, can reprise this role, or if it has fragmented online in a more fundamental way,” Rufo posted.

Fox News contributor and establishment warmonger Marc Thiessen – who worked as a speechwriter in the former President George W. Bush’s administration – raged at Rufo that Calrson was a conspiracy theorist and a crank because he didn’t support a blank check for war in Ukraine.

Thiessen compared Calrson to John Birch Society founder Robert Welch – who National Review founder William F. Buckley famously excommunicated from the conservative movement.

“Tucker wasn’t the William F Buckley Jr of the modern conservative movement, who provided the successful coordinating mechanism of the right. He was the Robert Welch who Buckley excommunicated from the respectable right,” Thiessen responded to Rufo on X.

The main dividing line on the Right is foreign policy

In 2016, the flash point that caused the Republican establishment to foreswear ever voting for former President Donald Trump and declaring themselves Never-Trumpers was on foreign policy.

The letters signed by veterans of past GOP administrations condemning Trump’s fitness for office largely pulled signatories from the national security bureaucracy.

So-called “conservatives” who left the GOP over Trump and became – what critics called cable news Democrats – came from the warmonger wing of the party like Bill Kristol, Stephen Hayes, and Jonah Goldberg.

These former leading lights on the Right during the Bush administration were aghast at the fact that Trump opposed the Iraq War and rejected the idea of fighting a new war with Russia over Syria.

As the results of the GOP Primaries showed the base agreed with Trump on an America First foreign policy, these warmonger commentators grew shriller in their opposition to his candidacy.

Carlson attracted the same group of critics who treated his name like the taste of battery acid in their mouths over him rallying his audience – the largest in cable news – to oppose President Joe Biden’s reckless push for war with Russia over the strategically irrelevant country of Ukraine.

Polls show GOP opposition growing to new funding for the war to secure Ukraine’s border and – just like in 2016 – as warmonger commentators like Thiessen realize they are losing their influence with the rank-and-file Republican voter their attacks against Carlson grow more over the top.

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