Megyn Kelly used one word to describe Don Lemon that he is going to hate

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Don Lemon was trying to drag himself up off the canvas and stage a comeback after getting fired by CNN.

It didn’t last long.

And Megyn Kelly used one word to describe Don Lemon that he is going to hate.

Don Lemon presents Elon Musk with outrageous list of demands 

X owner Elon Musk appeared on the first episode of former CNN host Don Lemon’s new show on X.

Like former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Musk hoped to bring Lemon’s attempt at a comeback to X to promote the site as the go-to platform for streaming content.

But he terminated any agreement with Lemon after the interview where he was peppered with a series of “when did you stop beating your wife” style gotcha questions.

Musk explained that Lemon was acting like the Jeff Zucker puppet from the CNN days and that wasn’t the show he contracted for.

It later came out that Lemon made an absurd number of diva-like demands like asking for a Tesla CyberTruck, a $10 million marketing budget from X, and the right to be the first podcast from space.

Megyn Kelly rips Don Lemon as an “a**hole”

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly – who negotiated her fair share of contracts in the media – couldn’t believe the approach Lemon took to his dealings with X.

Kelly explained that in a negotiation, the extremes determine the middle so you want to make a big ask to start so you have something to come down from, but that usually involves money and not crazy perks that make you come off like an “a**hole.”

“As somebody who actually has negotiated several contracts in cable news and broadcast news — no! That’s exactly the opposite of what you do,” Kelly said. “You make a demand that is reasonable, that is a big … because you want to leave yourself some room for negotiation. But you don’t want to make yourself look like an a**hole, right? … You don’t want to make yourself look like an a**hole.” 

Kelly ridiculed the demands Lemon made as outside the bounds of anything she’d ever heard of in a cable news contract negotiation.

“Nobody in history has asked to be the first person in space,” Kelly added, “and for full editorial control over any news decisions made. Like, that’s something… Maybe Rachel Maddow has that at MSNBC because she appears to be running the joint. Don Lemon at Twitter? When this guy’s resurrecting him from the dead? The hubris!”

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