Kellyanne Conway has one offer from Donald Trump that will have you jumping for joy

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Kellyanne Conway managed Donald Trump’s victorious 2016 Presidential campaign.

He may be trying to get the band back together.

And Kellyanne Conway has one offer from Donald Trump that will have you jumping for joy.

Kellyanne Conway may be returning to Trump campaign 

Former Trump White House advisor Kellyanne Conway is taking on a bigger media and policy portfolio in recent months.

One reason she may be looking to raise her profile is she’s angling for a spot on former President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

And reports indicate an offer is on the table.

“Conway is weighing an offer to join Trump’s 2024 team, according to a person familiar with her thinking who wouldn’t specify what that role would be or who made the offer,” Axios reported.

She explained that her interest in the Presidential election comes from the fact that this is the highest level of politics and helping Trump win two elections would be the perfect capstone to her career.

“I’ve been doing the last few years what I’ve been doing the last few decades,” Conway said in an interview with Axios. “But this time, with the brass ring of having helped elect a President and serving in the White House.”

She would bring some baggage to the Trump campaign, however.

Conway dealing with controversies 

Conway’s found herself on the wrong side of conservatives in several recent fights.

In a New York Times op-ed about Trump’s running mate, Conway decried the idea of identity politics yet suggested Trump pick a “person of color.”

“I would suggest he choose a person of color as his running mate, depending on the vetting of all possibilities and satisfaction of procedural issues like dual residency in Florida. Not for identity politics à la the Democrats but as an equal helping to lead an America First movement that includes more union workers, independents, first-time voters, veterans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, and African Americans,” Conway wrote in the Times op-ed.

Many suspect she’s pushing Trump to pick establishment RINO and pro-Ukraine warmonger U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) as his running mate.

She’s also being paid by the Club for Growth to lobby Republicans against legislation that would ban the Communist Chinese spy app TikTok unless its owners – ByteDace – sold to an American company.

Conway claims Republicans shouldn’t be on the side of bans.

“Why would the GOP wish to be seen as the party of ‘bans’ when Biden is the one banning things: gas stoves, fossil fuels, menthol cigarettes, and vapes?” Conway’s statement to POLITICO about her lobbying work against a TikTok ban.

ByteDance operates under a law in Communist China that requires the company to turn over user data to the government.

This has already happened to users in Hong Kong.

Conservatives worry that Communist China could steal Americans’ personal data or manipulate public opinion in a potential war with the Chinese by tweaking the TikTok algorithm to feed Americans videos that would undermine the effort and build pressure among the public to surrender.

If Conway were to come back to the Trump campaign, conservatives would worry she’s pushing a RINO to serve as Trump’s running mate or opposition legislation that would help America confront Communist China.

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