Gwyneth Paltrow revealed how she never got over Bill Clinton’s rude behavior at the White House in 1996

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In 1942, President Franklin Roosevelt converted a cloakroom located in the East Terrace of the White House into a Family Theater.

Presidents have used the theater ever since.

And Gwyneth Paltrow revealed how she never got over Bill Clinton’s rude behavior at the White House in 1996.

Hollywood starlet travels to the Clinton White House

Gwyneth Paltrow has been a successful Hollywood actress for the past 30 years.

Her first big stint in the spotlight was her performance in 1995 in the movie Seven.

Paltrow went on to star in several successful films and won an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1998 for her role in Shakespeare in Love.

One of her earliest big films was the movie Emma in 1996.

In the movie Emma, Paltrow plays the role of a young woman in 19th century England named Emma Woodhouse who set out to introduce her friends to romantic partners.

Emma was a box office success, bringing in more than $40 million worldwide on a budget of less than $8 million.

Former President Bill Clinton is a movie fan who once told a reporter that the greatest perk of being President was “the wonderful movie theater I got here.”

Clinton held a White House screening of Emma in the theater room and invited several of the film’s stars and other prominent figures to attend the viewing.

Paltrow asked about Bill Clinton encounter

During a sit down with First We Feast’s YouTube interview series Hot Ones, Paltrow recalled her trip to the White House in 1996 for Emma’s screening.

Host Sean Evans wanted to put one rumor to bed that has been circulating for decades about Paltrow and Clinton.

According to the rumors, Bill Clinton “passed out” and started snoring during the screening of Emma.

Paltrow confirmed the rumor as true.

“True,” she replied. “He was snoring right in front of me.”

Paltrow said it made her think the movie was going to bomb at the box office. 

“I was like, ‘Wow, I guess this is going to be a real hit movie,’” she said. “But it was.” 

As for Bill Clinton snoring, Paltrow had some words for the former President.

“So f*** you, Bill Clinton,” she said.

Of course, she was only joking around.

Paltrow is a leftist who has always supported Democrats.

In 2020, she openly supported now-Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s Presidential campaign.