James Carville just saw one number that made him realize it was over for Joe Biden

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Democrats are starting to panic over Joe Biden’s re-election efforts.

He recently set the record for the worst net approval rating of any President at this point in their administration.

And James Carville just saw one number that made him realize it was over for Joe Biden.

The warning sign is flashing red for Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been a total trainwreck for America.

Inflation reached the highest level in 40 years under him and sent the price of everything from gas to groceries through the roof.

Biden’s open borders agenda has allowed more than eight million illegal aliens to enter the country since January 2021.

Crime is making it dangerous to walk the streets of major cities in America.

And Biden created a foreign policy disaster as America is closer to World War III than ever before.

According to FiveThirtyEight, Biden’s average approval rating is at a dismal 37.6% compared to 57% who disapprove of his performance.

This means Biden has a -19.4 % net approval rating, which is the lowest of any President since the 1940s at this point in his term.

Former President Donald Trump is now leading him both nationally and in the top swing states that will determine the outcome this fall.

Joe Biden is in big trouble on the economy

And a new CBS News poll found that Biden has a big problem on one of the most important issues to voters.

The poll found that only seven percent of voters believe Joe Biden’s economy is “very good” compared to 34% who said it’s “very bad.”

Only 32% of respondents believe the economy is in very or fairly good shape, 63% believe it’s very bad or fairly bad, and another five percent had no clue.

Democrat strategist James Carville was one of the top advisors to former President Bill Clinton during his 1992 Presidential campaign.

Carville famously coined the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid.”

As a top political strategist, he understands that the economy is always the most important issue of an election.

And this long-standing truth was confirmed by the CBS poll, which showed inflation and the economy were the top two issues facing voters in November.

Of course, Carville has been sounding the alarm and warning Democrats of the trainwreck that is Joe Biden’s campaign.

He recently criticized his Party when he declared that “Democrat messaging is full of s**t.”

And Joe Biden’s horrible marks on the economy will have Carville sweating bullets between now and November.

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