This NFL star made one outrageous comment that no one could believe

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Athletes are more outspoken than ever in the year 2024.

It turns off many fans.

And this NFL star made one outrageous comment that no one could believe.

Russel Wilson weighs in on WNBA pay scale

New Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Russell Wilson weighed on Caitlin Clark’s first pro contract after the Indiana Fever selected her number one in the WNBA draft.

Clark will make $338,056 over the course of a four-year deal with a rookie year salary of $76,535.

Wilson thought she deserved more.

“These ladies deserve so much more… Praying for the day,” Wilson posted on X.

Clark took women’s basketball to new heights in 2024 as she set the NCAA – men’s and women’s basketball – scoring record on the way toward leading her Iowa Hawkeyes to the national title game where they fell short in a losing effort against undefeated South Carolina.

Along the way, Clark drew boffo ratings including 18.4 million viewers for the title game, a bigger audience than any NBA game since 2019.

But Clark’s compensation is in line with the WNBA payscale.

The top five highest-paid players in the WNBA were Diana Taurasi, Arike Ogunbowale, Kahleah Copper, Jewell Loyd, and Jackie Young who made between $234,000 and $245,000 for the 2023-2024 season.

WNBA is a struggling league

Only four original WNBA teams are still in existence.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver admitted in 2008 the league lost $10,000,000 a year annually.

If the NBA didn’t subsidize the WNBA, it would cease to exist.

Leagues can only pay their players with the revenue they take in.

And the WNBA’s current TV deal pays the league $60,000,000 per season which is split among the 12 teams which equates to about $5,000,000 apiece.

But the league’s TV rights are up in 2026 and it is widely expected that thanks to Clark entering the league, the WNBA will receive a massive increase in media rights fees which will in turn lead to higher player compensation.

No one should feel sorry for Clark

Clark currently has about $3.1 million in endorsement deals including a seven-figure shoe contract.

She also signed on as an executive producer for a docuseries produced by NFL legend Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions.

“I’m actually an executive producer on the show, which has been kind of fun for myself,” Clark stated “And when Peyton Manning reached out, obviously it’s his production company, I was a little skeptical at first, but I was like, I don’t know if I really want to let people into my life like that. I’ve never really done it.”

“But the way this year has unfolded…you can’t script it any better. It’s been absolutely incredible for women’s basketball. If you’re a women’s basketball fan or you’re not a women’s basketball fan, I encourage you to watch the show when it comes out. I’ve seen bits and pieces. It’s absolutely amazing,” Clark added.

Clark may not be raking in NBA money on her current contract.

But up until now, women’s basketball didn’t have a big enough fan base to generate the revenue that funds multi-million-dollar contracts.

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