Pete Buttigieg made a fool out of himself by telling Jen Psaki this disgusting lie

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Pete Buttigieg is trying to position himself as Joe Biden’s heir apparent.

But any more disastrous interviews like this and he will get put on ice.

And Pete Buttigieg made a fool out of himself by telling Jen Psaki this disgusting lie.

Buttigieg tries to gaslight Americans on crime 

Crime in Democrat-run cities is out of control.

Soros-backed prosecutors like Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg let violent criminals and illegal aliens beat police officers in the street, steal, and cause general mayhem without locking them up.

Former President Donald Trump’s message of law and order is appealing to voters.

And instead of changing course, Democrats are trying to convince Americans their lying eyes are deceiving them.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg appeared on former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s MSNBC show and claimed Washington, D.C. was safer today than when President Joe Biden took office because he could walk his dog home from the Capitol.

He also claimed the only reason Americans thought crime was a problem was due to misinformation from Republicans and Fox News.

“We need to talk about the reality here, and again, there is a lot of funding and a lot of energy going into telling a different story, especially on ideological news outlets and online,” Buttigieg declared.

“But, the simple facts and the simple reality are right here staring us in the face, including the fact that I can safely walk my dog to the Capitol today in a way that you couldn’t do when we all got here,” Buttigieg added.

The truth

Hours after Buttigieg claimed it was safe to walk your dog in D.C., a gang of juveniles attacked two people walking their dog on the 800 block of H Street.

The thugs stole a watch, a wallet, and a phone and left one of the individuals with stab wounds.

And that’s not surprising as 2023 was a terrible year for violent crime in the nation’s capital.

The nation’s capital finished 2023 with 5,336 violent crimes reported, a 39% increase from the 3,850 reported in 2022. There were 6,829 motor vehicle thefts reported in 2023, an 82% increase from 3,756 reported in 2022,” Breitbart reported.

Democrats want Americans to think criminals running wild in the streets of blue cities is a figment of their imagination.

But this strategy is unlikely to work.

Joe Biden refused to use the word crisis to describe the situation at the border.

It was only after years of videos going viral on social media of military-age males overrunning the border did Democrats and the media finally admit there was a problem.

Buttigieg trying to tell Americans who think crime is a problem that it isn’t happening is about as likely to succeed as the attempt to fool Americans into thinking there was no border crisis if Joe Biden and the media just ignored the problem long enough.

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