Blake Shelton changed one singer’s life in this unexpected way

Photo by Suvan Chowdhury via Pexels

Blake Shelton is one of the biggest stars in county music.

But his legacy is defined by more than just his catalog of hits.

And Blake Shelton changed one singer’s life in this unexpected way.

Country music star Ian Flanigan opens up about his personal journey 

Ian Flanigan made a name for himself by finishing in third place during season 19 of NBC’s hit show The Voice.

He discussed the changes in his personal life since appearing on The Voice and releasing his upcoming album.

Flanigan said he recently got married to his girlfriend Kelsey Charles who he met a little less than two years ago at a music festival in Colorado.

The two returned to that same spot to tie the knot.

“We eloped, so I just had my dad, brother, her parents, and a really close friend of mine,” Flanigan told Fox News.

“Every time I start making plans, they just don’t happen, so I just try not to expect anything,” Flanigan added when asked if he ever thought he would meet his future wife at a concert.

Flanigan thanks Blake Shelton 

Country music star Blake Shelton appeared as a coach on all 19 seasons of The Voice and Flanigan thanked him for his generosity and willingness to give back as his career wouldn’t have taken off without his help.

“Blake has changed my life in so many ways, [and] he’s just been an amazing friend and mentor to me,” Flanigan said of Shelton.

“He’s just such a down-to-earth person [and] he’s given me a lot of great advice to kind of navigate this industry,” Flanigan added.

Flanigan discusses battles with addiction

Flanigan’s been sober for nine years come April and hopes that his success while openly discussing his struggles with alcohol will provide inspiration to anyone dealing with “any kind of depression, isolation [and] addiction.”

“Everybody’s [just] one person away from somebody [who’s] struggling right now,” Flanigan added.

Flanigan explained that his addiction began when he first began performing live in dive bars where the combination of the environment and the fact that he didn’t earn much more than money to cover his tab opened up his unhealthy addiction to alcohol.

“I started off playing dive bars when I was 18 [and] 19, playing for tips and booze … So by the time I was 25, I just had a really unhealthy relationship with alcohol,” Flanigan recounted.

He said the longer addicts go without seeking help, the more their lives spiral out of control.

“A lot of people get more isolated the further down they go,” Flanigan stated.

But Flanigan told Fox that one of his missions is to eliminate the stigma of addiction so addicts feel comfortable admitting they have a problem and seeking the help that they need. 

“And I think a lot of it’s about talking and destigmatizing,” Flanigan concluded.

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