Alvin Bragg got exposed as a fraud with this devastating revelation

Photo by U.S. National Archives and Records Administration via Wikimedia, public domain

Alvin Bragg continues to make new enemies through a series of insulting missteps.

Now his past is coming back to haunt him.

And Alvin Bragg got exposed as a fraud with this devastating revelation.

Bragg infuriates police with new directive where he won’t prosecute “low-level” criminals

In a ten-page memo announcing a new plan to let criminals off scot-free, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg presented himself as a hard-luck child of the streets who saw the best and the worst of the criminal justice system before making good.

“Growing up in Harlem in the 1980s, I saw every side of the criminal justice system from a young age,” Bragg wrote in the first sentence of his memo. “Before I was 21 years old, I had a gun pointed at me six times: three by police officers and three by people who were not police officers. I had a knife to my neck, a semi-automatic gun to my head, and a homicide victim on my doorstep.”

But this is a misleading picture of Bragg’s upbringing

In reality, Bragg grew up as a child of privilege in a ritzy neighborhood with multi-million dollar brownstone townhomes.

Bragg also attended Trinity School on West 91st Street – the same ritzy private school that Eric Trump and tennis legend John McEnroe graduated from.

“Bragg, the first black Manhattan DA, grew up in Harlem but on one of the safest blocks around, an upper-middle-class enclave of brownstones known as Strivers Row, and since age 4 commuted to the elite Trinity School on Manhattan’s Upper West Side – details he conveniently leaves out when he makes his case,” the Daily Mail reported.

Bragg’s phony hard-knock life tale infuriates police officers

The cops Bragg left high and dry – thanks to further refusal to enforce the law which only encourages criminals – were not happy and eager to make their displeasure known.

“He’s made his biography his moral compass, making it seem like there’s something magic about his life story that gives him the wisdom to establish policies that affect over one million people,” a source told the Daily Mail. ‘I’m not saying he hasn’t experienced racism, but there’s lots of privilege he leaves out of his story.”

A New York City Police Officer accused Bragg of “trying to score cool points in the hood, but he’s not Tupac Shakur. More like Baby Face.”

A second officer mocked Bragg for trying to pass himself off as a hardened child of the streets when in reality he avoided most of the pitfalls other kids faced due to his privileged background.

“He keeps throwing up Harlem, Harlem, Harlem,” a detective relayed to the Daily Mail “but he went to the best schools with a silver spoon in his mouth. When you’re privileged like he is, you don’t go through the troubles that the average kids go through in an urban neighborhood.”

Bragg’s insistence on not enforcing the law could come back to bite him at former President Donald Trump’s trial.

Trump’s lawyers will surely make the point that he is putting everyday New Yorkers – like the members of the jury at risk – to pursue a fake crime he made up to settle a political score against the former President.

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