A popular comedian picked a fight with Ben Shapiro that got ugly fast

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Ben Shapiro is one of the cornerstones of conservative media.

But he’s under fire for a recent announcement.

A popular comedian picked a fight with Ben Shapiro that got ugly fast.

Comedian Andrew Schulz calls out the Daily Wire for firing Candace Owens 

Andrew Schulz is one of the popular new generation of comedians who doesn’t think stand-up comedy exists just to please left-wing audiences.

While not a partisan, he doesn’t bow at the alter of the Left, has pro-Trump figures like Alex Jones on his podcast, and pillories the Left’s woke ideology.

But Schulz thinks conservative talk radio show host Ben Shapiro doesn’t always believe what’s good for the goose is good for the gander when it comes to free speech.

On a recent episode of his podcast, Schulz called him out for the Daily Wire, the website he founded, firing commentator Candace Owens over her criticisms of Israel saying it flew in the face of Shapiro’s professed commitment to free speech and opposition to cancel culture.

“He’s acting as if this is a justified reason for firing people when you built your identity and platform off of no censorship and freedom of speech, facts don’t care about your feelings, and all this s**t,” Schulz stated.

Co-host Akaash Singh wondered if Shapiro – who is strongly pro-Israel – made his political views the editorial standard at the Daily Wire.

“So, is the Daily Wire an American media platform, or is it an Israeli media platform? I’m just asking,” Schulz responded.

Schulz questions Shapiro 

Shapiro told former Fox News host Megyn Kelly that the Daily Wire is a publisher and not a platform which means they don’t have to host all points of view.

Schulz wondered if Shapiro had an editorial rule in place that prevented criticism of Israel.

“I’m just saying if the rule is you cannot be critical [of Israel] because he has no problem being critical of America — he’s critical of the Left in America. The Left is half the country. You have no problem eviscerating half the country, but you can’t criticize Israel as a country?” Schulz continued.

“That’s just another country. Unless you’re saying, and you’re clearly admitting that the Daily Wire is an arm of the Israeli, I guess, media or propaganda machine? Is that — are you manipulating the religious Right in America? Are you manipulating the right-wing conservatives in America and selling them country western movies and putting on your little cowboy hat and fake moving to Nashville so that you could take all their money and then in the process restricting free speech, one of the core tenets of the American identity? Ben. Ben! What is happening? There is trouble in paradise,” Schulz concluded.

In the interview with Kelly, Shapiro said the Daily Wire employed other hosts who disagreed with him on Israel.

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh, for example, opposed the U.S. sending arms to Israel on America First grounds.

But Shapiro firing Owens for being openly critical of Israel opened up another debate about the boundaries of free speech on the Right.