YouTube just censored a Trump ally over this truth about the coronavirus vaccine

Social media censorship is out of control.

Big Tech overlords are canceling conservatives at an alarming rate.

And now YouTube just censored a Trump ally over this truth about the coronavirus vaccine.

California Republican Congressman Darrell Issa became the latest conservative canceled by Big Tech.

YouTube took down a video of a speech Issa delivered on the basis of “medical misinformation.”

The YouTube censors banned Issa’s speech because he said America’s vaccine was superior to Russia’s vaccine.

Issa told Breitbart that in the speech she compared the vaccine race to when the communists sent Sputnik into space first, but America ultimately won the space race by landing a man on the moon first.

Similarly, with the vaccine, Russia put a vaccine to market first, but America’s vaccines have higher levels of safety and efficacy.

“But as I was talking about technology and our role and so on, I brought up the example of how Sputnik, in the case of the vaccine, arrived first, but not as good as America. Where we came into the space race and had to catch up, but we not only caught up, but we produce superior products. So in that analogy, which was very much a side note to the speech. I disparaged the Sputnik vaccine. Now that’s the only time I talked about health because this speech was not about vaccines or health or anything else. And they took it down and cited, specifically cited, these, you know, the health and vaccine, so I know why it was taken down,” Issa stated.

Social media companies now just look for any reason to censor conservative speech and suppress anyone that opposes Joe Biden.

The YouTube censors are now so trigger happy to ban conservatives from speaking on their platforms that YouTube took down a speech by a Republican Congressman for saying that America’s vaccines work.

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