You’re not going to like what Michelle Obama just said about Donald Trump

Michelle Obama is all in on a Democrat victory in 2018.

She spoke at a campaign style rally out in Las Vegas.

And you are not going to like what she said about Donald Trump.

Obama spoke at an event for When We All Vote – a left-wing group whose goal is get Democrats who don’t typically vote in midterm elections to turnout in 2018.

The event was in Las Vegas because Nevada is a key state for the Democrats.

They need to pickup that Senate seat if they have any hope of seizing power.

Obama attacked Trump for the “nastiness” in today’s politics.

Breitbart reports:

“Believe me, I am frustrated, too,” she said. “I am sick of all the chaos and the nastiness of our politics. It’s exhausting and, frankly, it’s depressing. I understand wanting to shut it all out.”

The former first lady criticized political efforts to maintain the integrity of the electoral system as voter suppression, urging the crowd to vote so “other people” would not be making decisions on their behalf.

“When you don’t vote, that’s exactly what you’re doing—you’re letting other people make decisions for you,” Obama said. “We get the leaders we vote for. We get the policies we vote for. And when we don’t vote, that’s when we wind up with government of, by and for other people.”

“They’re finding all kinds of ways to keep you at home, hoping that when you hear about all those things, you’ll just give up,” she added. “Don’t let anybody intimidate you from being a part of this process.”

This is fake news.

Democrats are the ones inciting violence and incivility.

A deranged Bernie Sanders supporter tried to assassinate Republican members of Congress at a baseball practice.

Liberal riot squads chase Trump officials out of restaurants.

And some Democrat activists stalk members of the administration at their homes.

Michelle Obama is not telling the truth.

If anyone is responsible for the nastiness in American politics it is her party.

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181 Responses

  1. Kara Wright says:

    She is just what all blacks are like. They riot and threaten and when they are a woman is gets so dirty no one can stand it. She may have been a First Lady but she didn’t act it. She always knew that her husband got elected but she was second fiddle and her words didn’t make a difference. She doesn’t even personify the First Lady’s before or OUR CURRENT FIRST LADY. That is a sad statement to have to make. Our current First Lady personifies First Lady’s of our past like Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, Laura Bush, and now Malania Trump.
    I don’t like having to admit this but it is all true. God Bless All.

    • Helen says:

      Hey lady, I agree with you! 100% most all of the liberals I’ve heard lately, sound SO dumb! They don’t seem to get the message, do they, if they knew the Lord Jesus I know, they would be a different kind of person, I guess they don’t love our GOD like I do, folks!

    • DEM777 says:

      Kara, just wanted to give you some info.

      First – When Obama was president for 8 years WE THE PEOPLE DID NOT HAVE A FIRST LADY!

      Michelle Obama was born MICHAEL LaVOUGHN ROBINSON, a bounching baby BOY!


    • dandy says:

      if you look at her/his wig at the upper right end corner under the wig is apartial
      male shaven head looks kinda creepy
      check out the picture good
      looks like the wig has shifted over

  2. Warren says:

    Well She’s A Guy….!!!

  3. me says:

    Michell who?

  4. Don says:

    Nobody, I mean NOBODY should listen to anything this worthless piece of American woman. She was the worst 1st lady ever and should have absolutely no credibility! Anybody who publishes anything this woman says is as bad as she is.
    She and her husband should move to Kenya, his country of origin. They would fit in their very well.

    • Don says:

      I meant so say worthless piece of anti-American woman because she even said on time that she hated our country. What a statement by a so=called woman of unwanted political position.

    • Mike says:

      You are absolutely correct. The democrats should change their platform to hate, smear, lie, cheat steal. They make my stomach turn with their pure hatered and promotion of violence towards the American people.
      On another note I just watched 13 Hours – Trey Gowdy go get those responsible and put them in jail – Mr Gowdy is coming for Obama and Clinton prosecute them and any other person that stood in the way of helping those Americans. Then I just found out, because I wanted more information on this topic, that our Americans who fought for the lives of other Americans had to buy their own plane tickets home I am boiling mad, in my neck of the woods we say hot under the collar, find these basturds (sorry I lost it there but I don’t care) and put their asses in jail. Do not stop until you get everyone of them no matter who they are.

    • Laurel L Jenkins says:

      If only the American people would WAKE UP!!! Shake off the demons!!!

    • DEM777 says:

      Don, Michelle got a new name is really a MAN in drag.

      Michelle Obama is a Man period.

  5. George V Rowe says:

    Michelle Obama IS NOT and has NEVER BEEN a “LADY.”
    I t seems that the Dems have rejected our American Bill Of Rights and Constitution and are if fact their goal is the destruction of our America.
    This isn’t new. Read: “How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America.” (Could drop the ‘UP’.)
    And read: “Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies.”

  6. I like many others, are just plain tired of hearing from all the folks who had their chance to make a difference, but did not. Now it’s time to hear from all the folks who now have their chance to make a difference, and are doing so.

  7. Eric says:

    Righto, Keith! The only god Obumma worships is himself.

    • Markus Elkana Brajtman says:

      Obama also tried to destroy USA’s most important ally in the ME, by not vetoing the UNESCO vote and that caused Israel untold harm
      Obama is not a Christian We all know what he is.
      Time for Obama and Michelle to go home to Kenya where he was born.

      • dandy says:

        i wish that wig would fall off in one of her fits
        against our good country lock her/him up

  8. Truckman says:

    I will not vote for a demorat to pick up dog crap especially if they are tieed to To anybody with the name cbama or clinton

  9. Jean Sharman says:

    She is tired of all the nastiness in politics? It help eliminate some of that nastiness if she were to keep her mouth closed. But seriously, most of the nastiness, hate, and violence is coming form the democrats. And they are the only ones who would ever pay attention to her anyway.

  10. Robert Higginbotham says:

    Michelle thinks everyone is stupid, completely ill-informed and that makes a good voter. What she doesn’t realize is that most voters are informed. They are aware of the increase in jobs, salaries and the economy. Those are the things Michelle does not want voters to understand because all of our benefits are as a result of the republicans and our president.

    • Herman King says:

      Really Robert? So I guess you believe that Trump rode in on his White horse & in less than a year has created all of this great stuff! If you believe that Trump is the reason for all this, I have a nice bridge in Afghanistan I can sell you REAL CHEAP!! It took president Obama 8 years to get this economy back on the right track , & you’re trying to give Trump credit for something that he DIDN’T DO!!

      • keith says:

        Is that so Hermit Queen, obozo said jobs couldn’t be brought back into this country, Pres Trump did it in a year. obozo “DID NOT”…I repeat “DID NOT” get the economy on track he did NOTHING for this country except to convince demorats that he was some kind of God. Get his and michele’s..oops I mean michael’s pecker out of your mouth and pay attention and quit listening to the lies demorats are feeding you

      • keith says:

        Yes he has hermit queen, obozo did nothing for this country except divide us and let terrorist into America. obozo mocked Pres Trump and told him the jobs were gone that they will not be back…BOOM a year later America is THRIVING thanks to Pres Trump. If you were not so busy PeterPuffing obozo and michele…oops michael you would see that

      • Boy another brain washed fool! Believe BS much? Better get the correct info before you shoot out your comments. OH, sorry, you are just repeating bo for TRYING to take credit for ALL OUR President has and is doing for WE the People!

      • sheldon Nadler says:

        Herman King you are what is called a moron. Obama has tried to take credit for everything Trump has done for America. The only Obama did was try to destroy America. It took Obama 8 years to destroy small businessmen and sent 3 million jobs overseas!

      • Bob says:

        Wrong the economy was in the tank with Obama all 8 years and when he left office ,so that bridge in Afghanistan keep it and take a walk on it with your Muslim buddy

      • Betty Armstrong says:

        It’s been proven that he is a pretender, as it has been proven he was ineligible to be President of this USA.
        We are coming after him and her (?). You have got to quit drinking that democrat kool-aid, it’s affecting your mind. What’s left of it any way!!!

      • MARK MADDALLA says:


      • Sue Jackson says:

        If what you say is true then can you please explain to me how it was that our family, our business and all we had worked all our lives for was lost due to Obama’s policies, regulations and mandates? There were probably a few million other family businesses just like ours that was destroyed, just as O-numb-nuts promised he would do. I do not know where you’ve had your head so deeply buried for the last 10 years but you need to get some enlightenment therapy before writing such ignorant comments. Once you’ve made yourself the town clown and gullible believer of all things untrue, you have set yourself up for a very crude and rude awakening.

  11. Mott says:

    Hey Fruit cake! politics have ALWAYS been nasty. BUT what you and the DNC/NWO do not realize it is you and your “party” that keeps stirring the pot. We AMERICAN’S are not a dumb as you think we are. I for one will not vote fore ANY Dem period I will vote for the “Tea Party” before I vote Dem!

  12. Carole ANNE Quinn says:




  13. john says:

    Hey gorilla, we GOT the people we VOTED for, what went on in the WHITE house when you anti American ghetto dwellers made Mr. Trump a shoo in and secured the Republican party for many years.

    • Herman King says:

      John your party is HISTORY IN NOVEMBER!! They shouldn’t be there now, because they’re all a bunch of LIARS!! & Trump can’t even spell the word truth , let alone tell it! Now they’re trying to stick a rapist on the supreme court without an FBI investigation. What are they trying to hide from the American people? 2020 Trump is 1 & DONE!!!

      • PAM CARON says:


      • Hey Hermy do we need to add your name to the troll list! Remember the name, he spews BS! Like the line the rats all use :he lies everyday: They have talking points and all use the same crap!

      • Bob Bonino says:

        C’mon man their isn’t a more habitual lying fraud than Obama and Clinton they don’t know what the truth is,your listening to fake lying news CNN their frauds ,Lok at who’s spending millions to destroy America SOROS with his 263 million dollars for protesting and causing chaos.
        VOTE RED MAGA !!

      • MARK MADDALLA says:


        • PAM CARON says:


  14. el Dorko says:

    The Obamas – pathetic irrelevance.

  15. madmemere says:

    The he/she creature known as “mooch”, is not only evil, but ugly as well, as is his/her spouse, fraudbama.

  16. Incase Michelle doesn’t get it we all figured out how EVIL her husband is. He is a pathological liar, he NEVER tells the truth. He NEVER should have been the President, because he wasn’t born on American soil.

  17. Paul Pence says:

    Why are the Democrats so obsessed with the terms violence and seizing power?
    They are continually speaking hateful things towards anyone who opposes them on any issue. And to make matters worse, they call any Trump supporter a fascist Nazi. So, why do they want to seize power? Isn’t seizing power a fascist term? From day one after the election, Democrats and their pet media have spoken of nothing but hate, despair, grief and chaos. They alone predicted this and have gone to great lengths to promote this self fulfilling prophesy. None of them will ever realize that America is sick and tired of whinny Dems who want to have complete control over our lives.

  18. joseph g says:

    Michael, Michael, Michael. such evil. It is you and people like you instigate nothing but trouble. Shame on you. While we are at it tell us why you are no longer a lawyer. Also michael lets see your birth certificate.

  19. Kenneth Boyd says:

    WHY , would anyone listen to this jigaboo ? she’s nothing but a racist and communist like her husband davis ( b obama ) !

  20. Don says:

    I didn’t read what this worthless, big=mouthed former worst ever 1st lady said and furthermore I don’t care! She’s just another Liberal idiot who doesn’t care one bit about America, only herself. She needs to find a hole and crawl into and shut her mouth!

  21. Rodger Shull says:

    sure he/she is flustrated, a cross dresser,

    • Michael says:

      Who cares what that Baboon ha to say. Her and the lying dope she lives with are just taking people for a ride and getting away with because they are black and they will cry racism if someone speaks against them.

  22. AFGus says:

    I don’t give a Tinkers Damn what Michael Obama says about anyone, or anything. He/She is completely and totally irrelevant!

  23. Chuck says:

    Who cares about anything HE says

  24. Monkey says:

    NOBODY CARES what fat butt Big Mouth MOOSHELL says about anything.

  25. OLD VET says:

    your the one that lies and your husbond is the cause of all the trouble in this country swo keep your nasty mouth closed because you sprot nothin but trash and lies .you and your husbond created this problem . muslim commie go home .OLD VET

  26. HJG says:

    First female CHIMP Obama should sit down and SHUT UP!!!

  27. Ursula says:

    This tranny needs to shut up permanently and her husband along with her. All other presidents did not get involved after their turn was over. What makes thee asses so special that they think they can shoot off their mouths with lies and stupid comments

    • guy says:

      Why is it we know more about George Washington than Obama? What is obama and the democrats really hiding? Name one person who remembers obama in college. Where were his children born and what teachers did they have? We know more about Barron Trump than we do about obama’s entire life.

      • Ann says:

        There was a girl that went to school with him in Hawaii, that tried to “tell all” about him [before he was first elected],, all the ugliness, etc., but Obama & media shut her down, but she eventually got herself heard later, and it was not pretty. Everything you heard is true, and more. He tried to hide everything about his past, because his grandmother said she witnessed his birth, and she had never been out of Africa. Michael played football in high school, before she became Mich-ele. and spent millions of the tax payers money to transform herself while in the white house. but just wait, all of this will come out, when the deep state falls, as it is toppling now.

  28. JoePalooka in Texas says:

    M. Obama is one of the biggest lying bigots out there and, apparently, a Marxist on top of it all. She, also, apparently thinks everybody is dumb enough to believe her bull crap, real Democrats & Republicans. Right now, the USA is doing better than I can ever remember in my 75 years. With all this made up BS our president has had to put up with and still accomplish what he has. The lying detrackers could not hold air, let alone water in their buckets and they are fools to think we would believe them! Unfortunately, there are fools out there that believe them, maybe only because they want to and not want the truth. I truly feel sorry for them.

    • Pepito Avila says:

      And Obama tried many times in his speech that the growing US economy was credited to him which is full of BS COMMENTS. THE REASON WHY THE PRESENT US ECONOMY IS DOING GOOD BECAUSE PRESIDENT TRUMP KILLED AND THRASH OBAMA’S JOB KILLING EXEC. ORDERS.

  29. Dr. J.D. says:

    If, as many of you say, these THREE accusers are not credible and since ALL THREE have asked for an FBI investigation into the matter ( this is not a criminal trial, it is a hearing about choosing the best person for the next SC judge), then why does Trump and Grassley refuse to allow one, and refuse to allow the FBI to interview the co-accuser, Mark Judge?! Put Mark under oath and see if he will tell the same story — especially since his former girlfriend stated that he admitted getting one woman drunk and gang raping her. What are you conservatives afraid of . . . . THE TRUTH!?!

    • T -pac says:

      Afraid of???
      Hey Pecker head there has already been 6 FBI investigations into his life. Just another load of lib nut case BS trying to obstruct as usual. Let’s get the FISA warrants released with all the REAL FACTS OUT AND SEE WHO THE REAL CRIMINALS ARE

    • The Old Captain says:

      It would appear to me that your best course of action would be to stick to medicine…Glad you are not my doctor ! You must be a vet.

    • guy says:

      Its the democrats who are afraid of the Truth. Brett has had 6 F.B.I. investigations already. Delay and con.

    • Focus says:

      STAY 0N TOPIC. we’re talking re ‘michelle’.

    • Ken J. Bower says:

      I don’t think the Republicans are afraid of the truth! I think they have to fight this smear campaign of obstruction and treat it like a wildfire; simply said out it out! I think the politicans have taken this BS. To a new level, if you notice nothing is getting done in Washington and the Democrats are fueling the fire for paid testimony which will serve no purpose!

  30. Rex Whitmer says:

    Isn’t it wonderful how all these women are molested? I mean, all of a sudden women whom likely never even knew their victim claim that he molested them, and they’ve waited thirty and forty years to make their statement? I mean they must have really been afraid to come forward in those days! Lets put it this way: Now’s a good time to get my picture in the paper and let people know I’m here! Maybe someone ‘ll pay me either to keep quiet or to yell it to the arches! Of course it doesn’t matter that they never knew the person their’ telling their woe’s about! For an hour or a day, I’ll be celebrity!

    • The Old Captan says:

      Hopefully when this circus is over, these “accusers” should be prosecuted for obstruction of justice, fined heavily and sent to prison. Once there let’shopen and imagine who their cell mates might turn out to be…..hopefully female versions of Jeffery Dalhmer

  31. Patricia Money says:

    Ya’ll got this fixed so my comment doesn’t show. How scared ya’ll are. Warped minds.

  32. Patricia Money says:

    You’re on a Republican site. What do I expect to hear. Ya’ll are the haters. Ya’ll are warp minded.

  33. Joe says:

    The Obama family likes babies. The dead ones!

  34. sheldon Nadler says:

    Mrs. Obama is not only a moron, but a butt ugly moron. She is also married to a butt ugly moron!

  35. Joe says:

    Don’t care what Michael has to say

  36. Ernest says:


    • truthistruth says:

      Pure sexism in your posting – – – and no wonder women are voting so strongly against Trump and his cultist followers.

  37. Joann says:

    Muchelle is a loose. There was never a “first lady” more unqualified for the position. She does not speak well and we all know she dresses like a “clown”. Not first lady material but she did like living like a “queen” on our dime. They are both cheapskates community organizers.

    • Charles says:

      Trash from trash and a racists pair of radical Muslim rotten pieces of crap, their third world life and mind set has made a big impact on how the remainder of the world looked at us when they were king and queen, by the way wich one is which?

  38. Gary says:

    HONESTY ?? out of this elephant assed incompetent ugly broom riding hag???? Never gonna happen. She lied about everything she has said. Look at her nasty record of stupid things said. LOK at all the LIES and All of the meanesss over the years. And now she wants to make nice and tell everyone to calm down. Hop on your broom and just fly away

  39. LAT says:

    This piece of filth scum MAN and his girlfriend Husband Barry are the CAUSE for the violence against police, the rise of ISIS, IRAN having nukes, the death of our American souls in Benghazi, Clinton, BLM, Soros, Antifa – to name a few. I am so sick of tired of these fools having a platform on the fake news media.. Disgusting… I cannot wait for KARMA to come back and bite them… once and for all, we need to be RID of them all…pure EVIL..the devils on earth…

  40. Gary says:

    HONETY ?? out of this elephant assed incompetent ugly broom riding hag???? Never gonna happen. She lied about everything she has said. Look at her nasty record of stupid things said. LOK at all the LIES and All of the meanesss over the years. And now she wants to make nice and tell everyone to calm down. Hop on your broom and just fly away

  41. Marilou says:

    These are two of the most “classless”, clueless, crude people on the planet. Also dim-witted. Did no one tell them that past presidents and their side-kicks are supposed to fade away, and have the decency to keep their opinions on the current POTUS and their administrations to themselves. They are truly deplorable.
    When will the joke about who and what they really are come-to-light? Two obnoxious narcissists – always were, always will be. Just please go away. We’re over your “transformation” of America, now
    we want to know all about you and Michael’s “transformation.”

  42. Bill says:

    Which could be worse, blacks in our White House or Hillary RODENT Clinton, the “Mother of all Ratouskies”? I find them equally dangerous, corrupt, and lying scum that should be in prison for Treason. If that Trump could, he ought to mobilize the Marine Corps, of which I was a member, arrest all of these traitors, try them for outright TREASON, find them guilty as charged by a jury of their peers, drag them out of the court house kicking, screaming, pleading, crying, and making deals, drag them to Hangman’s Alley, put a rope around their necks, have them step up onto a 3 legged stool, which is by itself very unsteady, and have them stand there until the stool toddles over and they fall off and hang them-own-damnable-selves to death. I’d make sure no one ties their legs, so when they are hanging by their gawd damn necks they will be dancing to the “Hangman’s Jig”, especially the Jig-a-boo’s! Perhaps that might get the attention of the rest of these scummy corrupt democrats that are even thinking of committing a crime, no matter what it is, I’d do it the Marine Corps way, and hang-em all, let God sort-em out!

    • Hydro says:

      I take offense at your opening statement – just because Obama was a very poor president, to take issue with all Black Americans is not right. There are many Democrats that voted for President Trump and many Black Americans that did also. I understand about Hilabeast . There will not be a Blue Wave in November because I believe there are more Americans that agree with Trump than oppose him. Most that oppose him are sheep and can’t think for themselves so they parrot the agenda put out by the Ugly Americans like Schumer , Pelosi, Pocahontas, Feinstein, and some on the other side like Corker, Flake, Ryan . It is time to quit the BS of rhetoric and get on with what is best for America.

    • PAM says:


  43. The Redhawk says:

    THE BEAST ( MOOSECHELLE OBAMA) is as INCONSEQUENTIAL as HIS HUSBAND BARACK, or wasting time listening to ANY member of the DERANGED TDS AFFLICTED (D) PARTY , CNN, BSNBC that in sum total ADD up to ZERO

  44. Sabra Reese says:

    I would like to know how many showed up for this hate speech.

  45. Sharon says:

    Please, let the Obummers disappear…they are nothing but trouble and have been the worse thing that has happened to America. They do not stand for anything other than evil-doings. They should be ashamed of themselves and get out of our country! We are all fed-up with their lies and destruction. Please, America, pray for them to disappear!!!!! Who does Moochelle think she is. She was the very worst first lady we have ever had. She stands for herself and her husband…nothing else. They cannot be given any kind of position other than citizens of Africa!!! They are power-hungry and are undeserving of anything other than an exit out of America!!! We definitely need President Trump to continue the way that he is doing…we NEED him and VP Pence! Also Brett Kananaugh needs to be voted in…we need him as a member of the Supreme Court. He is a brilliant man and does not deserve what is going on. We must get on our knees and pray for the Lord’s will to be done. Amen! God has a plan and President Trump is part of it. PRAY! VOTE!!!!!

  46. Secora Kersey says:

    Who cares what Michael has to say

  47. Kay says:

    I don’t understand how on earth either of the obamas could possibly think anyone alive gives a rats a$$ what they have to say!!! We are all glad to be rid of them! The DO hate our country and tried everything in their power to tear us down, but we are stronger than that!!! Don’t you know it is going to burn their butts to see that all their “campaigning” isn’t going to make a hill of beans difference come election time?

    • notsoquicktojudge says:

      We the people need to be strong and “SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT” work the phones on election day and call you friends. family and neighbors to go out and vote REPUBLICAN. REMEMBER THE LAST 2 WORDS IN Republican are “I CAN”

      ‘I CAN

    • Charles says:

      Will that be 4 more years of fake news?

  48. Marlopi says:

    I haven’t given credit to anything she has said since she became the FAUX First Lady.

  49. Jackie says:

    Notice that long haired wig that Mik(e) wears now? Trying to be ‘classy’ like our beloved first lady Melania? NEVER!! haha ‘Pretty boy’ mikie will NEVER measure up to Melania Trump in ANY way in dress, hair, grace or message. The 2 bozos need to be put away for good! Why even feature either of these 2 in a ‘news’ article? Waste of time.

  50. Mooshell has nothing to say worth listening to—After ripping the American Public off for eight years and committing fraud upon our country by pretending to be a woman, this drag queen queer whose only accomplishment during her 8 yr stay in the whitehouse was to mess up the lunch programs in the school systems. Reserve a place for this racist bitch or bastard at Gitmo

    • Betty says:

      Absolutely. No doubt about it. She’s always and only about herself. She can’t even dress herself or anything else. No matter how many people serve her she still looks and sounds bad. She selfish and a whiner. I wish she’d just go away. I sick of seeing her. She was never relevant , and she never will be.

  51. Marie Crawford says:

    She is just nutty. She doesn’t even realize that she is just one big joke and her husband is an even bigger one. Why don’t they just go away.

  52. dennis says:

    shut your ” STUPID ” mouth ! you and your ” STUPID ” husband are the reason this country is in a complete melt down ! all either of you do is trash pres. trump even when he is bringing this entire country back from the ruin you and your husband left this country in ! so kiss our as_ cause you are going to loose !!!!!!!!!!

    • Tony says:

      Anyone who has been in the military and those that are sill in the military ,and been trained to kill the enemy,we been all been all lied to ,AS the real and true enemies are those we are seeing and hearing of that been destroying our free great country from within ,by the types of evil corrupted,scheming ,lying murderous scum bags,that we the people ever let take over our lives and our country,and what do we do now ,wait for our president Donald J. Trump do it on his own ,are do we the people role up our sleeves,and help our president clean up those in the swamp ,as those are our true enemies ,and not just his problems only ,because of what they do ,affects all the people in our country,including those not even born yet,and we the people that live today must do what we need or must do so that those who make up the future ,must not face a living hell ,much worse then what we the people are seeing today that is unfolding in front of us day by day,and what we the people in our country have seen is we have no laws on those types of evil good for nothing types people,and we have seen a person as crooked lying she devil Hillary R. Clinton go free ,and all those behind leaving her go free ,are our true enemies ,that need to be cleaned out of the white house along with those in all other branches of government as those in the swamp run wide and deep, and it is our country and not their country for the taking,and we the people must prove to them ,and ourselves ,that our country can become a free and a great country again, and it may not come without a fight,a fight that those types of people are pushing us into .

  53. K says:

    It amazes me the Hussein & Michelle can say these things with a straight face. They did more to destroy America & Americans than ANY administration I have witnessed. Too bad they’ve used their color to hurt others of color. It would be nice if they would exit, stage left. All their theatrics are what is exhausting & frustrating, to quote M.

  54. Jim D says:

    She and the AH that was in the White House for 8 years and F##Ked up this county, are nothing but NAZI Commie Liberal Demorats.

    • patriot peg says:

      you forgot traitors. THE TERRORIST SUPPORTING MUSLIM took an oath. he swore on the koran? hahahaha. of course every muslim commie believes in oaths sworn on the koran, right?

    • notsoquicktojudge says:

      Calling them NAZIS is an insult to the NAZIS call them what they are ” MUSLIM LOVING TRAITORS ” that need to be tried and convicted and shot . They, Biden and Kerry are breaking a law that should land them in prison or being tried for treason. I wish that silver back Michael would finally come out of the closet so we can see the real Michael.

  55. xtinmover says:

    I don’t object to the Democrats encouraging people to vote. What I object to is Democrats filling out absentee ballots for dead people, encouraging illegal immigrants to register to vote and buying their ballots, and going to nursery home to get invalids, the mentally challenged, and other vulnerable people to sign already voted ballots. It’s illegal, but not prosecuted by Democrat DAs.

    • von Potter says:




  56. William and Marion Burgess says:

    Both of the “O” are negative to this country WHY would anyone who values freedom listen to them. ?? They had their turn and it was a disaster so GO AWAY and leave this country alone.

  57. Fisherman695 says:

    Both Obamas bring a new meaning to the word prejudice, but they are the first ones to point finger at someone else.

  58. Mike W says:

    Nobody cares what the tranny Michael has to say – Michael seems to forget he/she was never elected to ANYTHING.

  59. Meta Kirby says:

    It was the Obamas that divided this Company. I wish they would move back to Africa.

  60. Frank says:

    Quit covering this witch and her husband. Tired of seeing that ugly face and don’t care what either of them have to say.

  61. sandra margaret panarella says:

    why why wont they just go away i want to throw up every time i see or hear these morons didnt they do enough to this country just go away even that other bitch crooked hillary and the rest of them of those swamp creatures god bless the usa and get bless president trump we have to get out and votepost

  62. Jan13 says:

    Hey Michelle, at least we have a president now that loves our country, not like what we had to put up with for 8 very long years.
    Proud Deplorable & Dreg ( as Hands Biden calls us)

  63. cathylovesyou says:

    How can any American like what Michelle (big spender) Obama says, she stated on TV she hates the country and in the White House she expressed a hatred for White People. Just like Andrew (crook) Cuomo said to New Yorkers to leave if you don’t agree with Democratic idea’s. Both Bums both crooks both trying to bring America Down.

    • Jan13 says:

      Also Andy’s comment that “ America was never that great”
      Sure hope he gets his arse kicked in November, us “ upstaters” can’t stand him.

      • patriot peg says:

        neither do a lot of “down staters”. ya know, us working slobs. we hate him, like we hated his old man. nothing but a crooked political dynasty, like the disgusting kennedy’s, on a slightly smaller scale.

  64. sandra margaret panarella says:

    why why wont they just go away i want to throw up every time i see or hear these morons didnt they do enough to this country just go away even that other bitch crooked hillary and the rest of them of those swamp creatures god bless the usa and get bless president trump we have to get out and vote

  65. arschloch says:

    Once a nasty old battle axe, always a nasty old battle axe.

  66. Mark says:

    The democratic party is a cancerous tumor in the fabric of our country!
    Thanks for reminding us worst first unlady!

  67. anyo says:

    I didn’t know baboons could think or talk

  68. James P Hutchins says:

    srew the irrelevant obamas he sucked as president and she sucked as first lady sit down and shut moochela. You two idiots are traitors to American people.

    • Mike says:

      Please tell me why anyone would listen to this person about anything. Please go away – I don’t want to see you or hear you at all about anything – I repeat see or hear you about anything – the old saying applies perfectly here – if her lips are moving she is lying –

  69. Your a bigger joke than Husband’

  70. Maryann says:

    Moochella sit down and shut up. Trump is the best President in ages,

  71. Ken of Mo says:

    She is nothing more than a liberal hag missing all she had in the WH. She’s now irrelevant. Like the other moron her husband they are helping the walkaway movement.

    • Cliff says:

      “SHE” really isn’t, nor ever has been a “SHE”. …OBUNGHOLE the GAY FRAUD’S TRANSVESTITE “partner” “MICHAEL” should learn to keep “IT’S” Piehole CLOSED, and go back into the woods with HITLERY and remain there.

  72. Fr Tom Martin says:

    I am not interested in anything she says. She is the one that put down the USA until her husband was elected and in according to her she was proud of his failures. No one prospered during that Administration but them and friends. The worse First Lady in my lifetime. She did not carry herself as a First Lady. She did not look like a First Lady. She did not dress like a First Lady. She was suppose to inspire instead she looked like she smelled Chilings all the time.

    • truthistruth says:

      Good Lord, it is no wonder so many people are leaving the Catholic church and away from the clergy that is so hypocritical and “holier-than-thou.” Gee, I did not know priests, beside being child molesters, were racists also. Good to know. Hey, Padre, do you really believe you shall reap what you sow? Or are you one of those jokes that pretends to just go to a confessional, say a few “hail Marys” and it wipes the slate clean?

  73. Faye says:

    The Obama’s are anti American. They destroyed us for 8 years and we can’t get rid of them. They are like a BAD Cancer that you can’t get rid of. You have to get rid of them some how for good. No other x president has done what he has done. He and his wife hate this country and would love to see us all go down.he let our military go down and have all away. President Trump is for America and is proud of the U S A. Obama and his monkey wife never where.

    • Mark says:

      The only good thing the USA ever did, according to her/it, was to elect the George Soros made candidate, Obama. These people and the whole me too crowd are beyond psychotic. How can a country be racist,and homophobic and still elect Obama twice? They will not be satisfied until the USA is marginalized to,the max. They hate this Country. They will not be satisfied until the Globalists triumph.

  74. minnie says:

    I hope and pray that the voting democrats are not as full of hate as the Obam’s are. I hope they will think it over come voting time and not vote for an Obama or Clinton again. America is so divided now that another democrat in office with totally divide us all for ever.

  75. Richard M Crooks says:


    • DEM777 says:

      Also deceivers. Obama is a HOMOSEXUAL and is wife is really his huband MICHAEL OBAMA.

      They have LIED to the American People. Why did they not come out of the Closet?

      The Obma’s HATE AMERICA and trying their best to destroy it.

      Also Obama is NOT A US CITIZEN. That is a fraud put on the American People.

      • Sharon says:

        Communist O and his fag friend Emanuel illegitimate mayor of Chicago. Did not even live in chi town when elected. See if a republican can get away with that one.

    • Kep says:

      Didn’t know the Kenyan communist interloper was a sexual predator too. I do agree he was a liar and lowlife communist pig.

  76. JoePalooka in Texas says:

    M. Obama has got to be dimmer than I thought she was! If she even has a inkling of a thought that we might consider her being correct, she is dumb. It is her ilk that is spewing all the hate out there as well as all those lies! It is time M., shut up and sit down! You are embarrassing yourself again.

  77. James P Hutchins says:

    obama sucked as first lady and is a racist crook and a traitor to the American people this woman tried to poison our children with crap food. obama is a troll too.

    • Cliff says:

      You have to be a “LADY” to be the “first lady”. A TRANSVESTITE masquerading as a female don’t count.
      Besides who in the HELL cares what IT has to say other than rabid DEMOCOMMUNISTS bent on the destruction of our REPUBLIC to turn it into a third-world CRAP-HOLE.

      • Bruce says:

        She is not only as communistic as her mate ,but perhaps even more moronic as him.

      • patriot peg says:

        i just hope the conservatives get up on their back legs and start kicking ass. look what these vermin have done, getting cruz to leave the restaurant. sara huckerby chased from an eatery., etc. the list is voluminous, and we know who and what these scum are. make sure we show these ba$tards on election day.

      • patriot peg says:

        i agree cliff. but we have a lot of work ahead of us. and i am afraid that the marquis of queensbury rules do not apply when dealing w/this scum.

  78. Vincent Cane Jr says:

    mike obozo is a nasty human, it is hateful brain dead and most likely smells like s$it from all the but play it does with other MEN. it is a shame this scum bag can even find an audience to spew it’s hate at.

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