You’ll never guess what Democrats were caught doing during the shut down

The government shut down is now the longest in U.S. history.

Democrats believe the American people all blame President Trump.

But Sarah Huckabee Sanders just caught House Democrats doing something that will make you furious.

Trump has openly invited Democrats to come to the White House to work out a deal, but they refuse.

Now we know why.

Over the weekend, it was discovered that several Democrats took a vacation to Puerto Rico to meet with a political action committee and lobbyists.

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez was photographed on the beach talking to a woman in a bikini.

This comes on the heels of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi taking a vacation in Hawaii.

The Daily Caller reports:

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders harshly criticized Democratic lawmakers for flying to Puerto Rico for a political event and vacationing during a partial government shutdown.

Democratic lawmakers like New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez were spotted on the beaches of Puerto Rico during a meeting for a political action committee which supports the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. The retreat comes on the 24th day of a partial government shutdown, the longest funding lapse in the history of the U.S.

The shutdown is a result of a high-stakes fight between President Donald Trump and Democratic leaders, who refuse to appropriate funding for his proposed wall along the U.S. southern border. Trump is demanding $5.7 billion in funding for a border barrier of some kind with Democratic lawmakers saying they will give him no more than $1.6 billion.

Democrats are total hypocrites.

They place 100% of the blame on President Trump for the shut down.

But they refuse to give a dime for President Trump’s border wall – despite the fact they’ve voted for border security funding prior to Trump.

They even have the gall to complain about government workers missing paychecks.

Meanwhile they’re sipping cocktails on the beach in Puerto Rico.

This is how they’re repaying America for handing them control of the U.S. House.


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100 Responses

  1. john furlong says:

    Just like the POOR 800,000 government workers; enjoying a PAID vacation

  2. lisalles says:

    Where is the picture of menendez? I would like to see that. This man should be in prison…. his business partner got 17 years in prison. Bob Menendez not only walked away free, but his trial just lowered the standard of what it will take to prove political corruption. The supreme court was tipping far left when this happened. I hope the supreme court corrects this horrendous mistake and in the meantime, TAKE PICTURES OF THIS CORRUPT POLITICIAN.

  3. Pat says:

    I’m 70 years old so I’ve basically run my race and can ride this out. I’m just laughing my ass off cause those who voted for democrats are going to get their just rewards. Just to bad all have to suffer also. But us true conservatives can adapt and survive.

    • theolddog says:

      I’m 76, and it pleases me no end that we Democrats as we take in some part of power.
      Wait until next year when we finish the job of restoring the USA to sanity instead of Hannity.

      • Lib hater says:

        Hey “The old Dog” you sir are a total idiot!!
        The dems of yesteryear are not the same as the nutcases today.
        Maybe you should join the other Demoncrats moving to Canada

        • theolddog says:

          “Hater” says it all, boy.
          We’re not ging anywhere.
          We are going to stay right here and bring the best of what is HERE home to HERE.
          Deal with it, boy!

          • Pat says:

            Well I think you are you self serving fool . You democraps ask for it you will get it wait and see . I’m older than you are and I’ve seen a lot to , Your daydreaming of the old day , There gone and will never be back ,these dem fools are a whole new ballgame ,

      • Kit says:

        That statement is a JOKE!!

      • Mama says:

        Can you say “Dumbass?” Of course you can’t!! Too stupid to know what is best for you personally or this great country that has given you EVERYTHING! Sick of the IGNORANCE, IDIOCY and HYPOCRACY of the LEFT!! ???? Move to Kenya with your fraud moron!

      • JEdward Clark says:

        Dementia at its fullest !

      • Byron Ray Sosebee says:

        You. Are a senile old Fool!

        • theolddog says:

          When reason, facts, and logic fail, the personal comment s always a good fall back place to go.
          Only 1 problem; it reflects more on the poster than the supposed target.

      • mark says:

        Old dog, Stay on the porch and lick your wound!
        And rember, once they have been removed, They don’t grow back!!!

      • Rose says:

        Old Dog, they say a mentally ill person, never have sense enough to realize they are NUTS! That fits you for sure! You should be ashamed that you are 76 years of age and have learned nothing about your corrupt Democrat party!

      • donn Edmunds says:

        hmmm must be suffering from terminal mental illness

      • Dave Miedema says:

        Sounds like you have the same mental affliction as Nancy Pelousy and Maxine Wa-Wa.

  4. Dave Miedema says:

    Actions like this only further prove the indifference and contempt Communist Democraps have for the American people.

  5. Bill says:

    Face it people there are more Dems and crazy dem supporters than there are of us. The only way we are going to take back our country is to use our 2nd Amendmet rights. It’s high time we take up arms and annihilate the leftist bastards. Civil War # 2.

    • BigJoe says:

      I agree and am just waiting for the call.

    • californiasailor says:

      Not to worry my fellow Americans…there is something coming that will deflate these satanic bastards down to nothing without having to kill them. It is best where they will wind up.

      Be patient and wait.

    • Mama says:

      The Demoscum are intentionally dividing this country and trying to start a civil war to prove that gun owners are maniacs! They had better be careful what they wish for, as the outcome would be their worst nightmare!! ???????????? Let’s see some indictments,
      Mr. Trump! These COMMIE GLOBALIST PIGS will NEVER “play fair!” All they know is BRAINWASHING, LIES and VIOLENCE to solve the problems that THEY create!!????

    • theolddog says:

      Please, PLEASE bring it on!
      When you traitors surrender once more, you can be sure Reconstruction will not be as lenient as it was first time around.
      Abut half a century of being ground beneath the heel of the United State of America will serve as a right proper chastisement for your impudence and treason.

  6. Navy veteran says:

    Forgive my ignorance. When I heard of a government shutdown I was thinking that CONGRESS was being shut down. And that the House and Senate wouldn’t be getting paid. NOT the people that run the various agencies. Next shutdown, (if there is one) that’s EXACTLY WHO SHOULD BE SHUTDOWN!!! CONGRESS!!! AAAAAND NOT PAY THEM!!! THEN we’ll see how fast they get off their ass and go to work. Put the Mia Tia down and get off you ass and go to work PELOSI!!! It’s people like you that PISS ON veterans and active duty military and the BLOOD, SWEAT, AND, TEARS WE’VE SHED.

    • George Perez says:

      Not paying members Congress during a “shut down is a joke”. Most of the members of Congress are millionaires and could go without pay for months. It would be best to hold the pay of the low level government workers that support them (cooks. drivers, secretaries, etc.) that work in and for the congress.

  7. WILLIAM HEARD says:

    This is all a case for TERM LIMITS !! The sooner the better !

  8. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Wrong, those who vote for the wicked Democratic candidates have been popping Psychotropic and Psychedelic drugs since the age of 10 just as their teachers who further indoctrinate them into practicing what in essence a combination of a Communist and islamic/sharia ideology their brains already being susceptible/pliable that the vomit spewed from the mouths of the voice pieces for the Communist sharia ideological party the LSM commentators emitted on a wave that effects those who have been chemically conditioned since they were 4 on Psychotropic drugs and 10 on Psychedelic drugs, my point is anyone who votes Democrat is under a psychosis there is no cure for.

  9. Katee says:

    Who paid for the plane tickets, hotels, car rentals, etc? I’d be checking. If they went on our dime, they need to be arrested for theft of public funds. ANYTHING!

  10. Mikki says:

    Can’t have talks when the dems are at the beach on taxpayer dime. Nancy did offer $1.00 for the border. Way to go Nancy. When a disabled vet when to collect it, she refused to see him.

    • Rich says:

      People going without a check, do you think these RATS care, way better to be on the beach than it is to work for the people. What a disgrace the left wing is. SHAME.

  11. they dont give a damn about the people or our country time to boot them out

    • Jim Miller says:

      Exactly, after people have seen how crooked Democrats/RINO are and they still get elected… either the American people are so STUPID or Obama’s legacy of hate and Intolerance is gaining momentum, to win the Democrats have to use their best weapon…. VOTE FRAUD ; in WA State a 100% GOP District was lost to Democrats but, a truck full boxes containing FAKE VOTES was spotted being unloaded, The WA AG ( a Lib ) did nothing about it and The BIAS Network Q13FoxnewsTV in Seattle Kept SILENT. Stalin was a Boy scout next to American democrats.

      • Gary says:

        The Americans need a new Government! Congress were sworn in to preserve and protect the citizens of the United States, but after Congress are sworn in, they refuse to do their jobs and let Americans suffer with the crimes that some of the criminal immigrants are doing. All Americans Citizens need to come together and have a vote to elect a new Congress who will protect their citizens or have no Congress at all! We need people that wants the best for America first, we are not guardians of the world and we need to protect our own first before we can help others! We are not the only country that can help with a Humanitarian crisis! What is happening with the money we give to Countries to help with these problems?

    • Navy veteran says:

      They had their chance to vote them out!!!!!!! Back in November. It’s all the people who RE-voted them in are to blame.

      • Earl says:

        well the illegals that were brought up to vote and the dead people that vote in calif. are the ones who elected nancy… I can NOT believe a living human would vote for someone that UGLY AND STUPID

    • tinytim says:

      What the demos really want are votes for 20/20 because they know it’s going to be hard to beat President Trump.

  12. mark says:

    A Mid evil wall???? Give it a break, claims the left, we have better technology today.
    Yes we do! Technology is what made America Great!! Unfortunately greed sold out America!
    Will these Drones have weapons? Will they be locked and ready when the time arises?
    I didn’t think so. They are there to delivery Pizza, “it’s a humanitarian thing to do.”
    But if this is the case, Bring home the drones we will be leaving in Syria!
    In fact, Bring everything home and we will protect our boarders that way!!!
    A mid- evil wall? Yes! KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!

  13. Mike says:

    Open the government offices and shut down congress, void their paychecks, and make it a six month part time job. The less they do the better off the USA is.

  14. ch says:

    When you count actual days of the government shutdown, the government offices are NEVER open over the Christmas and New Years Holidays. So you can deduct those days from the shutdown. These people are entitled to unemployment so they need to sign up. When they get paid the unemployment office will take that money back. When I get laid off or there is no work I don’t get a paycheck and I don’t get a paycheck for my time off when work is available again.
    The demonrats need to get their heads out of their asses and come to the table. They have been for the wall in the past and everyone has spoken about it, but because President Trump wants it, they are against it and everything else he wants.

    • James D Preston says:

      very good and i believe it will hit them hard on election day. I just wish i knew
      how to start a way to make them (Democrats) feel the heat but i don’t know much about computers.

      • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

        The Demoncommiecrats being responsible for the shutdown will not hurt their chances of retaining the House in 2020, actually January 2021, I actually foresee them taking control of the Senate as well not like they do not in many ways control it already with Rats like Romney, I digress, there are simply far too many psychotic people of voting age voting for those bent on destroying our Constitutional Democratic Republic and replacing it with a combination of a Communist and islamic/sharia ideology and more and more turn of voting age every year, then there is the contaminated election system, corrupt to the hilt and I am disgusted that there was not a thorough investigation done on what happened during the election voting in every district that a Democrat won.

  15. Randal Parten says:

    They needed a place to meet outside DC to figure out how much sedition , obstruction and voter fraud it was going to take to win in 2020!!!

  16. Lucia Gibson says:

    Hard to believe these are actions committed by responsible adult people! How can a country run successfully on spite of the opposition and not do what’s best for the country. How close is this to being considered criminal?

    • Mike Hainsworth says:

      They should be removed from office for not following law’s and for not honoring the oath they swore to defend and protect.

  17. The Redhawk says:

    What were the PIMPS doing in PR on the beach????
    2) Cavorting with MENEDEZ under age girls
    3) Claiming they were “working”

  18. Dr. J.D. says:

    Republican Senator, Lindsey Graham, made a sensible proposal yesterday (1/13) on Fox, to end the shutdown for a short time, like 3 weeks, and in the meantime conduct negotiations on the wall funding. If no acceptable compromise is reached by then, then time to pull out the “big guns” if Trump wishes. Meanwhile, the federal workers are not in the middle of this, endangered by not getting paychecks.

    This proposal makes sense to a lot of people, especially federal workers, so why not do it?

    • The Redhawk says:

      You can never TRUST the PELOSI/SCHUMER PIMPS to ever Negotiate HONESTLY once they GET THEIR WAY…../Learn from what TIP O’NEIL did to Pres REAGAN

      • Dr. J. D. says:

        The art of successful government is to compromise – -that is how our government was framed – – to have three equal branches and to compromise – -with no one group having all the power. Tip and President Reagan worked together to reach many deals that helped the country.

        • Ladd says:

          No, the art of successful government (referring to DC) is to FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTIONAL BASICS, not break them. For one thing, DC Senators and Representatives are SUPPOSED to be representation from the States they come from, and they are NOT. They are vetted by the DC “machine”, a corporation that owns DC, which is a European corporation in the first place. Congress does not EVEN SERVE UNDER THE FLAG OF OUR NATION! that gold fringe MEANS something, it is legally a DIFFERENT FLAG. It is not hidden, the flag represents European Law, and further study finds the statement that the enfringed flag is NOT a Statute 4 flag. That means it is NOT the flag of our nation. It is hidden in plain sight, DC is filled with a false pretense of “being our government” whose purpose has been to take us down from the start, when the Act of 1781 set this farce up.

  19. Mikki says:

    AOC is part of the party crowd. She must think she had died and gone to heaven. She has never had it so good.

  20. Capn Jack says:

    What’s the big deal? A bunch of Democrats whores meeting with Puerto Rican whores. It happens every day in Washington DC.

  21. Bandit says:

    Yeah this is now the demoncrats STAB the people in the back but the what else would you expect from the satan following demoncrats, they even demand that Christians renounce Christ in order to be in office, if that is not satanic then what is??. The demoncrats are going go try to push this as long as they can, after all they gave Bush how many billions for border security and almost nothing was done, then they gave bamba boy now many billions and that money went into a bank offshore, that bamba boy us now living off of, yet they refuse to give TRUMP nothing for border security and want the country flooded with ILLEGALS and the crimes and the illnesses they bring with them.

  22. Robert Burton says:

    Is Mendez checking with his top advisor on problems in D.C.?
    Nice going Democratic voters in N.J. your reelected a scumbag.

  23. Mikki says:

    Who paid for this???????

    • Take a WILD guess….US, AVERAGE Joe….After all, they are STILL getting PAID…by US and the GLOBALISTS, the FILTHY RICH of the RICHEST called “bilderberg CARTEL”….!!!! THAT CARTEL is actually THEIR “boss”, NOT “We the People”….

      • Ladd says:

        You have that correct. Dc is “owned” and run by the European corporation named “THE UNITED STATES” , for which DC was originally CREATED in the Act of 1781. At the beginning, some of the Royals were part members, but banks do what they DO, and for about a century now, the corporation is owned ONLY by the cartels: the Bilderbergers, Rothchilds et al. DC has always been meant to hobble us and ultimately destroy us. It is sufficient for their purposes to have crooks and incompetents in place vetted as being loyal to the corporation and NOT to the States they are from as per our Constitution it still does the number on us for which DC was set up. What we have today is the culmination of their 237 years of bad “rule”. Funny,, George Washington is the ONLY president we had that was OUR President, until Donald Trump came up and was put in by We the People over the selection of the corporation, which was Clinton. We wanted ANYONE BUT A POLITICIAN, since it IS common knowledge that all of DC politicians are crooks, loyal to the “machine” of DC or else they fail to stay on, we just don’t think further on the long-term consequences of that fact. What we have is a false “government” that has NO REPRESENTATION of our States at all, and the 11% approval rating is a good indication that We the People really DO get that, just don’t really know what to do. DC is scared though, they KNOW that they cannot govern us if we refuse to be governed, and we have SEEN the level of their malfeasance pretty clearly. Yes, it is KNOWINGLY doing an unacceptable job with malice intended, from DC. They think we are teetering on the edge, have not seen that they are already DEAD as “rulers”, just don’t know it yet. Since they DO know it is a final stage they ARE panicking and tripling down on their attempt to destroy this nation completely before we can rid ourselves of them. The paradigm has already shifted to being irrevocable, they are falling fast — they DO know that, and are a bit dangerous for their reactions before we cut them off completely. Just think, getting rid of the 237 year SCAM of DC, along with ALL of their pensions and perks, reconvening the government we should have had if they had not suborned it. A Congress under the American flag Senators and Representatives that honestly REPRESENT their country-States the STATES realizing and exercising their true jurisdiction that the Constitution clearly enumerates — we will Make America Great. TRULY GREAT. DC took us down only 5 years after we had won the Revolutionary War, when we were frightened that England would invade us again and that we would go bankrupt without the “backing” of the world banks — so they passed the Act of 1781 and never reconvened our true government again. Time to do JUST THAT, NOW!

    • If taxpayers paid for this, I do believe their budgets need to be audited. During a time when real working government workers are not receiving Pay extra trips like this should be on their dime, not the taxpayers after all most of them receive a substantial income, giving them selves an annual 25% increase. As opposed to the 2 or 3% their staff receives. Just sayin.

  24. Terry says:

    Priceless!! Shut down = Party.

  25. Alberta says:

    Our country has gone mad! We will destroy ourselves from within.

    • JLS says:

      We already have begun and it is picking up pace.

      • Yep, just like Europe is being DESTROYED and the Europeans are PAYING for their OWN DESTRUCTION through their NOSES…AND so do WE…Just think the $ BILLIONS we are PAYING to house these ILLEGALS here and are PAYING money to THEIR NATIVE countries……AND more and MORE “muslims” in our Government, pushing “sharia” to take OVER what is SUPPOSED to be OUR Government…..!!!! I am NOT surprised that THEY all are on LUXURIOUS VACATIONS, they COUNT on the islamic FOREIGNERS to RUN everything…..!!! If we were “SMART” we would BLOCK their Re-entry into the MAIN land…….!!!!

    • Betty says:

      Well, What else can one expect with a Deranged MADMAN in the White House. A MANIC who will undoubtly Destroy this country unless somebody Legally Destroys him first. However, Thank GOD, Real Americans are finally seeing that Oval Office INSANE IDIOT for what he really is. Which is why the only ones who actually support that republican Retard is a very small group of Asshole Kissing republican Retards.

      • Dr. J. D. says:

        Betty, you would get much further if you did not call names and treated conservatives with some respect. We can disagree with policies, but that does not make the other side bad people. Some people believe differently for good motives. I am not a supporter of how Trump does his job, certainly in messes like Syria and doing the bidding of Putin and the Saudi Prince, but it is always best to refer to others as “seducers of swine” rather than calling them “pig f**kers.”

        • D.A.N. says:

          JD, maybe you should look a little closer at the facts about Trump and the Saudis. There are pictures of 0bama bowing to the King, Clinton doing the same, and so on. But Trump is putting a hurt on them right now. Take a look at oil prices. And the fact that the US is again a net energy exporter. But you are correct on Betty’s name calling. The madmen ( and women ) are the ones in CONgress, not the WH. Fruitcakes like Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, AOC, etc.. Party while doing absolutely nothing good for the country because they got their feelings hurt because Hillary lost. If Hillary had won, Putin would have owned the whole US.

      • Willie Watson says:

        Watch yo mouth woman……
        some Democrats dick is in there

      • Ken says:

        I feel sorry for you being so trapped in your little bubble NOT STUPID libtard demorat cunt

      • Betty You are so wrong. We have not had so many working in forever. A lot of other things that have not been good in many years. We need to slow down how many people are coming into our Country. we cannot support the world.. That is why we need the barrier wall. If it keeps on we will end up like some other countries.

      • angelo says:

        Betty, your Midol is losing its potency, double down on your dosage.

    • Ladd says:

      Actually it is NOT from within, we are just TOLD it is. DC was NEVER our real government, but was a European corporation that took our name in all capitals so it was recognized as US, but not as the fictitious entity it REALLY WAS. THE UNITED STATES was NEVER the united States of America, actual. This was a successful stealth take-over done by the Act of 1781 and even though they mimic our elections, they are not what they SEEM. The elected “Senators” and “Representatives” are actually corporate officers INSTEAD, and they do NOT represent their States. In fact, DC LIES to the State governments, telling them that DC over-rules them, which it NEVER DID. IF DC was as it was meant to be per OUR Constitution, the Senators and Representatives would be representation from the 50 State Governments (which are actually separate COUNTRIES united as one), and DC would be a meeting place where all of our united countries would vote to decide what laws would enhance our UNITY, and what actions need to be made for our DEFENSE — NOTHING ELSE. DC cannot even make a BUDGET on time, and they do NOT represent this nation IN ANY WAY, they are actually set up to be a little piece of Europe inj this nation that is keeping us down, also imposing European Law over us and repudiating OUR LAW by claiming it is outmoded, rather than being ethically and morally FAR SUPERIOR to the outmoded monarchic and mob forms of governance that are all that the world has ever understood. They are scared and envious of what WE accomplished, EVEN WHEN HOBBLED WITH DC. EU is an abysmal failure, NO one has been able to mimic what we created here that has worked in spite of their efforts to minimize us all of these past 237 years going on 238 as of 22FEF2019. You see, since DC has had to lie and remain STEALTHY (claiming to BE our government), they have been unable to totally stop our unity that we all accept and do not question because we KNOW that we are one nation. That is why DC was unable to kill us off, we think it is OUR Constitution that is over DC, and DC has to make it seem so. District of Columbia was actually a world district, there were two others at the time, the Vatican and the District of London, both corporate entities and NOT physical. It was all part of usurping the Sovereignty of individuals, the world “leaders” have ALWAYS done their utmost to suppress THAT.

  26. James P Hutchins says:

    Screw the liberals and democrats pelosi and shummer they are scumbags who care about the illegals more than the American people.

    • Betty says:

      Screw to HELL CRAZY donald who only cares about his Selfish, Stupid, Stinking, Sick Minded Self & cares Zero about the American People.

      • Deplorable says:

        You need to wake up and stop drinking the kool aid. Do you not really see what’s going on if you can’t you are dumber than I thought. But from your comment you are for communism so for that much I will let you go now oh but one more thing if you don’t love America why don’t you just move to another country

      • LJ Dennehy says:

        Ms Betty kinda like taking a sandwich to a banquet! LMAO!

      • Mikki says:

        Yes, he is so selfish that now Americans have jobs and can feed their families. Stay with the liberal commies, sounds like that is where you belong.

      • Ladd says:

        Dream on Betty Poo you’ll never get close to anyone or anything while raving as you are….

      • Dave Miedema says:

        Sounds like Betty is permanently OTR.

  27. theolddog says:

    A deal, eh?
    What is Donnie Bonespurs offering?

    • Robert Mains says:

      It looks like he is offering DACA. What is pollosie and shumee offering

      • Dr. J. D. says:

        $1.6 Billion – – the amount the president originally asked for. The president puts out a budget proposal and Congress accepted it, almost unanimously. Then TRUMP changed his mind, as he is prone to do.

        I think the other side would approve more for border security but believe we have better technology that works better than a medieval wall. The good news is that both sides agree we need improved border security.

    • angelo says:

      jobs and prosperity. whats the witch offering? check out your dems, louie fahrakan,al sharpton goofy pelosi,crying chuck ,one is goofier than the other.

  28. mark says:

    And there is good ole Bob Menedez with his out!!!
    Tell me Bob, where was she suppose to keep the change?

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