You’ll never guess how close the migrant caravan is to the U.S. Border

The fake news media said this day would never come.

But the migrant caravan is prepared to invade America.

And you’ll never guess just how close they are to the border.

Over 6,000 migrants massed in Tijuana in preparation to storm the U.S. Southern border.

However, the news is ever worse.

Hundreds of migrants broke away from the mob and are just 500 feet from America.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports:

A small faction of the larger group of 6,219 Central American migrants in Tijuana slowly and
peacefully pushed within 500 feet of the U.S. border Thursday while armed Mexican federal
police held a barrier near the pedestrian crossing.

Asking for more humane conditions in the overflowing Benito Juarez shelter and trying to
present themselves to United States immigration authorities for asylum, the group carried white
flags as they marched from the migrant camp to the foot of the U.S. pedestrian bridge, a distance
of about five city blocks.

The migrants have been camped out in muddy and cramped conditions at an open-air sports
arena turned into a makeshift shelter. They said they awoke Thanksgiving Day hungry, as rain
worsened the already unsanitary conditions in the packed shelter.

“There are sick children here, and we are cold and hungry,” said Carlos Lopez, a Honduran
who was leading the group. Lopez added it was inappropriate to shelter the women and children outside. “The whole world is watching what is happening here.”

The fake news media said the caravan would never reach the U.S. and if it did, there would be
far fewer migrants than originally began this trek.

But the caravan started at around 4,000 migrants.

Now over 6,000 are ready to claim Asylum in America.

And they are even closer than anyone imagined.

Everything the fake news media said about the caravan was a lie.


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74 Responses

  1. T, Yoder says:

    Carlos Lopez, who do you think you are? You’re not willing to obey our laws with regard to immigration, but you think you should be allowed to do whatever you want to do. Really? Grow a brain! Then, you hide behind women & children. You’re not a man, you’re a worm. Any man who would do such a thing doesn’t have his thinking, priorities or heart in the right place. People, like you, aren’t welcome in our country. You’re a very toxic individual. We enough of our own, thank you. We shouldn’t even be providing you any shelter – why should we? You’ve already proven you WON’T obey our laws, you’re spineless & you have an entitlement attitude (you think we owe you something). Well, pal, we owe you NOTHING. Would your country give to any American what you’re DEMANDING? You have NO right to DEMAND ANYTHING; in fact, you have NO rights in our country at all. GO HOME!

  2. Dave churbuck says:

    Unpleasant as it may be, I want the people at the border to stay there untill the rest of the worlds population
    realizes that the conditions are created by the governments and the people are reacting to that.
    Soon as the conditions worsen in this country, I could be you who is climbing the wall to leave,
    Along with those who have gotten in.
    This will only get much worse until the people run this and every other country and not
    the governments.
    Do you really think the people ruined CA. and every other country or the government did ?
    Those people at the wall are your future IF you do not wake up and see it is the governments doings
    and the people allowing them to do it.
    IF, the people were really smart, The people on this side would join and help them and combined,
    force this government to end ruining this and every other country.
    IF you don’t they will be your enemy and you will never get control because you have got few helping you now and you will be overwhelmed by the enemy you are creating.
    The government can only succede IF the the people are divided

    • Mott says:

      “JOIN THEM”?! Your hat’s to tight you want to join them, Go for it but leave everyone else out of it.
      We DO NOT need more low life blood suckers in our country we have enough issues of our own.
      No way in hell should the be “Aloud” into the USA.

  3. Holland180 says:

    Absolutely go home! This is crazy that only democrats want open borders and for two reasons.
    1. Because it represents democratic votes.
    2. It goes against Trump goal to secure border and the left is 100% against anything Trump!!

  4. zee says:

    Just MORE ‘SICKENING’ >Human Trafficking___

  5. Without BORDERS we have no Nation! POTUS has made the proper choice…Those who call this a caravan, well you can’t fix STUPID…THIS IS AN INVASION, instigated by deepstaters like globalist communist George Soros and the democrat surrogates he owns, this be nothing less than TREASON!

  6. Mott says:

    “There are sick children here”…..I have no problem if we help the sick kids on the Mexico side, But NO ONE should cross unless they do so legally! If they try to “Bum Rush” the crossing they should be meet a strong resistance. Start with non lethal but have rounds ready for if they do not stop! MAGA!

  7. Frances Carlson says:

    The only true complaint these migrants have is stupidly leaving their own countries. It is impossible for me to feel sorry for those who continue to stick their hands in the fire when warned not to do so. Sad though their plight my be, they brought their discomfort upon themselves. Go home.

  8. LawrLe says:

    Let them try invading and getting violent. We have lots of bullets. Give them a nice healthy dose of humble pie, not to mention a reality check.

    • Jeanni says:

      Mexico offered these people jobs and asylum and a lot of them refused the offer. I do not feel one bit sorry for them. Go home or take Mexico up on their offer, we do not want you here!

  9. zee says:

    Too MANY ‘HOMELESS’ In USA, ‘NOT to be ‘Traded’ 0ff
    For iLLEGALS’ Thru ‘Left wing Dem politics’.

  10. Carl Smith says:

    I have asked the question a 100 times and NO one has the answer. What ever happened to Article IV section 4 of the Constitution?
    “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and SHALL protect each of them against INVASION; and on application——
    The militia has been defined as WE the People and the Governors can call forth the Militia. Second: Posse Comitatus was passed to Prevent the military from acting as a police force and used to quell domestic disturbances IT CAN BE USED TO DEFEND OUR SOVEREIGNTY. Kind of like Global Warming –It takes a special kind of STUPID to believe WE the People cannot be afforded protection from an invading MOB.

    • Buddy says:

      Haven’t you heard? The Democrats have declared the constitution the enemy of the state. That is unless it works for them!

    • DAN says:


  11. Dawn Wride says:

    To tolerated an invasion by these people is just a loud announcement that we are not a country of laws, and will welcome in million more invaders. We must stop them and send them the message that we will not tolerate lawless people who think they can “break” iinto our country. Send them back to where they came from, or let Mexico deal with them. Mexico should have and could have stopped them all at their southern border. Don’t let whomever is sponsoring these invaders thank for a second that he can win. Americans have sacrificed and given thousands of lives to preserve our country and our way of life. Don’t make their sacrifices mean nothing. Build the wall and enforce the law!

    • Janet says:

      I have been following this issue since they started to march here. None look starved; none look dirty; their clothing does not look like they have been mistreated. Furthermore, the ARMY consists of mainly military aged men and boys with a smattering of women and children, who also look nicely dressed and certainly not starving. To let them in would be a slap in the face to those who have been waiting to become citizens in an appropriate manner.

  12. Marlene says:

    They are not migrants, refugees, or immigrants. They are an invasion force who want welfare money and goods. Anyone who believes anything else is a fool. They were offered asylum and refused it. Turn them around and send them back.

  13. Ota 35 says:

    President Trump should take a firm stand against these invading migrants, take appropriate action against them and if they have any brains they should go back home

  14. J. W. says:

    The Honduran Invasion had a opportunity to seek asylum in Guatemala, per international law. They refused asylum. They were joined by Guatemalans and invaded Mexico. They were invaders; however, Mexico offered asylum. They refused asylum. The caravan has absolutely NO right to enter the United States, and I don’t want to contract any of their diseases that they want to bring into the United States. Iknow! Find some of the sickest and give them to Babs Streisand!

  15. Mike H says:

    Keep them out.We have millions of them now.whats going to happen to the Americans.We are going to be pushed out.No one seems to care anymore.Untill it’s too late.We are trying to be a third world.Guess what,we are heading that way.

  16. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    An Honduran by the name of Carlos Lopez quoted as saying that we have sick, cold, and hungry children here, “you components of toxic waste left your respective nations with the sole intent of violating the laws of another, maybe you should have thought of the miserable conditions you would have to endure before you started on your venture.

  17. Gail says:

    Unless they allow them to use their guns to shoot instead of the so called lethal force baton. They are so close they are sitting on the wall with the razor barbed wire ,We have all been told half truths . Remember once their feet step on our soil they are given a court date and released into the population. Well in order to get arrested you have to be on our soil . And they are arresting them . This week Texas borderagents arrested 39 with criminal backgrounds that make me get my gun out now . No body is saying one thing about any of them being sent back at all . Why because we are going to have them to face in our streets ourselves .The whole 2 years Trump has been in office he has issued the same things and they have been pouring across that border . The immigration authorities are letting them in by the 100’s everyday . Start watching the IPhone videos coming out as it is happening. And then see nothing had changed. We still will have the scum of the earth to keep up . And while their here they will immediately get all the freebies and start having sex with everything to have an anchor baby . They are so close they are coming across our border in many places . If people think they are only at the border crossing think again

  18. trapperwv1 says:

    If they would use their energy to change their own country they may be worthy of asking for help , but at this point all they are is a minority of their countries that disagree with their elected leaders.. One thing I noticed is these people disappointed by their elected leaders actually left their country instead of whining and threatening and sticking around to a pain in the ass.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      If they had the dignity to change their own nation for the better years ago instead of being confident in being welcomed here with open arms we would not have this severe problem, it is as it has been for decades charity for the dregs of the world but mainly Latin America.

  19. Gary says:

    Most of the reason these people left Honduras was because the democratically elected president of Honduras was removed from office by hillary and the CIA because the president wanted to help his people by raising the minimum wage and the power brokers and corporations were against it. This type of thing has gone on in Central and South America for years. Research what George HW Bush did while head of the CIA. His oil company (expat) and subsidiary food company controlled all food production in thirteen South American countries. They controlled what people were paid for their products and his company reaped all the profits. This type of scullduggery has gone on all over the world by our government. We have an elete class of thieves in this country who will stop at nothing to gain power and money. If you want to know the whole story look up Confessions of an Economic Hit Man to see how the game is played and why the US is hated so much.

  20. Buddy says:

    Unfortunately we have too many people sitting on the fence and too many wishy washy people now in America. Not to mention the underhanded tricks being pulled like in the last election. The mass majority of people in the world today are indecisive and won’t think about getting involved until it’s too late.

  21. This is a classic example of why The Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, MUST BE DESTROYED, FORTHWITH

  22. Buddy says:

    I read somewhere that this was a UN funded attempt to force President Trump to open its borders. That would make much more sense than thousands of people just deciding to March to America.

  23. butch says:

    This country is having problems taking care of its own, let alone 6,000 people that are looking to free load in this country.

  24. Bob says:

    This is the Communist’s testing our border so to speak. If these people succeed, millions will come. I heard of six caravans now, the route through Mexico will be so polluted with human bodies and waste that nothing will be safe to eat in these planted fields EColi would be rampant.. Any cases of TB also, highly contagious and difficult to cure. Obama says lil bity migrants, hardly these are Millitary aged kids and they DON’T want asylum?

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Do you not recall the E-Coli outbreak in Michigan schools I believe it was like 16 years ago, yes it was from contaminated Strawberries grown in Mexico.

      Their sanitation situation has not improved in decades, undignified, dirty, disgusting and filthy people.

  25. Cluad Barlow says:

    CS grenades with trip wires mixed in with the concertina wire along the boarder would be a deterrent. The CS would not injure anyone but it would make them quite uncomfortable. (Just back away clear of the cloud as quickly as possible.)

  26. Marsha says:

    If even one thousand of the illegals in each of their own COUNTRIES would stand up, speak up, march protest just like they do in the U.S where they have no rights-they could make a change ! We know it’s easier to feel entitled and live off of Americans! No one should be able to ILLEGALLY live off the backs of American taxpayers ! They shouldn’t be able to get free homes, food, clothes, medical attention or deplete the system. They shouldn’t be allowed to worsen living standards or turn us into a third world country – or make us aliens in OUR OWN COUNTRY !!

  27. Barbara Cook says:

    We do not need any more illegal immigrants in our country, we already have enough of them here.

    The Democrats are the reason these illegal immigrants keep coming into our country, is because, the Democrats figure , once these illegals get into our country, then when there is an election, these illegal immigrants will then vote, and then the Democrats are hoping that these illegal immigrants will be voting for all of these corrupt and crooked Democrats, however, also, once all of these illegal immigrants gets into our country, the money that they will be making, these immigrants will be sending that money back to their home country for the rest of their families can come into our country as well.

    These illegal immigrants will want everything to be given to them on a silver platter, they are not going to want to work for anything ever. They are going to expect to get food-stamps, medicaid, free homes, and then they will not do anything about getting a job to help with supporting themselves once they are here. These illegal immigrants are going to want everything for just sitting at home, and if any are married, then, the wife will get pregnant, just to be able to have a child in our country, just to be able to claim American citizenship. We do need any more problems than what we already have from the MS-13 gangs that are already here, and we SURE AS HELL DON’T NEED ANY MORE MS-13 gang members coming into our country or any other gang members bringing all of their problems and troubles with them to put to the burden on every full-blooded American, and we SURE AS HELL DON’T NEED IT IN OUR COMMUNITIES NOW PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep everyone of these illegal immigrants our of our country NOW PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If don’t keep our country, then, we’re not going to have a country to call home to every full-blooded American, and then we want be able to call America safe either PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am supporting President Trump and his whole administration and our Border Patrol Agents with doing everything in their powers to keep all of these illegal immigrants out of our country. Everyone of these illegal immigrants needs to turn themselves around and go back to their home country and stay there PERIOD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. David in MA says:

    Shoot them!

  29. bobby hallman says:

    alot of these people deserve passage while others should be sent back where they came from We dont need any more criminals but I pray for those that are good people

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      No, they do not; their “claims” on which they’re basing their demands for asylum do NOT qualify! They need to all turn around and go home NOW!

    • Smolka Patsy;Mahar says:

      How do we know which ones are good people. Remember during the Vietnam war they strapped bombs on their children and sent them out to our troops. These people aren’t any different!

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      None, as in no people from Latin America should be allowed in here unless they abide by the stipulations of speaking fluent English and have a job already waiting when they arrive with the condition of being fired from said job and not acquiring another 1 within 90 days to remain here, oh also homing wrist bracelets so sophisticated that tampering by even the most technologically inclined whiz kid will be detected, any United States citizen involved in aiding and harboring illegal aliens should get a life sentence of hard labor turning boulders onto pea gravel.

  30. Bring them in and put up tent cities near the Clinton’s, Soros, Pelosi, Feinstein, waters, and all the Washington democrats homes. put up military type field latrines and never empty them. Park large water trailers close by and run loud truck mounted field generators 24/7. Don’t give them food and allow them to roam the “elite” neighborhoods for meals or break into their mansions. Than let’s see what their security does to handle the illegals. Give these “commucrats” a taste of what we have to suffer though and I’ll bet a dollar to a donut that lethal force WILL be used.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      NO! Once they’re in, WE have to pay for their keep AND their whole years’ long legal process before we can ship them home again!

    • Smolka Patsy says:

      Soros should be arrested for starting a war against the American people. All of our government representatives have to swear to protect the rights of the American people and our country! The democrats are not protecting our country so they are breaking the law! They should be arrested for lying when they were sworn in! These illegals are the democrats army. They want them here to take our guns and our lives away. They know our troops and our police will not go against the American people but these thugs don’t care about us or our lives. They will come into our homes and take whatever they want including our guns and women. They are evil. It’s not about citizenship it’s about taking over our country. People need to wake up!

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      You forgot that Moonie Muslime biatch Kamala Harris.

      Those scumbag traitors most likely already have security systems such as these: in place.

  31. Monkey says:

    The need to demand their BUDDY old drooling mouth SOROS pay to send them back to their countries………because they are not getting into America anymore illegally…………at non-legal points of entry……….plain and simple, the American taxpayers are not going to pay for all these so called MEN who are actually WHIMPS to come into America……..they aren’t Man enough to protect their rights in their OWN COUNTRIES, what makes them think we want a bunch of big whimps in our country…………..WE DON’T !!!!!!

  32. Being sick, cold and hungry is a situation they brought on themselves. They could have applied for asylum back where they lived. I KNEW IT! See that board on the ground on the picture? I thought of this last week. I’ll bet they are going to throw that board over the wire and beat it down to cross over. If you notice, these people are mostly all well dressed with cell phones etc. In a short time the disease from the sanitary conditions will be rampant. We don’t need any of what they have. Feel sorry for those people living by the border. I would be terrified.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Yes, those on BOTH sides of that border in fact. Tijuana didn’t ask for this either and their people are being hurt by it too.

      • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

        You apparently think of the people of Tijuana as being anymore noble than your average Mexican, believe me they are not, I have spoken with a few Marines and they said if it were not for their status as U.S. military they would be robbed of everything they had, in many cases murdered, after they had their way with the women and that is the LEOs both local and federales.

  33. Catfish says:

    They’re complaining about being sick, cold, hungry and the unsanitary conditions. Well , nobody invited them to come up here ! They knew what they were getting into, its not the U.S.A.’s responsibility to care for everybody on the planet. Yeah, I feel bad for some of the families who just want a better life but they need to come here and WANT TO BECOME AMERICANS ! Not come here waving their countries flag and burning ours. We don’t need people who don’t want to assimilate and be productive citizens in society. Thats the problem we have now, millions of immigrants coming here robbing the system and sending all that money back to their native countries. People used to come here because they wanted to be an American, not just to earn money to take back to their homeland .

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      I have NO sympathy for them either; they need to apply to immigrate legally in their own nations, not invade others’ nations and steal it!

      • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

        We do not need them their value to our society ended decades ago since then they have served as nothing but illegal votes for the Demoncommiecratshariaideological party members, people going through the naturalization process are no more legally able to vote than illegal aliens, so whether here illegally or waiting to earn your right to be considered an United States citizen you are not eligible to vote.

        Do not say such things around Communist sharia party members such as Andrew Gillum, or Stacey Abrams though they have an a federal court justices interpretation of the articles of the United States Constitution than that intended by those who thought them up, recently those pertaining to the meaning behind the sentiments of the 14th amendment which only applied to children of freed slaves who themselves were from then on legal United States citizens.

    • Debra Shepherd says:

      One of the best post on the subject yet. Very well said!

    • Kep says:

      Yes, they were invited to come by the communist LIBERALS. The communists want to see our country destroyed so they can pick up the pieces and mold our country back into a Marxist country.

  34. spunky says:

    They have nobody but themselves to blame.

  35. Ruth says:

    IMMEDIATELY STOP FUNDING TO THESE COUNTRIES ! USE THE MONEY TO BUILD THE WALL !! They have no skills, education, can’t speak English !! Procecute any companies or businesses that would even hire them. AMERICANS FIRST – jobless with no compensation, homeless, disaster victims, veterans ! COME LEGALLY!

    • russell remmert says:


    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Take the top executives of those nation and put them to breaking boulders into pea gravel for the rest of their lives, what they have been doing is betraying their own for self profit for far too long and such practices need to be brought to a screeching halt, which screeching is the sound those sinfully selfish scumbags will be making when they find out how severe their punishment will be for employing illegal aliens.

  36. Marsha says:

    IMMEDIATELY STOP FUNDING TO THESE COUNTRIES ! USE THE MONEY TO BUILD THE WALL !! They have no skills, education, can’t speak English !! Procecute any companies or businesses that would even hire them. AMERICANS FIRST – jobless with no compensation, homeless, disaster victims, veterans ! COME LEGALLY!

  37. James P Hutchins says:

    Shut down the border and let Mexico deal with these illegals.

  38. Bill says:

    Let the Democrats each take six a piece to their own homes and feed and clothe and provide medical care for them since they are the ones who want them here. Don’t put that burden on the American taxpayer.

  39. a fool says:

    This is an invetion, it is also the Breaking of Commandments No. TEN! “Thou shalt not covet thou neighbor’s goods!” Every Church Leader in the COUNTRY should be able to clearly sees that! It is not God’swIL! God never force any of HIS HOLY WILL UPON ANYONE! He watch with Just Judement who is lovingly acceptong His LAW and who is not! His just never fails! Either now or at the hour of our death! We are lucky if we face our Just Punishment now! After death means for ever, time nevr ends!! Sacry!!

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      You must be speaking of the minister of that congregation in Philadelphia I believe it is who was harboring an illegal Latino fugitive, damn!, the game has changed so much in the past 10 years illegal aliens from all over Latin America at 1 time it was primarily Mexico and Cuba.

  40. Vincent Cane says:

    If these people have it soooo bad WHY DID THEY COME???????????? Go HOME YOU FOOLS AMERICA DOES NOT WANT OR NEED YOU….

  41. Doris Lauter says:

    We don’t take uninvited or sick people

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