You’ll be speechless when you see what pop star just rejected Joe Biden

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Democrats can usually count on the support of the entertainment industry.

Hollywood is a bedrock of the Left.

But you’ll be speechless when you see what pop star just rejected Joe Biden.

Pop star rejects Biden’s invitation to perform at the White House

Democrats continue to tear themselves apart over the war in Gaza.

The base of the party is pro-Hamas.

But President Joe Biden knows he can’t completely abandon Israel after the October 7 terrorist attack because it won’t play well with swing voters.

His dilemma manifested itself when the White House invited pop star Chappell Roan and she told a massive crowd at the Governor’s Ball that she rejected an invitation to perform at the White House’s pride celebration in protest over Biden’s handling of the war in Gaza.

Roan took the stage painted green like the Statue of Liberty and claimed Biden’s refusal to back a ceasefire – which would leave the terrorist group Hamas in charge of Gaza – was the cause of liberty.

“In response to the White House, who asked me to perform for pride — We want liberty, justice and freedom for all. When you do that, that’s when I’ll come,” Roan declared.

She then claimed that the Emma Lazarus poem on the Statue of Liberty meant America needed to support Palestine. 

“I am in drag of the biggest queen of all,” Roan said to cheers and laughs. “But in case you had forgotten what’s etched on my pretty little toes, ‘Give me your tired, your poor; your huddled masses yearning to breath free.’” 

Roan then lumped in transgenders with the Palestinians on the list of oppressed peoples.

 “That means freedom and trans rights, that means freedom and women’s rights, and it especially means freedom for all people in oppressed” Roan paused before starting to cry “for all oppressed people in occupied territories.”

“Thank you! OK, we’re gonna do ‘Hot to Go!’” Roan concluded.

Biden’s dilemma

In an interview with Time magazine, Biden all but called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a war criminal.

“There is every reason for people to draw that conclusion,” Biden said in response to a question about whether Netanyahu is prolonging the war for his own political benefit.

What terrifies Biden is the more than 100,000 Democrats who voted uncommitted in the Michigan primary in protest over him not backing Hamas’ call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Biden won Michigan by 154,000 votes in 2020.

And his only path to re-election means sweeping the Upper Midwest states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

If those 100,000 Democrats in Michigan stay home or vote third party, Biden’s chances of winning re-election evaporate.

That means he needs to hug Hamas as closely as possible without alienating swing voters.

Pop culture figures like Roan protesting Biden publicly over the war in Gaza shows how difficult this balancing act is.

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