You’ll be speechless when you see what CNN just did to Joe Biden

For two years, Joe Biden had no more loyal ally than CNN.

But then everything changed.

And you’ll be speechless when you see what CNN just did to Joe Biden.

In the final days before the Midterm elections, the media shifted its framing of how it covered Joe Biden.

All of sudden negative stories began popping up.

Disgraced former CNN President Jeff Zucker hired left-wing activist Daniel Dale to fact check every utterance out of Donald Trump’s mouth.

Once Trump left office, Dale shifted to mainly fact checking back bench Republican members of Congress and posting Joe Biden’s White House schedule.

Considering how Biden barely works, that did not take much effort.

But even though Joe Biden spent years lying – he falsely claimed he was arrested going to see Nelson Mandela and fabricated the idea that his son died on the battlefield in Iraq just to name a few – Dale decided now was the time to fact check him.

In the article, Dale called out Biden for lying about gas being $5 a gallon when he took office.

Gas was $2.39 a gallon when Trump left office.

Biden also lied about cutting the deficit in half.

That was not true at all.

The deficit fell in 2021 and 2022 due to the fact that socialist pandemic spending expired like it was scheduled to when Congress passed it into law.

Dale also called out Biden for lying about Donald Trump’s 2017 tax cuts.

Biden fibbed by claiming only the top one percent benefited from Trump’s tax cuts.

In reality, 82 percent of middle class households saw a tax cut and 90 percent of Americans saw an increase in take home pay.

Daniel Dale is not fact checking Joe Biden because he woke up one day and decided to be a real journalist.

Dale is calling out Biden because Democrats figure the Midterm elections are going to be a disaster.

And because Joe Biden is clearly old, senile, and unpopular, Democrats in the media and donor class plan to try and force him to pass on the 2024 race because they don’t think he can win.

By turning up the negative coverage, the press will keep Biden’s approval numbers depressed and leave him no choice but to exit the 2024 race.

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