You’ll be speechless over the one prediction CNN made about Democrats that just came true

CNN viewers were not expecting this.

Leftists don’t tune in to CNN to hear bad news.

And you’ll be speechless over the one prediction CNN made about Democrats that just came true.

CNN political analysts Ron Brownstein is best known for his horrendous demographic analysis.

After the 2012 election, Brownstein claimed the “coalition of the ascendent” – women, minorities, and college-educated whites – would overwhelm the Republican Party for generations.

But Donald Trump not only won in 2016, but in 2020 he also picked up the highest share of the nonwhite vote by any Republican since 1960.

The collapse of the Democrat Party under Joe Biden further made a fool out of Brownstein as Hispanic voters continued to realign with the GOP.

Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies were one of the big causes of this shift in voting patterns.

Heading into the California Primary on June 7, Brownstein offered a warning for Democrats that the defund the police movement, bail reform, and refusal to tackle quality of life issues set up the Left for a massive defeat.

“We got here by higher crime and in many ways, public disorder, even more than changes in the crime rate, public disorder as exemplified by homeless encampments that have taken root around the city in Los Angeles,” Brownstein began.

“In Los Angeles and San Francisco, two of the nation’s most liberal large cities, voters are poised to send stinging messages of discontent over mounting public disorder, as measured in both upticks in certain kinds of crime and pervasive homelessness,” Brownstein added.

“If you are in a position where you have impact on public safety, public safety is part of the job,” Brownstein concluded.

When the votes were counted on Primary night, Brownstein actually had a prediction come true.

Voters in far-Left San Francisco recalled left-wing District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

Boudin entered office in 2019 promoting bail reform, which let criminals back out on the street.

She also refused to prosecute crimes like public urination.

San Francisco turned into a hellscape with homeless people defecating on the streets and crime running rampant.

Videos of smash and grab robberies are also popping up all over social media.

Los Angeles was also the epicenter of a political earthquake.

Billionaire Republican turned Independent Rick Caruso won a plurality in the Mayoral Primary and will now face former Democrat Congresswoman Karen Bass in the November General Election.

Caruso – who picked up endorsements from celebrities like rapper Snoop Dogg – made cracking down on crime and homeless encampments on the streets the centerpiece of his campaign.

Brownstein’s warning that the Left ignored quality of life issues led to one of the stars of George Soros’ push to dismantle the criminal justice system losing his job.

And it could lead to Los Angeles having a Republican Mayor.

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