You won’t guess where a mural depicting Trump’s severed head was painted

Comedienne Kathy Griffin got into hot water after posing with an effigy of President Trump’s bloody head.

Leftists rushed to her defense.

But now some copycats painted a disgusting mural depicting President Trump’s severed and the worst part is where they did it.

A public charter school in Chula Vista, California caused quite a stir after a mural went up outside one of the walls of the school.

The mural depicted President Trump’s severed, bloody head being pierced by a spear.

This wasn’t just some graffiti done by some anti-Trump hooligan.

The school actually promoted an event to complete the mural and several professional artists showed up.

The school claims to have not approved the content, but it let the mural stay up for several days before blocking it with a school bus.

Tommy Ramirez, Director of MAAC Community Charter School issued the following statement:

“We understand that there was a mural painted at the event this past weekend that does not align with our school’s philosophy of non-violence. We have been in communication with the artist – who has agreed to modify the artwork – to better align with the school’s philosophy.”

Not exactly a full-throated apology.

The damage has already been done.

Hollywood celebrities like Kathy Griffin have normalized threatening the president. He’s under constant attack in the press.

It could be only a matter of time before someone turns these threats into an unthinkable action against the president.

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64 Responses

  1. bouboulina says:

    And the FBI is nowhere to be found to take names & investigate everyone involved–instead they are aiding & abetting the failed nobama admin’s attempt to unseat the America-loving duly elected sitting President of the United States of America. Hopefully the western part of the shaking San Andreas fault where the school is located will crack off & sink into the Pacific ocean where it belongs & all the rats involved -legal & illegal–along with it.

  2. Gwyllm says:

    If all the Mexifornia schools are going to turn out are violent, hateful little punks, they need to be closed down until qualified teachers and faculty are hired.

  3. ch says:

    Here is how to contact the school. Each and every one of you who has posted and will post their disgust for this needs to contact the Mexican Ramirez who is running this school. You can’t tell me he didn’t know what was going to be painted. I am sure that mural WAS approved by someone.

  4. Dolores says:

    It’s past time they do something about these people that are disgracing and disfiguring our president. They never did any thing like this about the last so-called president and he was trying to ruin our country, not make it better.

  5. Lloyd says:

    Tomorrow will be the first time I have ever in my fifty two years of voting voted a straight ticket. It will be republican. I am fed up with wasting time trying to find another reason for losing the election. This country could be great but for the losers.

    • Dolores says:

      You are sos right. Wish we could do something about these people that are attacking our President. They are horrible.

  6. Gordon says:

    The mural should be completely painted over, the principal fired, and any artists involved charged with making a threat to the life of the POTUS and taken into Federal custody. It’s time to restore a little law and order in this country.

  7. bill emmert says:

    close the school we don’t need that on our taxpayer property

  8. Burn the f…king place down.

  9. Beverly Ryan says:

    Whom ever painted that picture should be prosecuted and so should those who let it happen ASAP

  10. Herbert Chapman says:

    I didn’t vote for or against it but I believe any body who wishes a President or a Cop dead and post it to the public should be prosecuted and receive prison time. And in this case the school principal should be held responsible for it all because nothing goes on without their say so and if anybody were to destroy it they would for sure to pay for it long before the people who did the work.

  11. Jane C Dewberry says:

    Just imagine the outrage if the mural depicted a decapitated head of one of the Clintons or perhaps, Obama. Those on the liberal progressive side of the aisle would be screaming every vilifying epithet in their verbal arsenal at those “deplorables” who perpetrated such a heinous act. However, you have yet to see those on the conservative bench behaving in such a childish immature manner. Now, you might want to reconsider which political view is the most tolerant and accepting of diversity–especially when it comes to differences of opinion.

  12. Johne Simpson says:

    I am so embarrassed to say I graduated high school and grew up in Chula Vista CA..these were not the way the city behaved at that time..Thanks libtards for ruining another beautiful city in a destroyed liberal run state..

  13. Karin Young says:

    God uses the foolish things to confound the “wise”–and so even our President viewed as foolish is a man God has chosen to point out how foolish this nation has become. Turn from God and that leaves the devil as your master–and we surely are worshiping all that is dark and against our foundational principles.

  14. Ernesto says:

    Sorry!! No apology is needed … reason being … this is and should be a felony … against our government, and should be a punishable act!! And I will say … as all this government people get away with resigning form office, instead of being punished for their act, this sewer crap will keep on happening. Either you all in office do something or get out of office and let someone with balls (Cojones) do the job!!

  15. Mead Carlson says:

    Imagine if someone die that to Obama

  16. Grizz Mann says:

    The love of the Common Core Democrats is unfathomable.

  17. Sanjosemike says:

    This exemplifies clearly that Leftism Is a mental disorder.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

    • Shelba J Holmes says:

      It is absolutely a mental disorder. Their minds are so warped that they can make something vile and bizarre out of a bowl of ice cream. If we do not get the left wing nut jobs out of the schools in this country we are going to have to open up some massive mental hospitals to handle the insanity they are creating in our children. This disturbs me far more that anything North Korea is doing right now.

  18. Dennis Smith says:

    we are so lucky to not have anyone else as our POTUS He has done more in one year than Obama in 8!

  19. john431 says:

    I remember that not to long ago it was considered against the law to make threats against the POTUS. When did the law change?

    • Harry says:

      The law changed when Trump was elected. You couldn’t call Barry a Shoe shine boy, without the blacks, browns, and dickhead White Liberal Traitors to the Republic, rioting, and marching in the streets, as if you had attacked GOD, a Saint, or a Church. He is a Muslim Communist that deserves no respect after destroying this Country, its morality, or what was left of it, its Military, by letting Transwhatevers in the Service, and by abandoning our Allies, in pursuit of friendly relations with avowed, and dedicated Enemies of our Country.

      • Aj says:

        Amen brother! Sadly you are correct but hopefully this total disrespect for President Trump will disappear as Obimbo’s legacy does!!!

      • Army Brat says:

        Get over yourself!!!!! And you live in my country? Get the hell out.Trump will get 8 years, because we the people spoke, and were heard . It is what it is MOVE ON OR MOVE OUT! He won fair and square, it’s not his fault that certain people are in denial, your one of them! FY!!!!!!

      • Army Brat says:

        You too, move on or move out, he is Not a communist of any country, he IS Commander in Chief, why don’t you and your friend below get the hell out. Let’s see how you do living in another country, your own. Your NOT entitled, your NOT special, regardless of what the dems promised, Our president IS for our country!!!! You and California need to be removed from the equation. FY!!!!!! bye, and don’t let the door slam you in your stupid head on the way out! Our president deserves much respect and recognition for all his efforts. He should be president for the rest of his life! Now there’s a thought, nice way to drain the swamp that don’t belong here!!!!!!

        • Army Brat says:

          the two comments above are for Harry and AJ.

          • Leslie Miller says:

            you are attacking people that are saying that President Trump is right and is being attacked , while you say the same thing they are saying. I don’t understand. I voted for President Trump and as of right now, I will vote for him again. I feel that he is doing an outstanding job, in spite of the opposition to what he is trying to accomplish from both sides. I hope he is able to DRAIN THE SWAMP! GO, PRESIDENT TRUMP!

        • Harry says:

          Shut the hell up, and read what I wrote, over, again. Barry is Muslim, and a Communist, and ruined this Country over eight long years that he was in the White House. Judging by your comments, you sound like a Barry and Michelle supporter. If you are, you can feel free to leave this Country. Stop running your mouth, and judging people before you get all the facts.

  20. VF says:

    The schools and any other entity receiving federal monies of any kind should be cut off. Period, no warning, ended of story with absolutely no chance of ever getting back on the taxpayer tit.

  21. ALANA LENDVAY says:

    this isn’t freedom of speech…but freedom of hate! I’m fed up with all this and can only hope DC grows some balls and gets out there and does something about this and all this kind of crap we’re putting up with. I’M TIRED OF PRESIDENT TRUMP CONSTANTLY HAVING TO DEFEND HIMSELF AND HOPEFULLY, THE PEOPLE … WE VOTERS…WILL PUT AN END TO THIS ..ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

  22. Charlie says:

    As fast as mural was painted the mural should of been removed by another layer of paint even faster than said mural was pained . Even if it was not the POTUS depicted if mural was of Joe Blow from Windy City said mural would be offensive , the USA is not some third world nation this kind of crap needs to freaking stop !

    • Harry says:

      As long as we are neck deep in black and brown sludge, while constantly allowing more to come over the border, or importing them for these So-called Christian Charities to resettle their savage asses in our Nation, it will continue to descend into a Third World Country. We will be the Brazil of North America. Good job, Liberals. Thanks for standing against this, and stopping it, Conservatives.

      • True Believer says:

        Don’t you love those Christian so called charities! They get $2k after expenses for every illegal or whatever you want to call them that they resettle. No bad for a days work! And TAX FREE

  23. Cal Sibert says:

    They should lose their accreditation immediately.

    • Don King says:

      What credibility? You’re talking about a California public school. Responsibility and credibility is not taught there.

      • Harry says:

        The only thing these “students” know how to do is fill out the forms for Welfare, Food Stamps, and Section 8 Housing. These Illegal Aliens are also given Driver’s licenses by the idiots running California, for which they could never pass a Road Test; the same Road Test all Americans have to pass in their home States. These are the same Drivers that run White people down, especially children, while driving drunk. Then they cram 15 of their family and friends into their low riders, and if they can keep it between the lines on the road, take the whole horde of them to Vote in the County, State, and Federal Elections. What a Country! So long, America. You were fun while you lasted.

  24. Dr Rose Sharon says:

    The school should also be taken to court to ensure that such nonsense does not repeat again

  25. Deb says:

    So this is how they treat our president? Champion of they’re fn’ charter schools? No funding/vouchers for you! Imagine if this was of Big O? The “artist” would have been strung up.

  26. HARRY says:


  27. Sally says:

    Our nation is dying. Very sad. Just goes to prove, Common Sense is NOT common. The liberals are vengeful, hate filled, baby murders who sat silent as obummer destroyed our nation as fast as he could, and michelle calls herself our forever first lady! I cant wait to forget she ever existed.

  28. Pete Grave says:

    The very fact that anyone would take the time to do a disgusting mural like this about anyone even North Koreas Kim shows the level of Mental Issues the artist has. This is a painting of a sick mind. If anyone Liberal or not supports it they need Mental help also. Is this what the USA has come to? Does anyone want their kids to grow up thinking this is proper? Mass shootings come from where? SAD SAD SAD!!!!!

    • True Believer says:

      You want to know where this all comes from. Just look around of what the children of today are emulating and their parents are letting them. Everything Satanic, black fingernail polish, black lipstick, purple hair, tatoos all over their bodies. There is nothing beautiful about any of this and then look at our first lady. Wow, skirts and dresses at an elegant length, not up to her crotch. I have always tried to look nice for my husband because that is what he demanded. Our children look decent also, not satanic – that is what happens when you take God out of everything. I don’t know the answer because it has gone so far. No father’s in the home for the kids to look up to. Disgusting. We were much better off when we didn’t have any welfare and children were raised in Children’s homes. When I was young, I lived across the street from the Clark County children’s home, played in their play yard, went to school with them. Awesome kids. The boys had to take care of the farm and the animals, the girls had to run the laundry and everyone cleaned, just like living in a real home. They had a theater where they would put on performances and every summer would have a lawn fete. Don’t even hear that word anymore do you?

      • Johne Simpson says:

        Welcome to the 19 the century..where have you been the last 100’re complaints about our society today is so out dated..maybe you should have been a better parent..THINK ABOUT IT

  29. Joe says:

    Think they should take down Kalifornia

  30. Llp says:

    I’m surprised someone hasn’t thrown a gallon of paint over this disgusting painting.


      Where is the police or the secret service, this is definatly a left wing liberal hate display. Law enforcement goes crazy if someone paints a swatstika, why isn’t this in the same catagory.

  31. CaptTurbo says:

    Take down the mural? They should take down the school!

  32. ronald fischer says:

    These Democrats and there insane uneducated Liberals in our country most come to a end for once and for all.This is what the SS Democrats have put in the heads of these Mental ill Liberals in the schools of CALIF.WE THE PEOPLE not the Liberals or the SS Democrats that have started a (COUP) since our President got into our White House this was all planned in case Top Secret(Killaery) lost,these kind of people are nothing but a bunch of Traitors against our country and the Republicans that voted for our President.This is worst then i thought it would be this is nothing but Treason against our Nation that has been going on for the 8 years under the Kenyan Immigrant that had the nerve to call himself a American what he really did was comment (TYRANNY) upon our country that remind me of a guy named Hitler that the SS Democrats are doing in our country which are really called the Dictators that are trying like hell to do to the people in our country.And WE THE PEOPLE must stand together to put these kind of Traitors out of business in any high office of our Government ever again and keep them out of our Congress.House,and most of all get them the hell out of our Senate come NOV. or else this country will become the worst you have seen since 2009 till 2016 these SS Democrats are the most Dangerous people i have ever seen in the history of the United States Of America like i said this is nothing but a (COUP) against our country and the people to try and take over our country in anyway possible dose are the real enemies within our own Government called the SS Democrat Nazi Party.

    • Sally says:

      Very well put, Ronald Fischer! i believe you are absolutely correct. I further believe God himself put President Trump in office and NO democrat will be able to take him down. Thank You, Lord!

  33. True Believer says:

    Then they wonder why the insane try to kill students, blow up bars etc. They get the ideas from violent games they play, television and now paintings. Wonder who paid for this ? that would be interesting. I didn’t even have to wonder where this took place. Knew immediately. The land of fruits, nuts, and communists.

  34. Jeff says:

    It is complete crap that this was allowed to happen in the first place, these crybaby libtards need to get over it, we endured 8 yrs of obummer and in 8 years I don’t think he endured half as much BS as President Trump has dealt with in a little over a year.

  35. Arthur Frank says:

    Fire all of the school administrators and cut off all Federal school aid to them.

    • Gilbert Levy says:

      Completely agree with you.In addition, after they take those actions, this building should be replaced by a mental institution.

  36. Joanna says:

    Just another day in cali where they should let pres of mexico run it…and of course its on school grounds and so school should have removed it….but if people want to seperate itself from liberal loons then something needs to be done..

  37. Mike says:

    Only in America is this behavior tolerated! Try this in Mexico or NK!!

    Why hasn’t a defender of the American way destroyed this garbage? Attack it with paint balls or something!

  38. Mike H says:

    So is this the direction the country wants to go? Only one side nothing else matters I guess right.

  39. Mike H says:

    Can you imagine the outrage If this was Obama.

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