You won’t believe why the ACLU just issued a travel ban to Florida

The far-left ACLU is working overtime opposing President Trump.

As a so-called “civil liberties group,” they’re instead taking a partisan stance against everything Trump stands for.

And you won’t believe why they just issued a travel ban on Florida.

The midterm elections rocked the Democrat Party across the country, with Florida being perhaps their biggest loss of all.

With the election of Ron DeSantis as Governor, Trump brought in his biggest state-level win since taking office.

DeSantis was endorsed by Trump and pledged to support the President’s agenda if elected.

He’s already following through on his promise with the introduction of a bill to ban so-called “Sanctuary Cities” in Florida.

Both state houses will consider the bill in the coming weeks.

But the left is already losing their minds.

And the ACLU has issued a de facto travel ban, warning “immigrants and people of color to use extreme caution” in the state.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The American Civil Liberties Union has issued a travel advisory for “immigrants and people of color to use extreme caution” in Florida because of a pending immigration bill the state legislature is considering that would ban so-called sanctuary cities.

The Florida Legislature has advanced legislation that would require local law enforcement to work with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in detaining undocumented immigrants.

Both of Florida’s legislative chambers are expected to consider the measure in the coming weeks.

The ACLU is opposed to the bill, which they have argued would “trample on the civil rights and liberties of actual or perceived immigrants.”

The ACLU’s move is an example of Trump Derangement Syndrome at its worst.

With Florida having 700,000 illegal aliens in the state, it is a necessary move that will only affect those who are in the state illegally, avoiding punishment due to residing in a city that defies federal immigration laws.

If anything, this proposal will make the state a safer place for travel.

But the ACLU seems to support the rights of illegal aliens more than American citizens.


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97 Responses

  1. I feel the need to remind everyone about nancy pelosi who is a direct accessory to the Murder of Corporal Ronil Singh in Newman California by an illegal alien. A police man who earned his citizenship and leaves behind a 7 month old child. She (pelosi) supports the enforcement of the sanctuary state. I will soon live in Florida and i will celebrate the removal of such an idea as a sanctuary for criminals.

  2. Stephen says:

    Remember when Sheriff Joe tried to enforce Immigration Law cuz the Feds under Obummer were not? Sheriff Joe was gaslighted by Obummer’s Administration for stepping on their toes and playing in their turf. Now in the Age of Trump, the Dems are trying to drive policy in the opposite direction. Amazing hypocrisy!

  3. Kamkoz says:

    Legitimate question. No spam please.
    How can an individual, who is not a “legal” citizen, be granted the same rights and priveledges that a “legal” citizen of the United States has?
    If this is not true, which I’m certain they are not covered under such laws, how can these “lawyers” argue the point in a court of law in the United States, which is intended to facilitate American citizens ?

  4. Ronald C Watt says:

    Not only punished but very, very severely and removed from office immediately.

  5. Phil says:

    The ACLU should be classified as a terrorist organization.

  6. Robert Higginbotham says:

    The ACLU (American Criminal Liberties Union) is a soulless group of second rate lawyers that couldn’t find any work in the private sector. They are rapidly becoming an impotent organization as more and more people realize they are not what they claim. Ron DeSantis s a star in the republican world for what he is doing to thwart the attempts by the anti-American left to make Florida a sanctuary state.

  7. Myron LeAnna says:

    Using the McCarran-Walter Act that President Truman pushed through Congress is 1952, politicians who knowingly assists an illegal alien are committing a felony. Politicians who create sanctuary cities and states can be sued by those injured for compensation.

  8. Philip Simon says:

    The ACLU should ban its self and do not travel, you lawyers got things screwed up. If you fly by plane, it might go round and round it flys, nobody knows if it will land, a law would have to be found.

  9. Gregory Sullivan says:

    I am at a total loss as to why Donald Trump won’t cut off federal funding to this organisation of anti-american anti-white male SOB’s. He should reinstate the old house on anti-american activities list when it was implemented back in the 40’s and 50’s by then senator and anti-communist Joseph McCarthy.I

  10. ANI4ANI says:

    My former home state is overrun with ms13,pekka headed governor & now wishes 2 pay college 4 invading illegals. Guess what state that is, Hint the French lady in the harbor of it’s largest city is trying 2 hide her face under her gown from shame. Florida is going 2b a better place if the targeted groups follow the aclu advise.

  11. vino says:

    aclu is a pack of America haters masquerading as fighters for liberty, all the while pushing rancid putrid leftist bull dung

  12. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Trump should issue a travel ban on anyone that tries to visit any ACLU offices worldwide.

  13. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Makes one wish that one of the 9/11 hijackers would have crashed one of their planes into the national headquarters of the ACLU. But it’s only wishful thinking on my part as they are strong supporters of that communist organization.

  14. Twykes says:

    Just saw on tv..trump suggested sending illegals to sanctuary
    Cities…guess who was the first to object…well, of course it was
    Nancy Pelosi !! Pres trump I think San Francisco is the perfect
    Place to start sending illegals

  15. Lee says:

    Best idea yet was to send ALL illegal migs to Santuary Cities where they can achieve the complete protection they so justly deserve!

  16. Rickster says:

    How would you survive when Florida is all tourism, bars,and car lots! And lots of laws! South Florida is all Cuban and India store owners! If nobody came to visit what would it turn into! Americans that is! Not illegal imigrates,. They need to go home! People who come here need to have a good reason to be here! normal hard working people not asking for help! When I lived in Florida for 30 years snow birds didnt bother me as much as gay conventions staying for a month in condos in may and Sept. Months leaving there crap all over town and public displays of what they do in bars, elevators ,pools and public places! Not counting the ER with things stuck in there ass!! We sure dont need illegals in those places!! Should send border jumpers and camel jockeys to north pole for a trial run with democrap watchers! This is good! Illegals stay away!

  17. Mitch Bernat says:

    Where is the ACLU during the past 2 years plus???

  18. Nathan Paris says:

    Well, if the ACLU wants to stop there troubled/criminal behavioral people from entering Florida——–GREAT! I bet the citizens of Florida will love that. Crime will plummet, people won’t be as concerned about being mugged, bingo halls safer. This is just what Florida needs. Now if we could just get the ACLU out of the rest of the Country? That would be even GREATER!

    • Truckman says:

      I have been here my whole life and I would sure be happy to get rid of them and the gays I live in the north central part and will not go further south than Gainsville and always carrying protection knew the fellow used to live in Miami his last straw staying was got up one morning and the body was laying in his front yard that was back in the late 90s did not take him long to move to north Fl.

  19. Blue says:

    The Badge of Honor goes to those banned by the aclu!

  20. Rickster says:

    They should secretly sterilize all illegals coming across borders so they dont reproduce! Ship them back and fine George Soro’s for each one a million dollars! Need to make Mexico accountable for each one that crosses!

  21. John NIce says:

    When will we wake up and realize that the ACLU is the legal arm of the left (call it what it is – the Communist Party USA). They are all about promoting anti-Constitution, anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-Bill of Rights, anti-law abiding American citizens and anti anything or anybody else that does not support their far left, Communistic ideology.

  22. Viet Vet says:

    The ACLU is a communist front. It was created by communist, Roger Baldwin (who said: communism is the goal) on the heels of the bolshevik revolution. I can’t believe what’s going on in this country and what the hell it’s going to take to set off the civil war.

  23. Kat says:

    All states should ban Sanctuary Cities and send in the national guard to do a neighborhood sweep and round up. Like Texas has a rattlesnake roundup this would be an illegal immigrant round up, Load them all up on buses and take them across the border and let them out. Take their names and fingerprints and because they broke the law coming here put them on a list of never receiving citizenship.

    • Rickster says:

      Take them far away as possible! Dont make it easy for them! Anything you haul them in will be deemed un safe! Furthest point in Venezuela! Africa or Syria maybe, something with ocean in between!! Old 747s in middle of ocean sinking!

    • Tony Bell says:

      Get DNA samples also. Since they are criminals the statute allows DNA collection.

  24. Gregory Sullivan says:

    The “ACLU” was founded by the communist party USA in the 1920’S with blessings from the former Soviet Union to use our constitution against us to impose communism on our country. A prime example of this is the “Separation of Church and State” that they support crap that forces all government owned property to take down all or any religious references to anything. The Federal government funds this communist organization forty million dollars a year which should be cut off by the Trump Administration. I have found only a few private donors to this unamerican organisation . One of them is “Newmans Own” products that I’m proud to boycott.

  25. Well you piece of crap ! I will enlighten your uneducated ignorant self. I worked while I went to school for years! I kept myself up and in the process had a nice custom 2,800 sq,. ft. home built. And, I did not ask for someone to keep me up! As a military wife I helped with my very sick husband until his death. I resent you and your cheap totally ignorant behind to make such a statement. As a really nice person in a 8 degree profession I believe I could do you some bending. You do NOT want to run that mouth of yours. You listen up you bobwired creep I, am in the south! I am 50% American Indian and, I ,think it is time for your stupid unwelcomed sorry rear-end to hitch it up and, leave our American ,Soil! Do you think I or, any REPUBLICAN believes you or, respects you? No! You are natural born thieves, trashy living junking everything up as you go and believe you sorry good knife whacking character is wanted here with a army of kids with everything but your buts hanging out of junky cars and or busses. You live like animals with 30 people in a 2- bedroom plywood shack. If you aren’t committing crimes you aren’t living. Go home! Or can you without going to jail? You are guilty as sure as the day has 24-hours in it. You get no sympathy from me and nothing else if, I could voice my opinion. And you had better watch who your low I.Q.ed brain has room for calling one of those one ,” hillbillies”. The SOUTH will do you in fool.! ! ! Urchin!

    • Nan Fagan says:

      Those liberals, leftists, and Democrats want Trump and Pence out of office simply because they don’t like what they stand for. Trump doesn’t want illegal immigrants in this country. He wants immigrants to come into this country legally and to abide by our laws. If they can’t, they shouldn’t be here.

      • Pamela says:

        Nan Fagan, I totally agree with President Trump and his VP, Pence. The illegal immigrants need to follow the LAWS OF OUR LAND and come into this country LEGALLY. We cannot afford to support all these people and their GD children. It is unfair to the American citizens, especially when we have citizens of this country that are struggling to survive and we are letting all these illegals into our cities and supporting their asses with EVERYTHING. The DEMORATS have their brains in their ASS. The are just plain IGNORANT and need to abide by our laws of the USA.

      • Kamkoz says:

        There are two in Congress , as we speak, that don’t feel they need to abide by our constitution and laws. Why should anyone listen? They couldn’t even be sworn in on the Bible, and remove their headgear as has been a congressional law since I don’t know when. But it changed for them. No One is going to listen until the government stops letting them get away with garbage under the disguise of progrssion.

  26. Ingram says:

    You are sending me too much e mails

  27. Nan E. Fagan says:

    The ACLU has gone way too far! Trump wants immigrants to come into this legally and abide by our laws! THE ACLU NEEDS TO GO!

  28. George says:

    Does anyone even care what the ACLU says anymore? They lost all credibility when they became a radical left

    • Paulette Russell says:

      So true!
      Why can’t the Libs get over the fact that HRC lost the election.
      Time to forget about it and get back to governing!

      • Rickster says:

        If theyd hang her in Gitmo like they should ,with Soros and Obama, maybe theyd accept the fact shes not worth it! Corrupt ass democraps.

      • Herbert Lubitz says:

        What I want to know, is if the Democrats wasted two years trying to impeach trump and unseat him, What were they doing in that time that actually did any work for the PEOPLE? We Americans paid for their services and we see that they have not done one single thing for the People in any State other than Californication, or New Dork, Or New Jerkoff, or sick car go. What did they get paid to do other than try to take our Vote for President Trump, and unseat him for Clitoris Hillary half ass. We did not get our services rendered refunds, from all these Democrats that got paid. They don nothing for America but try to take our Constitutional rights away so the can continue the Slavery market. They used the blacks for a hundred years, and then used them for their votes to get the good seats on the slave ships from Africa. And may I remind all of you that the Democrats have been control of the Slave market for 200 years. The Clinton’s and Obama’s love keeping the people under their control and have lost it when I would Call President Captain America, saving us from tyranny.

  29. LeeLee says:

    I just knew Ron DeSantis would be a great governor!!

  30. Wayne says:

    One more example of the Democraps and their liberal B.S. that is destroying this country!
    All Democrats that do things to destroy the US should be jailed for Treason!

  31. Willy says:

    ACLU…An incorrect Logo for a group of ” Scholarly, Out of Touch Dopes” Would be totally embarrassed to have the slightest assn. with any of them. I would think “American” Means Us/Citizens. Time for them to Take A Hike as they certainly don’t act for our good.

  32. Allen says:

    Why does this organization of wanna be lawyers still exit? They are so anti American . They should take the American out of their name. It’s an oxymoron.

  33. Tom says:

    Aren’t the ACLU composed of child molesters?

  34. Nunyer Binnis says:

    GOOD! Issue a travel ban for all 50 states. Invaders go home, or anywhere but here. Try Cuba.

  35. robert says:

    I believe the ACLU is a terrorist group.

  36. Linda says:

    If Florida has 700,000 imagine if each state ends up with that many. That would be That would mean close to 35,000,000 in this country. (That we know of) That is one helluva lot of illegals.

    • D.A.N. says:

      Many of those 700,000 are kids who are located about 8 miles from me. Debbie ( the Dingbat ) Schultz and Donna Shalala tried to get in to see them the other day but were turned away. Schultz then complained on local tv. ICE told them that they had to give advance notice if they expected to get in and she said she wrote the law and that they could visit any time. The men with the badges won, at least on this round.

  37. Joe M says:

    Not only politicians but any federal judge that violates the constitution in performance of their sworn duties.

  38. Dewey says:

    Send the overflow of immigrants to these sanctuary city’s. Absolutely brilliant! Absolutely brilliant. Let Communist Big Bird handle the problem. He is one that wants NYC to be a sanctuary city!
    I don’t understand any positive of a sanctuary city.

    • most Dems are EVIL Liars says:

      especially oakland co.. the mayor says they have no crime. stistically the crime rate there is
      145% higher than the whole state and 185% higher than the nation. she says the ileges is what makes it safer. they are the ones that commits over half the crimes there. Lying Turd!

  39. Mansa Dumbre says:

    “Use extreme caution”? This is much too lax a warning. Better yet: “stay there heck out of our great state of Florida”.

    • So,are you legal? It certainly does not sound as so. I very much doubt it. I am 50/00 American Indian. Who are you? You GET OUT. I am more an owner than you will ever be. Take those faulty, phony papers and leave. You and the rest are will be caught. We are coming to get you. You need to use caution. We will see.

  40. Brian says:

    While at one time the ACLU actually did some good, those times are long gone and they need to be done away with. This is just the exact opposite of what they need to be doing. That or change their name because what they are doing, catering to illegal aliens and corrupt politicians is not American.

  41. Dawn Vanorsdale says:

    I’M GOING TO FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. David says:

    Maybe that is what all states that don’t want to be sanctuary states or have sanctuary cities should do. And by the way, it would not affect all immigrants, only ILLEGAL ones who are not supposed to be here anyway.

    • T. Bell says:

      Hope it affects the annual “Snowbirds” too. Wish they ALL would stay home every winter.

      • Some own homes there tinker bell.

      • Rickster says:

        How would you survive when Florida is all tourism, bars,and car lots! And lots of laws! South Florida is all Cuban and India store owners! If nobody came to visit what would it turn into! Americans that is! Not illegal imigrates,. They need to go home! People who come here need to have a good reason to be here! normal hard working people not asking for help! When I lived in Florida for 30 years snow birds didnt bother me as much as gay conventions staying for a month in condos in may and Sept. Months leaving there crap all over town and public displays of what they do in bars, elevators ,pools and public places! Not counting the ER with things stuck in there ass!! We sure dont need illegals in those places!! Should send border jumpers and camel jockeys to north pole for a trail run with democrap watchers!

  43. Larry says:

    The Racist ACLU does not have the authority to post and try to enforce a travel ban to anywhere

  44. Brian says:

    Time to investigate their tax exempt status. They have already refused to represent Christians and Jews in various complaints. Refusal to protect all violate their name premise, American Civil Liberties Union.

  45. Russell Fowler says:

    Illegals are also a drain on our Welfare and Social Security.

    • Cheryl Hargiss says:

      very true, Russell

    • LeeLee says:

      Can u please tell me why our country offers all these incentives to illegals? I bet if they didn’t get free housing, food, medical, schooling they might stay where they belong, in their own country.

      • Most Dems are EVIL Liars says:

        check with the libturds on that one. future voters.

      • Probably not going to stay in their country LeeLee. They are to sorry to work and the government will not feed them and ,hope they die to take up less air and, space. It would be interesting to know how many of then have had their papers made for a price. The papers look actually as a ruse SASE. The forgers were caught in, Dalton, Georgia. All were illegal Mexicans. They moved in like ant farms by the hundreds.

  46. Karin says:

    I Remember when ACLU was American Civil Liberties Union. When did they change? Sounds like now it is the All Civil Liberty except Americans Union. SPLC is another one that has forgotten their place.

  47. George says:

    I am sick and tired of illegal immigrants, especially those who are hired for pennies on the dollar and take jobs from legal citizens, all the while sending most of the dollars out of the USA.

    • George , me also. I am just plain tired of it all. Food, housing, welfare, clothes, cash, and I am sick of it. We have enough sorry people that will not work.We need to buy land(it will be cheaper) and send them all to that place where they will learn to fin for themselves. I am sick of finning for me and every foreigner that comes strolling by. We do not go there looking for FREEBIES. THERE ARE NONE. Does that tell everyone what they are ? And what they think? Wait until your back is turned and see if they don’t stab you in the back. That is character inbred.

  48. Blue says:

    I don’t know which is worse the aclu or the splc, terrible groups!

  49. Pat says:

    Does they honestly think the American People are going to listen to them, This go around they may really find out what WE THE PEOPLE really want and it sure the hell isn’t them and what they stand for .We have your back PRESIDENT TRUMP!

  50. Nathan Paris says:

    Sanctuary cities are nothing more than safe-havens for criminals. They are going to bite each state that has them in the rear-end! The attempt of making Florida a sanctuary state will drive all retirees out as the crime rate goes up.
    When criminals in these sanctuary states are protected in one way or another from state/local authorities in regards to I.C.E.? Those who have intervened should also be prosecuted by I.C.E. it’s aiding and abeding/obstruction of justice!

  51. Jim says:

    It’s time for the American public the citizens to stand up to these people that are trying to destroy our country. It’s time and it’s time now not later.Slandering real Americans and our current president should not be tolerated it sure would not have been with Obama.If this group was all wearing Trump hats do you think the media would say anything think about it.

  52. Raymond A Martucci says:

    There going to be any kind of ban is from this fake American group from traveling outside of California they try and fly out of California they get sued. There also needs to be a ban on democracts from making anymore decisions this group needs to take their job and go to a democract control country like Cuba Venezuela.

    • Rickster says:

      I dont see anything wrong with this bill!! By all means keep illegals out of Florida! This is a good thing! No sanctuary citys is way it should be! Round them up and deport!! Theyll steal people blind!

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