You won’t believe why Donald Trump is the biggest threat to the new world order

Photo by Trump White House Archive, Public Domain, via Flickr

Donald Trump could very well win re-election later this year.

Global elites are panicked and have a plan to stop him.

And you won’t believe why Donald Trump is the biggest threat to the new world order.

The globalists gathered in Davos for the World Economic Forum.

This meeting of top political, media, and business leaders is a gathering straight out of a James Bond movie where the tippy top of the leadership pyramid hatch plans to impose schemes such as forcing people to eat bugs as a replacement for meat and the “Great Reset,” which is a plan to replace capitalism with global socialism in the name of fighting climate change.

This year the grand poohbahs of the new world order had one man on their mind – former President Donald Trump.

European Commission (EC) President Ursula von der Leyen set the tone by claiming that “misinformation” was the biggest threat facing the planet in 2024.

“For the global business community, the top concern for the next two years is not conflict or climate, it is disinformation and misinformation, followed closely by polarization within our societies,” von der Leyen declared.

This, of course, is referring to Donald Trump and his Presidential campaign.

He opposes open borders, the Green New Deal, and the war in Ukraine.

All three are sources of power and wealth for the globalist elite.

And the bigwigs at Davos consider any opinion that opposes their agenda “misinformation” and thus worthy of censorship.

But to get around First Amendment protections in the United States, the attendees at Davos have an underhanded plan in mind – bankrupting conservative news sites by choking off advertising dollars.

The Biden administration helped fund the Global Disinformation Index which created blacklists of conservative news outlets so companies could block their ads from appearing on websites that debunked the Left’s narratives on the economy, crime, climate, and immigration among other issues.

“Disinformation makes money and we need to follow that money and we need to work with, in particular, the global advertising industry,” Internews President and CEO Jeanne Bourgault declared. “A lot of those dollars go to pretty bad content. So you can work really hard on exclusion lists or inclusion lists just to really try to … focus their ad dollars toward the good news and information. The accurate and relevant news and information.”

Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) CEO Alexandra Reeve Givens complained that social media companies like Facebook and X weren’t doing enough to censor the internet.

“We’re in this bizarre environment where right as the threats are ticking up, the investments in actually doing the day-to-day work of online trust and safety for our information environment is being scaled back and is under attack,” Givens whined. “We have to have the social media companies keep up the work.”

The Left believes censorship is critical to their ability to defeat Trump.

The crowd at Davos is worried if the American people can access news sites that cut through the Left’s propaganda, lies, hoaxes, and conspiracy theories then Trump can win re-election.

That’s why so much of the talk at Davos focused on internet censorship and blacklisting conservative news sites.

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