You won’t believe why Democrats are impeaching Donald Trump

Democrats like Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demanded Congress impeach Donald Trump from day one.

But this quest just took a bizarre turn for the worse.

And you won’t believe why Democrats are impeaching Donald Trump.

Texas Congressman Al Green forced a vote on an impeachment motion claiming Trump should be removed from office over his supposedly “racist” tweets about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.

The motion failed when just 95 Democrats voted in favor of it.

But Green told MSNBC that Trump has to be removed from office or physical harm will befall Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, or another Democrat in Congress.

Breitbart reports:

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) on Thursday declared that he will be “marching on until victory is won” on impeaching President Donald Trump a day after the House tabled his impeachment resolution, which Green suggested is needed so that members of Congress are not harmed.

Green boasted that he got 95 Democrats to support moving forward with his impeachment resolution, which he said was up from 58 the first time he introduced articles of impeachment in 2017 and 66 the second time in 2018.

“We are marching on to 212,” Green said. “We are marching on until victory is won.”

Green, who has also said that the House should impeach Trump to “punish” the president, urged House members to vote against Trump’s “bigotry and hate” days after he said Trump’s tweets about the “Squad” and his words could incite or “cause others to act.”

The Texas Democrat told MSNBC this week that the first thing he sees when he enters his office is now with an officer with a gun. He said he had never had to have such security measures “before the president… started his rants.”

This is a provable lie.

Fox News Channel’s Chad Pergram reported that the Captiol Police’s threat assessment for “The Squad” was actually lower than other members of Congress.

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75 Responses

  1. vicky Huss says:


  2. Derrick Pearce says:

    got that right, your democrats are making fools of the usa

  3. Dumbar and AOC are in trouble for what comes out of their mouths not from Trump tweets. I’m not sure they even believe what they say, are paid to say it, or what but they need to be prepared to suffer the consequences for their actions. They spew hate as if we all feel that way but guess what……WE DON’T. If they don’t like the good ole USA they can GET OUT AND STAY OUT!!!!

  4. John says:

    Green could be correct in saying that some Democrat, AOC or Omar or even another Dem, could be injured or killed. The Democrat Party is very capable of producing the evidence necessary to corroborate his claim.

  5. Vietnam Vet says:

    Al Green thinks he needs an armed guard, but he thinks you or I shouldn’t a gun? What’s wrong with this guy? The government won’t get armed guards for us. Typical demo-rat !!!

  6. Cheryl says:

    Green has always been a lying, racist, scum bag. Nothing has changed. shows you the class of asses that voted him in. How delusional do you have to be to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result?

  7. William says:

    What do you mean, as Green is one of the SMARTER ones in Congress. But, what does that say about the other members of Congress?

  8. James A Langham says:


  9. Vickie Ross says:

    It is time to sign this petition. It is to get Cortez,Omar and Tiliab out of office . Need a million signatures.

  10. Christel says:

    They want our duly elected President Trump gone…..because they can not continue their communist approach to everything. The ‘left’ has a big number of registered Communists…sitting IN Congress NOW under the DNC! Google gave me 82….several months ago it gave me ALL the names that have now been removed????☹️ Check for yourselves! So if you’re one if those control freaks that love Communism…you are on your way to destruction of AMERICA????????☹️???????????????? Hope you live long enough to regret that!

  11. Shirley Freeland says:

    Wasn’t our tax money used to pay off Al Green’s sex offenses to women in Congress. He should be impeached for that along with the others.

  12. Robert says:

    al Green is not welcome at my home in Texas .

  13. Ellender says:

    AMEN .

  14. Larry says:

    Al Green is so ignorant and stupid. He does not belong in Congress

  15. Jesse says:

    Freen should be tossed from office for IGNORANCE that applies to every Democrap in DC because NONE of them know how to do their job. Just look at the IGNORANCE called the Stimulus Package and then there is OBOZOCARE. Neither bill was written much less read before the Democraps voted on them then they were shocked when thing were put in by their aides they claimed would not be in the bill. What Trump said was not RACIST he just told the TRUTH those 4 HATE America and should clean up where they live before trying to cleanup America. Only one of the so called squad is not American and the three that are come from some pretty bad crime filled neighborhoods. If they can fix those places then they might be able to fix DC but not until then. As for Omar she should be sent back to where she came given her long list of Crimes and NEVER be allowed back into this Nation.

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