You won’t believe why Democrats are impeaching Donald Trump

Democrats like Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demanded Congress impeach Donald Trump from day one.

But this quest just took a bizarre turn for the worse.

And you won’t believe why Democrats are impeaching Donald Trump.

Texas Congressman Al Green forced a vote on an impeachment motion claiming Trump should be removed from office over his supposedly “racist” tweets about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.

The motion failed when just 95 Democrats voted in favor of it.

But Green told MSNBC that Trump has to be removed from office or physical harm will befall Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, or another Democrat in Congress.

Breitbart reports:

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) on Thursday declared that he will be “marching on until victory is won” on impeaching President Donald Trump a day after the House tabled his impeachment resolution, which Green suggested is needed so that members of Congress are not harmed.

Green boasted that he got 95 Democrats to support moving forward with his impeachment resolution, which he said was up from 58 the first time he introduced articles of impeachment in 2017 and 66 the second time in 2018.

“We are marching on to 212,” Green said. “We are marching on until victory is won.”

Green, who has also said that the House should impeach Trump to “punish” the president, urged House members to vote against Trump’s “bigotry and hate” days after he said Trump’s tweets about the “Squad” and his words could incite or “cause others to act.”

The Texas Democrat told MSNBC this week that the first thing he sees when he enters his office is now with an officer with a gun. He said he had never had to have such security measures “before the president… started his rants.”

This is a provable lie.

Fox News Channel’s Chad Pergram reported that the Captiol Police’s threat assessment for “The Squad” was actually lower than other members of Congress.


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75 Responses

  1. Dumbar and AOC are in trouble for what comes out of their mouths not from Trump tweets. I’m not sure they even believe what they say, are paid to say it, or what but they need to be prepared to suffer the consequences for their actions. They spew hate as if we all feel that way but guess what……WE DON’T. If they don’t like the good ole USA they can GET OUT AND STAY OUT!!!!

  2. John says:

    Green could be correct in saying that some Democrat, AOC or Omar or even another Dem, could be injured or killed. The Democrat Party is very capable of producing the evidence necessary to corroborate his claim.

  3. Vietnam Vet says:

    Al Green thinks he needs an armed guard, but he thinks you or I shouldn’t a gun? What’s wrong with this guy? The government won’t get armed guards for us. Typical demo-rat !!!

  4. Cheryl says:

    Green has always been a lying, racist, scum bag. Nothing has changed. shows you the class of asses that voted him in. How delusional do you have to be to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result?

  5. Vickie Ross says:

    It is time to sign this petition. It is to get Cortez,Omar and Tiliab out of office . Need a million signatures.

    • James A Langham says:


  6. Christel says:

    They want our duly elected President Trump gone…..because they can not continue their communist approach to everything. The ‘left’ has a big number of registered Communists…sitting IN Congress NOW under the DNC! Google gave me 82….several months ago it gave me ALL the names that have now been removed????☹️ Check for yourselves! So if you’re one if those control freaks that love Communism…you are on your way to destruction of AMERICA????????☹️???????????????? Hope you live long enough to regret that!

  7. Shirley Freeland says:

    Wasn’t our tax money used to pay off Al Green’s sex offenses to women in Congress. He should be impeached for that along with the others.

  8. Robert says:

    al Green is not welcome at my home in Texas .

  9. Larry says:

    Al Green is so ignorant and stupid. He does not belong in Congress

  10. Jesse says:

    Freen should be tossed from office for IGNORANCE that applies to every Democrap in DC because NONE of them know how to do their job. Just look at the IGNORANCE called the Stimulus Package and then there is OBOZOCARE. Neither bill was written much less read before the Democraps voted on them then they were shocked when thing were put in by their aides they claimed would not be in the bill. What Trump said was not RACIST he just told the TRUTH those 4 HATE America and should clean up where they live before trying to cleanup America. Only one of the so called squad is not American and the three that are come from some pretty bad crime filled neighborhoods. If they can fix those places then they might be able to fix DC but not until then. As for Omar she should be sent back to where she came given her long list of Crimes and NEVER be allowed back into this Nation.

  11. Rick says:

    Impeach him for being a human? This is crap – they should look up the word in a dictionary! Idiots!

  12. John Schofield says:

    Even if Trump is eventually impeached. All it will mean is that he was disliked by the House. And he continues with business as usual. Nixon left office because he thought it was a big deal. Clinton proved it isn’t. MAGA.

  13. Ernst says:

    Al Green is a corrupt, lying weasel. If Congress had any collective self-respect, he would be ejected. Green and his wife have stolen $millions. They are great representatives of the Maryland tradition of political corruption!

  14. William says:

    Impeaching a president who has done more for this country in 2 1/2 years than his predecessor did in 8 years is laughable. Congress should impeach/recall/resign themselves as they are the ones who have not accomplished a thing except to waste the public money. What a bunch of babies. Seriously folks, vote these suckers out of office. MAGA and KAG, Donald!!!!

  15. Loren D Miller says:

    Donald Trump is a President who will fight for what he believes in, and is not afraid to express his opinion even if it may offend some people. Truthful and honest expression is worth much more than any politicians well thought out, guarded, and politically correct remarks. Vote Trump-Pence in 2020!

  16. Sid says:

    The best way to identify a racist is to notice who is making the biggest deal out of it…

  17. Bob says:

    Hey crazy Al Green, you are a racist of COLOR. Kissing up to the squad will not get you any P Tang, you old fools should vacate congress and make room for the Republican Hit Squad in 2020

  18. David Perry says:

    Green is a scumbag that leaves a rotten odor everywhere.Why racist filth like this breath good air is a crime.

  19. Mary Johnson says:

    They the Democrats must remember Bill Clinton was impeached with good cause and yet they tried to put the Clinton’s back in the White house even after they stole from the White House.

  20. Mary Johnson says:

    They already had the vote and lost no impeachment. The reason still stands no grounds for impeachment. If they would spend as much time balancing the budget and protecting this country there would not be a problem.

  21. Charles M. says:

    Al Green is no better than the rest of the demorats ..Forcing a impeachment vote is just a desperation act on their part ..The demorats are losing big time ,and just trying too find a way too get in the White House.
    They no they dont have any other way .

  22. Gary Larson says:

    Looks to me their reason for wanting to impeach Trump is because they know they can’t beat him tn the 2020 election, so impeaching him is their only option.

  23. Rodzzz says:

    They don’t like him because he is doing great things for the country unlike past presidents. They know that they must get rid of him before they could topple America

    • Steve guess says:

      They don’t like him because they can’t control him . President Donald J Trump will not play their games . Hallelujah

  24. Doug West says:

    Everytime that twit Cortez and the other three dimbulbs open their mouths they invite violence on the president or the GOP. They made their beds and now they can sleep in them. The violence will not come from the Prez. They are will bring about their own self destruction

  25. Mike Flanagan says:

    The dumb-0-kRats have tried to Impeach every republican president since IKE

  26. Paul Moody says:

    The squad and all those others who are against we the people’s president needs to be jailed for causing chaos and undermining the commander and chief! Pink slips and go straight to jail should be a great fix! actions are louder than words and Democrats having been taking alot of action and words since 2016 like spying on the president and Americans the Democrats and Obama and Hillary are the real threat to our nation! Get over it sore losers u lost!

  27. Karen Gleason says:

    We love how much he loves America. He could do so much if people just hate him and try to destroy him!!!

  28. Gerald Ladd says:

    I thought his name was Al Coon.

  29. Shelly says:

    Tho his tweet was juvenile it had nothing to do with color. As for AOC being a woman of color, I am Scot Irish and she is lighter than I she is pathetic as the white Indian phony running for office. Just because you don’t like someone does not make them a racist. But if you look for hatred you will always find it.

    • Terry says:

      I don’t think it was juvenile, he has had enough of them bashing America and the Constitution. They’ve been doing this for months and I as an American I’m tired of them spreading their HATE and we’re paying them for this ????.

    • deb says:

      Shelly, you might be like my friend, she has a creamy coffee color except in Summer when she used to get a tan, she is mostly Irish and English except the Irish part also has a Moroccan part, perhaps you do too. She told me a long time ago the history, Moroccans came to Ireland and intermarried with the Irish. I looked on the net and it did not tell me their name, but rest assured there is a name for it and my friend I no longer know, knew it.

  30. Blue says:

    democrats are the Racists, Al Green is on the plantation serving them.

  31. elizabeth Medlin says:

    the day that they made demeaning remarks about Israel is the beginning of the end for them. God told Abraham, “I will bless those that bless you, and curse those who curse you” To the squad, read your history of nations and people who cursed Israel. Elizabeth

  32. Steve says:

    They are trying to impeach Trump because THEY ARE ALL CRIMINALS and their voters are complicit criminals that support these known , organized crime ,seditious , high treasonous , murderous , taxpayer fund thieving , NWO agenda CRIMINALS , that is 3/4 of Congress !

  33. daniel says:

    the sad thing is that these people our calling President Trump tweets racist then why dont those people realize that they are the ones being racist.Talking anti-semtic about our country an tring to destroy our right,freedom,and liberty.And when you prove them wrong or ask them a question they dont like is racist.Im sick an tired of hearing racist when they dont know what that word means.Remember the story little boy that cries wolf thats all those democrats are doing.Trump 2020 go maga

  34. Willis M.Yoing says:

    Will some one please tell me when are all the democrats going to start doing what they were elected for. All they are doing is trying to get rid of the best president we have had for many many years.. The democrats are calling the president racist when they are the racist ones …They should gro up or go home to there mommies

  35. Racists, you show racistism every time you open your mouth ! Not Trump !!!!

  36. Willis M.Yoing says:

    Will some one please tell me when are all the democrats going to start doing what they were elected for. All they are doing is trying to get rid of the best president we have had for many many years.. The democrats are calling the president racist when they are the racist

  37. Rivahmitch says:

    Personally, I hope “phusical harm” (at a minimum) does befall Greens’ Communist and muslim “colleagues”.

  38. Connie says:

    If the squad’s threat assessment is lower than many others, I would say they are obviously not worth the bullets!!! I have never seen such hypocrites to not condemn the actual violence by antifa but whine about words spoken. I was always told, “Sticks and stones may brake my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Someone ought to try to explain that concept to all the lightweight snowflakes that cry so much about words!!!

  39. robert jewell says:

    Green is a light weight, just like AOC, Iman, Shrift and the rest of them. The ones to worry about are Pelosi and Schumer, and maybe Biden if he just gets his act together. Pelosi realizes that to impeach DT would be suicide for the party. She is trying to move the party closer to the middle (JFK, Truman, even Carter) all these characters running for president and they’re give away programs will fade away. Maybe even a nobody at the convention if it goes beyond the second ballot. Pelosi knows all this, and is trying g keep the party together and on course. In the meantime, KAG!

  40. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Even if the tweets were racist, they would not fall under the category of “high crimes and misdemeanors”.

  41. Will Penny says:

    The liberals have completely lost what few brain cells they had left , they’re ate up with a serious case of Dumbass , all they think about is Trump 24/7 and it’s drove them Insane , I LOVE IT TRUMP 2020

  42. Randall clark says:


  43. Dan Carter says:

    Them whinny liberals always crying about something, Trump was polite I would have told aoc to get her wetback ass on down the road and don’t get me started on those Muslims

  44. Tim Conger says:

    President Trump is only verbalizing what a lot of Americans are thinking! He has the platform we don’t have!

  45. Wm. Fejka says:

    I believe that the current lot of demoncrats that are of breeding age be sterilized to prevent their idiocy from contaminating the gene pool. Just a thought.

    • deb says:

      I believe in freedom even for them. But, due to climate change hysteria, abortion like lollipops fun, I think many will not be breeding to full term. May they rest in Hell for eternity for what they have done to these little helpless ones.

  46. Hubert Spence says:

    The Demonrsts are the greatest threat to America and they all need to be put in padded rooms

  47. Amberdawn Richmond says:

    The squad are their own worst enemies.
    Too bad they can not grasp the thought that it’s not their color but their hate for everything that makes them targets.

  48. Christel says:

    Too many Commiecrats ! No longer a Democratic party out there! Google gave me 81 Registered Communists under the DNC. Actually had all the names listed a few months ago! NOW it gave me the NUMBERS…just NO names! And we wonder why we have so much conflict these days! Those Communists are our version of Hitler….power and control hungry.

  49. Timothy Toroian says:

    Does Green comprehend that he is the true racist? All of those accusing people are demonstrating that they have racist attitudes just by illegitimately broaching the subject.

  50. Deb says:

    yes, he told them they could go back to where they came from, that could be NY, Chicago or wherever else they originated – they all need help, not just 3rd world countries

  51. jimmike says:

    Al Green said Trump has to be removed from office or physical harm will befall AOC and other
    Well you are high on the list, so you should pray that Trump is never removed from office.
    That will be the last day of many lives.

  52. Patrick A Cross says:

    The very minute Trump became POTUS, the cries for impeachment started. The media would have you believe that normal Americans want Trump out. NOT ON YOUR LIFE

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