You won’t believe why a top FBI official is under investigation

The questions about corruption and political bias at the FBI grow by the day.

The rot at the Bureau ran deeper than anyone knew.

And you won’t believe why a top FBI official is under investigation.

In 2016, the FBI launched a witch hunt against Donald Trump based on the big lie that he colluded with the Russians.

But top FBI officials may have been the ones really colluding with Russians.

Charles McGonigal served as the FBI headquarters’ cybercrimes section leader, where he became aware of the false claims that Donald Trump knew the Russians had Hillary Clinton’s emails.

McGonigal was promoted to Counterintelligence Chief at the New York field office in October of 2016.

Now it appears McGonigal is the subject of a grand jury investigation into his ties to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

The Daily Caller reports:

Federal prosecutors started scrutinizing a former FBI field office counterintelligence chief for ties with Russia and other foreign governments after his involvement in the probe of the 2016 Trump campaign’s Russian contacts, according to Insider.

A grand jury assembled in late 2021 began probing Charles McGonigal, and authorities seemingly investigated his business dealings with an aide to Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska, based on court documents the outlet obtained. Washington insiders have been known to seek private benefit through public service ties, but an FBI official becoming part of a grand-jury investigation is highly unusual, according to Insider.

The investigation revolves around payments made to a Soviet Foreign Ministry official for referring Derispaka’s aide to consulting and law firms in New York.

It is alleged that McGonigal helped facilitate these payments, which could put him in violation of the law for acting as an unregistered foreign agent.

“Purported former Soviet foreign ministry official Sergey Shestakov claimed to have earned over $30,000 for referring Deripaska’s aide to Spectrum Risk Solutions and New York law firm Kobre & Kim, which he said McGonigal helped facilitate, according to a different late-2021 court filing the outlet cited. The law firm specializes in representing clients probed on ‘fraud and misconduct suspicion,’” the Daily Caller reports.

McGonigal supposedly playing a role in the Russian collusion hoax investigation and then allegedly involving himself with Russian oligarchs is the type of unseemly behavior that destroyed the FBI’s reputation with millions of Americans as it became apparent that the Bureau was now in the business of carrying out the Democrat Party’s plan to try and bring down Donald Trump.

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