You won’t believe who tried to ruin Brett Kavanaugh’s life with this sex scandal charge

The New York Times tried to take down Brett Kavanaugh with a new charge of sexual misconduct.

Democrats immediately seized on the story to demand Congress impeach Justice Kavanaugh.

And you won’t believe who tried to ruin Brett Kavanaugh’s life with this sex scandal charge.

Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly’s explosive New York Times essay claimed that at a college party Brett Kavanaugh pulled down his pants and two friends pushed his penis into a female student’s hands.

What the editors clipped out of the story was that the female student had no recollection of this incident.

But what was more disturbing was who was behind this charge.

Pogrebin and Kelly used former Kavanaugh classmate Max Stier as their source for this claim.

And Stier has a long partisan history of working against Brett Kavanaugh that should have made them skeptical of his allegation.

Breitbart reports:

Stier, 53, served on the team defending Clinton, while Kavanaugh served on Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr’s team that was investigating Clinton. As Yale Daily News put it:

In 1994, Kavanaugh joined the legal team, led by Kenneth Starr, that was looking into President Bill Clinton’s real estate dealings as part of the Whitewater investigation. Later that decade, Kavanaugh co-wrote the Starr Report, which established broad grounds for Clinton’s impeachment.

Those proceedings pitted Kavanaugh against a former Yale classmate, Max Stier ’87, a fellow member of Stiles College who was one of several attorneys representing Clinton during the investigation.

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway noted in a piece that during those proceedings Stier had “worked closely with David Kendall,” who would later defend Hillary Clinton against allegations of illegally handling classified information.

In addition to defending the Clintons during Whitewater, Stier also married U.S. Attorney Florence Yu Pan.

Pan was a Democrat donor who was nominated for a federal judgeship under Barack Obama.

The Republican Senate blocked the appointment.

Pogrebin and Kelly concealing Stier’s long history of Democrat Party activism and legal work was another example of the type of journalistic malpractice that has come to define The New York Times and the rest of the Fake News Media during Donald Trump’s time in office.


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21 Responses

  1. This is Obama’s propaganda to play confusion game

  2. Mike says:

    and clinton didn’t have sex with that woman Just a blow Job in the oval office.

  3. Jonathan Conover says:

    When the report says that two of his friends pushed his weenie into the face of the young lady, does that mean they actually handled that thing? If so, I don’t know how they could live that down. Shiver me timbers!!!

  4. Rob says:

    Is anyone really surprised? REALLY???? This is straight out of Saul Alinsky’s book–tar and smear your opponents; go after an opponent’s reputation and let that stand as an example to anyone else who thinks, acts, or believes like the one targeted.

    • STEVE says:

      This is exactly why I will NOT vote for any Demonrat in 2020, or for that matter ever! Over 2 1/2 years all the ignorant Left has done is waste $40 Million of our tax money, refused to fix their broken immigration system, delay and deny necessary regulation reform and lie about everyone Republican. A big FU to them!
      TRUMP 2020!

  5. Deplorable Lanie says:

    You’ve got to hand it to the Dems, they are nothing if not persistent! But don’t they realize that they very definition of insanity is doing the same action again and again but expecting a different result? We didn’t buy it when Ford testified in front of Congress, and we are still not buying it. AND, even if we did buy it, most of us are thinking back to our University days and thinking that there may have been a party or two (or more) that we did something that we wouldn’t want plastered on the front page of the Times. When is a lifetime of service enough to wipe out a few drunken acts? Especially if the people involved don’t remember it?

  6. Lyudmila says:

    The familiar story, the Democrats are repeating, apparently exhausted and can’t come up with anything new. Isn’t the Trump deal with Russia the same fake? Isn’t Steele’s fake dossier on Trump the same fake source as the classmate Max Stier dossier? But aren’t the bastards Pogrebin and Kelly the same as Mueller and Cuomo? They are all – Pogrebin, Kelly, Stier, Muller, Cuomo – that’s all – what the Democratic Party for which I once voted turned into.

  7. Will Penny says:

    You liberals are really something to behold , you just can’t help yourselves , oh well , now your messing with Mother Freedom , you’d best leave sleeping Dogs lay where they may , if you boys n girls keep yanking on that junk yard dogs chain , one things for sure , your rear ends are going to be in for a very Rude Awakening , that’s a fact , God Bless The United States of America

  8. Annette Dzwonczyk says:

    Make a vide of Times front page heading drop some 5 or 6 fish tails on it roll it up and toss it into landfill. Do the same with CNN and all the fake news stations and toss for trash collection.

  9. Paul says:

    How “PATHETIC” these sore “LOSERS” are, they don’t care about the cost or the lives they destroy to get what they want, CONTROL, MONEY & POWER, they have sided with our enemies & use those in need as pawns in their evil quest. Them & their culture of death will, like a farmer reap what they have sown, from that no-one is exempt!

  10. JIM I MARTIN says:

    Anyone wanting justice, will cancel any and all subscriptions to The New York Times. It often lies, but this is the ultimate lie with its effort to attempt to destroy the life of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, and with no thought whatsoever to the harm it does to his family! The Times is beyond sick and should not be in any household, believing in justice.


  12. Connie says:

    This is terrible that they can make up stories against Kavanaugh and get away with it. It is time for people to rise up against this kind of garbage and destroy Steir, Pogrebin kelly and the New York Times for printing this fake story and trying to destroy Kavanaugh’s life. I think it is time for jail or it will never stop. Let’s put an end to this kind of character assination. Kavanaugh has done nothing wrong……

  13. Kat says:

    The new york times should change its name to the new york lies. What a true news rag. I put right up there with the Enquirer.

  14. Grizz Mann says:

    “We have no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing, but the seriousness of the allegations and the weight of circumstantial information compel an effort to establish the facts,”

  15. Will Triebel says:

    Why wouldn’t we believe it? It is the NYT, ‘All the news that’s print to fit’.

  16. Will says:

    All of these so called news out lets are nothing more then propaganda mills anymore … they should be shut down , that would take the wind out of the left wing democrats sails,,, and more people would be more saine for not reading or listening their crap

  17. Littlebit. says:

    Who gives a damn. I pulled some pretty good stunts while I was in college myself.

  18. helene says:

    The Clinton and his wife is a monsters shameful people .They awere involved in many cases stolen many institutions since he was Arkensas governor. invoved in so may criminal schemes and killing people Hilary enjoyed killing to steal money so at lest 28mpeople was killed by this family. They will get kill oe day by the family of the people thy killed or stealig money from tem. What a monster family . their grand children will pay for that one day.

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