You won’t believe who predicted the Republicans will replace Donald Trump in 2020

Donald Trump is gearing up for his re-election campaign.

It’s expected to be one of the hardest fought campaigns in American history.

And you won’t believe who predicted Republicans will replace Donald Trump in 2020.

Anthony Scaramucci used to be a Trump loyalist.

He served 11 days as communications director before being fired after a profane interview with New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza.

But in recent weeks, Scaramucci turned against Trump, assailing his remarks as “racist” and his handling of visits to the sites of two mass shootings as a “catastrophe.”

Scaramucci whined that things are so bad the GOP may have to take steps to replace Trump at the top of the ticket.

The Hill reports:

“We are now in the early episodes of ‘Chernobyl’ on HBO, where the reactor is melting down and the apparatchiks are trying to figure out whether to cover it up or start the clean-up process,” Scaramucci, who was ousted from his job after 11 days, told the outlet.

“A couple more weeks like this and ‘country over party’ is going to require the Republicans to replace the top of the ticket in 2020,” he said.

Scaramucci, a prominent Republican donor, said that if Trump “doesn’t reform his behavior, it will not just be me, but many others will be considering helping to find a replacement in 2020.”

“Right now, it’s an unspeakable thing,” he continued. “But if he keeps it up, it will no longer be unspeakable. The minute they start speaking of it, it will circulate and be socialized. We can’t afford a full nuclear contamination site post 2020.”

Trump supporters were outraged at this betrayal.

And so was President Trump.

The President tweeted that Scaramucci is a has-been whose only major accomplishment was serving a paltry 11 days as communications director.


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72 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    Scaramucci didn’t get his ice cream and was sent to bed. Now he’s pissed.

  2. bob demarest says:

    never happen-was this written by a liberal-this site is ridicule

  3. Aileen K Douglas says:

    Whatever ….TRUMP 2020:-)

  4. Guy says:

    Yeah, hate to say it, but it’s probably true…I’m not a Trump fanatic. I like what’s his administration is doing 100%, but Trump acts like a teenager with hormone issues. I wish he would act like an adult at times. Just too immature in some of his statements. If he were the leading republican on the ballot, I would still vote for him hands down. If there were another republican running, I would have to look at them closely.

  5. Why on earth would the Republican party consider replacing Donald Trump when they already know they have a real winner with the President. Anyone in the party considering such stupidity should be taken outside and shot.

    • Mike Otrok says:

      He can’t read,speak or write in English. Conshtuntly shluurring hish speessh luk a tootal droonk. Whut huz he dun wun? No ting. Uhl marygages faelur. Bidiness fle ash whl. We need a good lawmurker, moost luv hamberders. nah bee scured uh de windymills.

      • Blue says:

        They let you out again, I see.

        • Mike Otrok says:

          oot aand aboot in places hither and thither with a zither. Only half a scissor. Can’t cut the mustard or a custard. Gracias and thank you for your upcoming payment. I’ll free you’re flying oompa loompas.

  6. scooch 'the' pooch says:

    ‘Mooch’ doesn’t realize he got the ‘scooch’.
    >mooch IS ‘mooching’ some $$$- that’s all.
    > doesn’t ‘know’ a Real job.

  7. Ernst says:

    Anthony Scaramucci has a big mouth, but he is seriously in need of a brain transplant. The one he has now is not functioning well.

  8. Jere Cooper says:

    This site is a joke.

  9. Sam R says:

    Scaramucci is like one of those advertising banner feathers. He just goes whatever way the wind blows. He is hot air and a distraction. Ignore him. As for the racist, xenophobe, homophobe phobophobe whatever name calling and made up acquisations from the left, if you don’t already know that that is their trademark then you haven’t been paying attention. Their main goal with that ploy is to take their opponent off focus and force them to waste tremendous amounts of their precious air time responding to frivolous and meaningless nonsense. The democrats mastered that long ago. My advice, call the bull for what it is then ignore it When asked by the media about it, respond I’m not here to respond to lies. When asked again, simply reply “Asked and answered. Next question”. Donald, don’t waste your time and energy on their BS. Don’t let them keep you from getting out what YOU need to say. As for those solidly on the left that believe the lies, “Liberalism is a mental disorder”. They are likely beyond help.

  10. David W Berger says:

    It doesn’t matter what the Republicans want, they didn’t want Teddy Roosevelt to run either so he split off from the party formed the Bull Moose party and WON as a third party candidate. Do you suppose the Republicans OR the Democrats would want a third party? They would lose control of the elections and possibly the government.

    • Rivahmitch says:

      Bit of revisionist history there, my friend. What TRs run with the Bull Moose Party did was to split the Republican vote and put Wilson into the White House. Beginning of our excessive international involvements, the income tax, the 16th Amendment (which allowed federal taxation of state citizens (here-to-fore a state prerogative, the 17th Amendment (which eliminated the states from the balance of power by removing state legislatures from a voice in DC), the League of Nations (precursor to the UN) and, of course, the Federal Reserve. The result of TRs run was a disaster for the country with which we still contend.

  11. Lynda Denson says:

    If Republicans replace Trump, they will lose TONS of voters. A large majority of people are voting for Trump…NOT for the Republican Party. They would be utterly STUPID to even think of such a thing, let alone try it.

  12. Ann Moore says:


  13. Zenon Guran says:

    Trump was GOD sent. With the Democrats loosing their minds along with some RINOs.. America would have been doomed. … Thank God for Trump.

    • Mike Otrok says:

      God loves rapists and adulterers! YAY! GOD sure is cool.Trump is still in the closet,all that rage from keeping it from al his wives and hookers.

  14. DonRS says:

    Scaramucci is little more than a slick CHEAP HUSTLER!

  15. Sarah says:

    Sounds like another whiny snowflake having a meltdown!
    President Trump is a man of courage that is and has endured openly. What an honor Trump has brought to our country as a whole!
    I stand with my President because he fights for America.

    All the nay sayers and fear mongers and hate baiting has intensified only because of Trumps strength and integrity.

    • Mike Otrok says:

      Strength through bone spurs! Courage! Integrity? Would you take marriage vows with him? Invest in his failed business attempts? Share a bed with Putin during their gay sex romps?

  16. Sam R says:

    Donald Trump in 2020!!! Donald Trump Jr. in 2024!!! Donald Trump Jr. in 2028!!! Ivanka Trump 2032!!! Ivanka Trump 2036!!! Baron Trump 2040!!! Baron Trump 2044!!!

  17. PRoy says:

    Scaramucci should shut his pie-hole and fade back into private life; his TV appearances aren’t benefiting him or anyone else, except the dirty Dems may have illicitly brainwashed him! President Trump is the scapegoat of all the Leftist Fascist propaganda playing on Lamestream Media, day in and day out–enough already! He is NOT racist at all–the so called Democrats claim they’re the Party if inclusion, but a reality and fact check on their civil rights voting records will prove otherwise; they’re projecting their racist lies on the President, and he has the right to defend himself, whether on TV or by Tweets. The Deep State/Elitists have NEVER been about the well-being and prosperity of American Citizens; they’ve gotten away with such heinous crimes and back-alley corruption for decades and have managed to avoid prosecution till now! For the 1st time, we have a President in the White House who is FINALLY doing God’s will and the will of the American People–God NEVER breaks his promises, and if it weren’t for the crooked Politicians in both parties, President Trump would continue to keep his promises that he made to us! Scaramucci doesn’t get it, and his villifying words and actions will negatively boomerang back to him. There is no democratic presidential candidate in 2020, or ever for the foreseeable future, that can compare to what this President has accomplished for our Nation and Citizens in record time, all without taking a federal salary or giving lip service! President Trump didn’t do this for the fame or gain; he took the job for the love of God, Family, and Country, which are all concepts that clearly escape the demonic minds of the Cabal’s deranged circle of deceit, debauchery, and disgust!

  18. jonmac says:

    once you become IN THE LIME LIGHT you think that your S_ _ _ doesn’t stink and believe that you are SOMEBODY when you are actually a NOBODY…..MOOCHI needs to crawl back into his HOLE. He couldn’t even make it on BIG BROTHER……

  19. Cecelia Henderson says:

    Scaramucci thinks he’s a lot smarter and more influential than he really is. He lasted 11 days in his assigned position and couldn’t control his mouth back then. The majority is behind our President. Yes, he’s brutally honest, out spoken and blunt, but he’s exactly what America needed at a time when Communism was digging us a large grave. Sometimes I cringe when he speaks, but I always know that he loves Americans and America and I’ll stand beside him to the bitter end.

  20. Alan Barnes says:

    Multi-divorced, unfaithful, promiscuous, repetitive liar, racist, economic know-nothing, climate-change denier, Putin-Puppet, obstruction of justice, taking emoluments, nepotism – These are a few of Donald Trump’s betrayals of Truth, Partners, and Democracy.

    • Joe Know says:

      Your a Traitor – Trump has done more for the USA then any President ever! Crawl back in your Hole.

    • Sam R says:

      Donald Trump in 2020!!! Donald Trump Jr. in 2024!!! Donald Trump Jr. in 2028!!!
      And you, Mr. Alan Bates, a person who shouts RACIST!! when there is no racism is the true racist. That is a yoke around your neck.

    • Cecelia Henderson says:

      Strange how you make all the accusations and 1) Trump still gets along with his ex-wives and all his children. So what?, 2) most of the time when there is a claim that he’s lying, months later the news reports that he was right all along, 3) he is not a racist and never has been, 4) the “know-nothing is running a fantastic economy, 5) climate change is a hoax, 6) Trump has placed more restrictions on Russia than any other recent President, 7) there is no evidence that he obstructed anything, but he did try to defend himself from the Democratic lies, 8) emoluments?? That’s a damned lie. If it were true, he would had been impeached by now, and 9) it’s hard to claim nepotism when none of them draw a salary. Mr. Barnes, you’re wrong.

    • April says:

      1st of all where are your facts and proof that Trump is racist. Don’t make statements you can’t back up with proof and facts. We can back up with proof and facts that Trump is not a racist. Mueller report says Trump didn’t collude with Russia, The Trump/Russia collusion delusion started because of a fake dossier bout and paid for by the Clinton campaign & DNC. Even Peter Strokz didn’t want to get involved in the investigation because he said there was no there-there. No crime committed of conspiracy there can’t be an obstruction, all the democrats do is lie. Let’s talk about who really colluded with Russia..HRC sold US Uranium to the Russians, HRC bought a reset button (totally stupid) to rest our relationship with Russia, who had a message delivered to Putin that he would have more flexibility after the election? Obama did. I voted for Obama and he ended up being the most racially divisive President this country has ever had. Obama hated this country and all that we stand for. If you love something you don’t fundamentally transform it, you fundamentally transform something that you hate. Obama declared war on the law enforcement and we will never forget Dallas Police and we will never forget Benghazi. Who cares he was remarried, and whatever else he did in his private life. But Alan Barnes now that you brought up being a liar, you need to look in the mirror because from where I am sitting you are a liar. You called Donald Trump racist when we all know the truth that he is not. Donald Trump received an award from Jesse Jackson for his help and involvement in the Rainbow Coalition, Trump sued a country club because the country club was discriminating against blacks and Jews. Bet you didn’t even know Trump dated a black woman did you. Trump could say the sky has white clouds and he would be called a racist.

    • KIROJ says:

      ALAN You ere not only Jack ASS——you are SOB Democ RAT!

    • Ted says:

      Alan, you are a gigantic asshole. Trump is the best President ever, and he loves America and all of us legal citizens, even you, ass hole. Every move he makes is for the betterment of all Americans. Are you so stupid that you don’t realize that???

    • Libertarian58 says:

      “and Democracy” the most vile and deceptive form of government ever created.

    • Tom says:

      I think I read your review of Jesus and you claimed all the same things about him. Who knew?

  21. Providence Monasseri says:

    There will be a True Civil War In this Country by the People if even a thought of replacing our brilliant President Trump! He has done so much for our Country in a short amount of time! God Bless him for his dedication to our Country and its People! ❤️🇱🇷🇱🇷😘

    • romojo says:

      That would be the end of the Republican Party!

      • Mike from midwest says:

        Trump and the GOP are wedded; he controls the party and few even speak up against him. This could turn out either very good or extremely bad for the GOP. The GOP, long after Trump, will have to pay the legacy of Trump’s remarks and tweets and his words at rallies. Those things never go away – – and down the line, and looking at the demographics, as women are the majority, then Hispanics and AAs, and so many Americans out of work, how will the GOP be able to come back from Trump’s alienation of voters?

      • Rivahmitch says:

        The GOP as a weak echo of the Democommies (can you say Bush, Bush, McCain, Romney?) has no future at all.

  22. Ulla Camp says:

    Somebody or should I say a nobody was just dreaming out loud……….
    Not easy to find somebody, who has done as much with our economy and job-situation as President Trump….But the sad thing is, he has done so without much help from a lot of people. including some who said “we support” President Trump…
    Not everybody has the money it takes to support, (myself included), but we show our support in other ways including NOT SMEARING his name any more than those who envy his position or the left, who wants to see him dragged through the dirt………..
    But this scumbag of an italian ought to just shut up and if he does NOT like it then either man up or go back where he came from…….

    • Teacher says:

      Yep I was thinking no way they would replace a president with such success imagine if he didn’t have to fight congress for everything what more he could do Even if you don’t like Trump he has reignited people to get out and vote to try to pay attention to their country

  23. Dan Winright says:

    MAGA 2020

  24. Donavon Prom says:

    I would love to see a real Republican that is very well educated run for the top spot, like Condoleezza Rice.

    • Rivahmitch says:

      Oh, so you prefer Rinos, or as we used to call them, Rockefeller Republicans, who believe that the function of the Republican Party is to pay the bills racked up by the Democommies and avoid upsetting of confronting them at all costs. No Thanks!

  25. Brad says:

    If the Republicans were to even consider to replace Donald Trump on the 2020 ticket I’d say they had been hanging with the Dumbocrats far too long & it must have rubbed off on them. Such a move would lose me as a voter.

  26. Allen Morgan says:

    Republicans aren’t that stupid. With the circus clowns the Democrats are running against him, Trump is looking forward to defeating these dimwits.

    Trump will win more popular votes and more electoral votes than in 2016.

  27. Bill Turney says:

    Blah, blah, blah. Purely a case of looking for attention.

  28. CrazyHorse says:

    Of course, no ax to grind here.

  29. Mike Otrok says:

    Dimocrat nu eh werd. Uh u nesd tuh guh bucsk te wher uu doone coome room ande spek engush ? HUHJ? God loves Trump. Rape is a wonderful experience.

  30. Gene Hudson says:

    They wouldnt do that if for no other reason than they would split the conservative vote because President Trump would run as an independent and still win. And I dont think the GOP is as stupid as the Dimocrats who seem to be letting the 4 Bobbleheads lead them around by the nose.Think its great, more insurance for 2020

  31. Linda M. says:

    Well I suppose the Democratic Party knows they have no one worthy of being the next president and win in 2020,so they now have a “plant’ to run against Trump ?? They must be really desperate!
    PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020!!!! For GOD and Country!!!!

  32. Blue says:

    That guy ain’t Worth a response! President Trump 2020!!

    • Lt. Robert Polans ret. says:

      I agree, Trump 2020! MAGA and KAG Who else has done even half as much for Ameria? Who else CAN? To me excepting the Freedom Caucus, all Republicans are RINOS, Dummycraps, ALL drank insane Koolaid.

  33. Steve says:

    As soon as Trump quickly realized this Mooch was a rino criminal liberal , it was fired ! Mooch displaying his full anti-America , traitorous agenda now .

  34. DEM777 says:

    Donald J. Trump will win in 2020.

    If the Democrats win in 2020 then the destruction of American will happen soon.

    But Trump will win in 2020 his second term. If we as a nation have not turned back to God Almighty / Jesus Christ (morals) then destruction of America will happen soon.

    • Linda M. says:

      DEM777; You are so right! We have all seen and heard what the Democratic Party is REALLY all about and it’s the total destruction of this great country and everything it represents!!

    • Robert Polans says:

      There are a whole lot of us who never left the lord such as the Midwest, Rustbelt and just sane people. I do know what you’re talking about though; Baltimore, LA or any part of Cali., and Chicago for a few examples.

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