You won’t believe who predicted the Republicans will replace Donald Trump in 2020

Donald Trump is gearing up for his re-election campaign.

It’s expected to be one of the hardest fought campaigns in American history.

And you won’t believe who predicted Republicans will replace Donald Trump in 2020.

Anthony Scaramucci used to be a Trump loyalist.

He served 11 days as communications director before being fired after a profane interview with New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza.

But in recent weeks, Scaramucci turned against Trump, assailing his remarks as “racist” and his handling of visits to the sites of two mass shootings as a “catastrophe.”

Scaramucci whined that things are so bad the GOP may have to take steps to replace Trump at the top of the ticket.

The Hill reports:

“We are now in the early episodes of ‘Chernobyl’ on HBO, where the reactor is melting down and the apparatchiks are trying to figure out whether to cover it up or start the clean-up process,” Scaramucci, who was ousted from his job after 11 days, told the outlet.

“A couple more weeks like this and ‘country over party’ is going to require the Republicans to replace the top of the ticket in 2020,” he said.

Scaramucci, a prominent Republican donor, said that if Trump “doesn’t reform his behavior, it will not just be me, but many others will be considering helping to find a replacement in 2020.”

“Right now, it’s an unspeakable thing,” he continued. “But if he keeps it up, it will no longer be unspeakable. The minute they start speaking of it, it will circulate and be socialized. We can’t afford a full nuclear contamination site post 2020.”

Trump supporters were outraged at this betrayal.

And so was President Trump.

The President tweeted that Scaramucci is a has-been whose only major accomplishment was serving a paltry 11 days as communications director.

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