You won’t believe who just helped Joe Biden pass a gun confiscation bill

Joe Biden and the Democrats launched their biggest attack on the Constitution.

This time they had some assistance.

And you won’t believe who just helped Joe Biden pass a gun confiscation bill.

Texas RINO John Cornyn was the lead GOP conspirator on a gun confiscation bill.

This legislation included red flag laws where the government can seize your firearms if you post too many pictures of guns or express a political view the Biden regime deems “dangerous.”

The gun grab also bans Americans of any age from owning firearms for a mistake made during their childhood.

And the law allows the government to ban and confiscate firearms from anyone who once went on a bad date or got into an argument with a girlfriend back in college.

However, the leading so-called “gun rights” group in America also conspired to help Joe Biden and the gun grabbers pass this bill.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) colluded with Cornyn to write the biggest gun control bill in the last 30 years.

Instead of fighting to oppose the bill and stop the assault on gun rights, the National Rifle Association worked in secret to provide cover for RINOs like John Cornyn to sell out the Second Amendment and confiscate guns from law-abiding Americans.

POLITICO reports:

Cornyn also used the slideshow to list provisions that were included in the bill at the request of the NRA, including money for hardening schools, mental health funding and providing exemptions to closing the so-called boyfriend loophole, which restricts the right to firearms for those who have abused their romantic partners. The exemptions highlighted include that limitations would not apply to past relationships unless they were recent.

Cornyn later confirmed to reporters that the National Rifle Association assisted in helping Joe Biden seize firearms from Americans.

“We worked with the NRA to listen to their concerns. But in the end I think they simply — they have a membership and a business model that will not allow them to support any legislation. And so I understand where they’re coming from, but I think most people will not allow any outside group to veto good public policy,” Cornyn stated.

Had the National Rifle Association opposed the bill from the get-go and made it clear this was a red line, Cornyn and the other RINOs may have stood down.

Instead, the National Rifle Association negotiated away Americans’ Second Amendment rights by outlining how much gun control they are willing to accept.

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