You won’t believe who just exposed Joe Biden’s sexual assault scandal cover up

Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign has been flying under the radar because of the coronavirus.

That helped shield Biden from scrutiny over a serious sex scandal.

But that all changed and you believe who just exposed Joe Biden’s sexual assault scandal cover up.

Former Biden staffer Tara Reade stepped forward to credibly accuse Joe Biden of allegedly sexually assaulting her back in 1993.

Reade told fellow staffers about the alleged assault at the time, but she has been unable – until now – to attract any attention for her accusations.

But even though Reade stepped forward with a detailed account that she told corroborating witnesses about at the time the alleged assault occurred, the Fake News Media is censoring this story.

Hollywood actress Rose McGowan called out the fake news for sweeping Reade’s accusations under the rug in a bid to boost Biden’s chances against President Trump.

Rose McGowan is no Trump supporter.

McGowan is a standard fare Hollywood liberal.

But McGowan also leveled accusations against disgraced former top Clinton fundraiser and Hollywood power player Harvey Weinstein so she has no problem calling out predators even if she shares their politics.

McGowan even stated that Biden was sure to lose the election – which speaks to the enthusiasm problem the former Vice President is carrying into the race – as a reason for why these charges deserve a full airing.

The coronavirus outbreak is already showing signs of slowing down.

And when it goes away, the President and his campaign are sure to make Reade’s charges a central pillar of their case as to why Joe Biden is unfit to be President.

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