You won’t believe who Ilhan Omar is bringing to the State of the Union

Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is drawn to controversy like a moth to a flame.

This time she is determined to make a spectacle out of Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech.

And you won’t believe who Omar is bringing as her guest.

Younger Democrats like Omar believe open borders are a moral imperative.

They reject any claims of American sovereignty and want illegal aliens from all over the world to pour across our borders.

Trump pledged to crackdown on illegal immigration and secure the borders in order to put American First.

Globalists like Omar reject any suggestion that immigration policy should reflect what best benefits American workers.

To that end, she is making a show of herself at the State of the Union by inviting a Liberian immigrant scheduled for deportation to be her guest to Trump’s State of the Union speech.

The Hill reports:

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) announced Monday that her State of the Union guest will be a Liberian immigrant who is facing possible deportation due to a Trump administration policy change.

Omar said in a statement that her guest will be Linda Clark, a Minnesota resident who has lived in the U.S. since 2000, after fleeing Liberia due to an ongoing civil war.

“Linda is exactly the type of American success story we should celebrate,” Omar, a Somali immigrant herself, said in the statement. “Someone who came to this country seeking a better life, played by the rules, and built a life for herself.”

Omar’s statement said that the Trump administration’s decision to end Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) for Liberian Americans means Clark and thousands of others may be removed from the U.S. in the coming months.

Democrats are moving in an increasingly radical direction on immigration.

Base voters reject any enforcement of immigration laws as “white supremacy.”

And they cheer Omar as a ”rock star” for openly flaunting federal immigration law.

Some Democrats worry that this outright rejection of border security will doom the party in 2020.

But it looks like that train has already left the station.


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201 Responses

  1. John Vetter says:

    What sort of credentials must one have in order to attend the State of the Union address??

  2. Edward Osler says:

    If she is an illegal and if she is facing deportation, then she should be deported BEFORE she walks in to attend the State of the Union speech. To me, inviting this woman is a slap in the face not only to the President but to every legal immigrant who entered the USA the right way — the legal way. Omar is asking for trouble. She is not above the law and this illegal, regardless of the fact that she may be a friend to Ms. Omar. This woman has been instructed to leave our country. She is here illegally. She should go. And not be introduced to both sides of the aisle.

    • Roy Sutton says:

      Maybe we’ll get lucky and Ilhan Omar will get expelled from Congress, then they can take them both. If she fraudulently married her BROTHER to illegally get him into the country, then her citizenship should be revoked and her and her brother sent back to Somalia on the same plane as the Liberian.

    • That woman was probably told not to listen to anyone but the bitch.

    • Brenda Collins says:

      Omar who is actually Elmi is here illegally. Her Citizenship is for Ilhan Omar her name is Ilhan Elmi. She his in the Omar family just assumed their name so she could sneak in the US. Omar needs to be arrested and deported!

  3. James W Alloway says:

    ICE will be at the door tell her to come on in. We will be glad to show her to bus for she will not go back home.

  4. John Di Joseph says:


  5. PHIL E TRIMMER says:

    Just like the question is written, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, is what is stated. That is like asking if a BANK ROBBER should be arrested. Of course……They are both ILLEGAL. I really do not see the debate. ILLEGAL is AGAINST THE LAW. Nobody in America is above the law.

  6. RETVET says:

    Face it people, she’s a muslim, that means she had a “RECTAL BIRTH”

  7. Sammie says:

    What kind of book did they put their hand on to get sworn in? I bet it was a book that I had in 1st grade many years ago, Dick, Sally, and Spot, See Dick run, See Sally run, how may remember that book.

    • The Real M says:

      Sammie, Your comment would have been funny but for what this crazy Rep. Omar was sworn in on. She used the Quran , The “Bible” of the Islamic religion! Who would have thought we would live to see the day when a member of the United States Congress would or could be sworn on anything other than the Bible? The Quran stings American patriots since Islamic extremists attacked us on 911 and are still attacking us at every opportunity! There is something wrong with this entire picture!

      • Robby Dunbar says:

        The Real M
        FROM WITH IN

        • Jim Amrhein says:


          • Brenda Collins says:

            Fake and liar Obama was sworn in using the Qu’ran! So what they are swearing to is to lie, deceive, distort, district, disrupt, infiltrate, accuse, attack from within, to divide to create non stop havoc and to use any trickery needed to sway the weak, lazy, stupid infidels that lack any morals but are easily swayed. To further usher in Sharia Law and their agenda of world dominance.

        • Amberdawn Richmond says:

          McCarron Waters Act and Public Law 414. Google it.

          • Brenda Collins says:

            This Act must be Reinstated! Write the Whitehouse. Put the bug in the ear then don’t let up!
            Take out streets and towns and cities back from those that do not appreciate American values and refuse to assimilate! They dirty up our Country! We are forced to hear their call to prayer that is so loud you can hear for 10 city blocks. But don’t pray where they can hear or in OUR SCHOOLS IT OFFENDS THEM! THEIR OFFENSIVE CALL TO PRAYER OFFENDS ME!

    • june says:

      Personnally I think it is illegal for a Muslim to hold a political office here as their religion prevents them from upholding our laws and Constitution

      • Jim Amrhein says:


      • Brenda Collins says:

        Amen! They are biased from the get go!

    • Joy says:

      I remember the book! Why are we allowing such a change in our beliefs? I thought that we as American always swore in with our .Traditional Bible . We need our land back and we can say God Bless our Country. And also Prayer is needed. God Bless the USA.

    • Donna M Slivka says:

      I remember it !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Susie says:

      I remember Dick, Sally & Spot!

  8. Tetvet says:

    Illegal is Illegal. When a person says they want to be here in our America than prove yourself by becoming a citizen. Not wait for some lying snake like omar to discredit our country at a State of the Union Address. Its time for WE THE PEOPLE speak up and send our concerns to the sick congress we have in our country. They don’t care or if they do the rhinos are not allowing them to speak up. Protest to the White House and your congress daily. I believe making the comments on these sites is great for our concerns but in reality no congress person is going to do anything to help. I am willing to say that we get more laughs than action.

    • Deborah Griffin says:

      I believe if you disagree with a law then you change it. However Democrats, Liberals & Rhinos seem to think it is okay to flaunt laws they disagree with . Now when they take their oath of office does it include a proviso I only will uphold those laws I agree with or do they have some secret code that the American people don’t know about. If you are here illegally you should be deported period.

  9. Bob says:

    I agree, in general terms, with any of the comments already posted, including the fact that if a member of the House of Representatives brings a wanted illegal to an event, they both should be arrested.

    That being said, I think that there are exceptions to every rule. “,,,her guest will be Linda Clark, a Minnesota resident who has lived in the U.S. since 2000, after fleeing Liberia due to an ongoing civil war.” So, a review of her case may be in order. (1) How did she come here? Visa? Illegally? (2) Did she overstay, or just fall under the revocation? (3) Has she been a productive citizen since 2000; job, taxes, etc, or is she on the dole? (4) Has she committed crimes since her arrival, or been suspect in any nefarious activities or groups? etc…

    Presidential waivers could be granted, on a case by case basis, but for this idiot zealot Congresswoman (Omar) to hold up one illegal, and use them to justify defying a presidential mandate, is criminal, a violation of the oath she just took, should be grounds for dismissal from her seat in the Congress!

  10. Dona says:

    If Linda Clark did nothing wrong, played by the rules, why is she facing deportation?

    • Jack says:

      “Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) is in the president’s discretion to authorize as part of his power to conduct foreign relations. Although DED is not a specific immigration status, individuals covered by DED are not subject to removal from the United States, usually for a designated period of time.”
      Just like the people that are here under the TPS program, for a set time. They know the rules and don’t blame them for wanting to stay but that’s what they signed up for.

    • anna says:

      why isn’t she a us citizen? believe after 19 years she should have gained that status!

      • Bob says:

        That is an EXCELLENT question !!! If she loves America so much, and wants to stay here, why indeed hasn’t she applied, done the work, and become a citizen after almost 2 decades ????

    • Robert Yormick says:

      Why if she’s been here since 2000 ( that 18 years ) has she NOT tried to obtain LEGAL status in becoming an American citizen or any other means to get an extension to be here on a LEGAL status?

    • Oma says:

      Because she is an illegal alien. She broke the law.

  11. Thomas Goss says:

    Take that rag from her head and HANG the muslim bitch with it. As for her guest arrest her and deport her immediately. AND SCREW EVERY ASSHOLE WHO VOTED FOR THIS SCUM SUCKING MUSLIM PIG.

  12. Big Mack says:

    Take that rag off of her head and stick it up her ass

  13. Steve says:

    The ones who should be ashamed and embarrassed are the morons who put scum like her into office. They probably think she’s going to get them something for free.

    • Robby Dunbar says:

      That scum are Muslims that put her in office
      Muslims from the first Muslim State in the United States (Minnesota)
      They are Killing AMERICA from with in…….PERIOD

    • Brenda Collins says:

      She has a large Muslim base that Obama flooded Minnesota and Michigan with.
      The American Citizens need to make the effort to get out and vote to rid our Congress from all Muslims.
      Never had these problems before Muslims infiltrated our society and government.

  14. Dan Mayes says:

    Illegal is just what it means illegal. Which means if you have been here since 2000, you have had plenty of time it get registered with a green card. If you have not made an effort to stay legally, then you must leave. Especially inside a Government State House.

  15. Leland Chandler says:

    She should be arrested on sight for providing aid to our enemy, and for attempting to incite a riot, this should not be allowed.

    • Robert Yormick says:

      That’s probably what this person & Omar want to happen during the State of the Union message, as they then can cause a lot of disruption & point out what a heart-less person the President is.

  16. Jane says:

    Actually, she should be arrested along with her GUEST, for provoking unrest. What a lot of nerve bringing an illegal into our “sacred” halls of American history! Obviously, she is trying to shove her form of anti-Americanism in our faces.

    • vet says:

      and if more pro Trump voters got off of their butts and voted in this last off year election omar would not even be a story. Lesson learned I hope and pray.

      • Pam Minnick says:

        Minnesota is my home state I lived there for 45 years born and raised. It’s a very liberal state. I had already moved to Texas when Governor Dayton told Minnesotans if they didnt want refugees they could move to a state that didnt get a lot of refugees . The only way most liberal Minnesotans will change political parties is if something like being raped by one of them vile creatures.

        • Hallue says:

          Too bad that Minnesota has turned into s Muslim camp!
          But you moved to Texas which is turning into another illegal alien camp. If I were you Id move again.
          Isn’t it nasty on the border? Shops you’re not on El Paso. Maybe Austin is still ok.

    • Brenda Collins says:

      Exactly! Just seeing how far she can push! How stupid is her guest anyway good grief is she Omar(Elmi’s) puppet! Is she being dogged to go?

  17. John J says:

    Both the rag head and the illegal maggot that it is harboring should be arrested on the spot!

    • Jeff says:

      How do we know she is not practicing al-Taqiyya, she is a muslim after all. The qauran says it’s ok to decieve the infidels

      • Pam Minnick says:

        She has. She lied to the Jewish community that she didn’t support the BDS movement, then after she admitted she lied and does suppot them..

  18. Wumingren says:

    Tell me which Muslim countries have open borders.
    Tell me which ones tolerate invading illegal immigrants. Answer: None!

  19. Pat says:

    You need to get the hell out of My country ,You were elected on lies and you don’t belong in congress . RUN HER OUT ONA RAIL.SENT HER TO SYRIA .

    • iris says:

      get ALL ALL illegals out if our country. They dont belong here under NO CIRCUMSTANCE. DEPORT ALL ALL

      • William M says:

        Will someone intelligent answer this questios for me and a hell of a lot of other Americans sick and tired of thei brown plague: who allowed this disgusting piece of ‘mooslime’ filth to soil the USA? Really, who allowed this disgusting POS to come here? And the real outrage: who in their right mind voted her into an elected public office? All 3 valid questions. Time to wake up America, this is just the beginning. If you don’t believe the damage these entiries cause take a look at Western Europe. If that’s too far, look at Dearborn and Detroit MI and Minneapolis MN. These disgusting ‘mooslimes’ have tuned these formerly great mid west cities into third world middle east like toilets.

        • gandolf says:

          Unfortunately many came here legally. Omar’s parents came here legally so their daughter was born an American citizen.

          • Ibis Helios says:

            I’m sorry to inform you that you are wrong gandolf but Ilhan Omar was born in Mogudishu and is Somalian. Her parents brought her to the USA as a child and her father took citizenship for the whole family. Let’s keep our facts straight and not give due where it doesn’t belong .. there is no way in heck that Ilhan was born an American citizen. Check Wikipedia …

          • Ibis Helios says:

            gandolf she was born in Mogudishu, she is NOT a natural born American citizen. Let’s stick to facts – check Wikipedia.

          • Karen PHELPS-TRIMMER says:

            I would check on that. been reported she was born in Somalia.the state Union address is not the place for this. Omar should be investigated. she was sworn in on. the Koran she has no allegiance to America. wake up government do your job and protect America from Muslin hate.

        • Ibis Helios says:

          One answer to all your questions William M … the culprit is Obama. The muzzie implanted into the white house himself and he did everything he could in his 8 obysmal years in office to destroy the US of A but he couldn’t succeed nor could a spirit cooking witch succeed him in office .. God intervened with his baskets full of deplorables and gave us his new age King Cyrus in the form of Donald J. Trump. The Donald may be many things but he is one of the people albeit a billionaire.

        • Robby Dunbar says:

          William M
          Who voted for this dirt bag
          Muslims from the first Muslim State in the United States
          Muslims from Minnesota voted
          These dirt bags need to get out of our country
          They are Killing AMERICA from with in

        • Phyllis says:

          The answer to your first question is the Obamination. He couldn’t wait to bring them in, and there were several in his cabinet. I have been asking myself the same question for years. Who voted these people into office and why in God’s name would anyone with even an eighth of a brain vote for them. It’s like they are begging for the US to be destroyed.

        • Brenda Collins says:

          They ate nasty and nasty up our country to be exactly like the ones they left. The should assimilate or be deported. Respect the country that took them in not disgrace it.
          I am really sick watching what they are doing to so many beautiful cities across America. They are nasty and dirty and dirty up our America. So disrespectful.

    • vet says:

      and if I’m not mistaken…they don’t take the oath on the Bible.How in the hell can they protect and defend something that they hate and do not believe in ?

  20. Rickey Caldwell says:

    No, there is not a given right for citizenship in the USA or any other country. Why do these Musi’s think that is an automatic? Why do people especially Dems take it as fact? Because they need the votes! Is it too much to ask from the libtards to have a little loyalty to your supposed country. I know, people like this Somalian have none although she took an oath saying she would. Why hate us so much? Anyway, it’s best not to have your face plastered everywhere to be easily identifiable.

  21. Hog Farmer says:

    Allah can eat pig sht on this farm . Along with the rest of you rag heads. round them up and ship them out of USA
    2nd amendment is for us to prevent goverment tyranny.
    We the people better defend our constitution before it’s to week to defend you!!!
    It’s time! EAT MORE PORK

  22. Daniel Mount says:

    I am really counting on our ICE Agents to be at the State of the Union to Arrest any Illegal that will show their head especially the one that Omar is bringing.

    • Jane says:

      Actually, she should be arrested along with her GUEST, for provoking unrest. What a lot of nerve bringing an illegal into our “sacred” halls of history and American values. Obviously, she is trying to shove her form of anti-Americanism in our faces.

  23. JLS says:

    Her guest should be arrested and so should Rep. ISIS. TOLERANCE SHOULD BE RESERVED FOR THOSE WHO RECOGNIZE TRUTH. She is is not a truth seeker, she is a follower of the lie.

  24. JOHN P CATALANO SR says:

    Ms Omar appears to be an isis sympathizer. SHE HAS NO RIGHT IN THE HALLOWED CHAMBERS OF THE H.O,R.!!!!!!!! MS. PELOSI, IF THERE IS ANY AMERICANISM IN YOU, THIS WOMAN SHOULD BE EXPELLED FROM THE H.O.R.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dann Dobson says:

      John –

      What do you mean that Ms. Omar has no right to be in the House of Representatives? She was legally elected by my fellow Minnesota voters in Minneapolis. If you don’t like her positions work against her in the next election. But she had very right to be in the House, as much as that idiot Steve King from Iowa and dozen other Republicans.

      • JoAnn says:

        Screw you American traitor this woman should be thrown out of our country she’s a Somali refugee! how did she get into the government kick her ass out now! She will never last long she will be gone American people are already against her time is limited

        • Leeann Springer says:

          Ilhan Omar and the Rashida Tliab Muslim hate America, Christians and Jews. They want to destroy our National Sovereignty. They have no place in our government because of their warped ideology and hate for the USA and Israel. Didn’t America learn anything from September 11, 2001? Ilhan Omar is married to her own brother, which further demonstrates her debauchery. Because of their Islam brainwashing, it isn’t beyond either one of them to strap on bombs against Americans. They are evil and need to be thrown out of office.

      • george says:

        you and your other fellow reps have a right to be committed to a nut house, she has no right running in our country for any office, why don’t you and your fellow voters go to one of those muslim countries,join the country and run for office, people like you make me sick, hope you get what you voted for.

      • Jeff says:

        How do we know she is NOT practicing al-Taqiyya, after all she is a muslim. Maybe you should do a little research first danny boy. By the way im a white nationalist also, so you people can tougne my bung.

      • Bob says:

        That’s sad, but true (assuming that she wasn’t elected by any illegal voters, duplicate State voters, or dead people, etc…)! More Republicans, and Libertarians should have gotten out and voted!

  25. Love america says:

    Its time we get rid of all pisslamic terrorists in this country like her. These pigs should never be in public office. They are here to kill us, starting with babies. Lets get rid of them first.

  26. Tom says:

    The illegal immigrant should be arrested and deported , the Congresswoman should be impeached for enabling illegal immigrant and violating her illegal oath of office.

  27. Janet says:

    If they are here illegal you stupid jerks why should they be anywhere in the US? I’m so tired of SSDD. ILEGAL MEANS NOT LEGAL. ITS REALLY NOT THAT DIFFICULT. Get over it. Lets take care of our own legal US citizens and veterans FIRST. As for illegals. Come in right way speaking English or not at all. I’m sick of all this everyday talk.

  28. Peter Gaskin says:

    All immigrants who are allowed to be in American government should recuse themselves from anything to do with immigration laws especially the ones who entered illegally in the first place they are trying to change American laws from within Muslims have said they will destroy America from within and the democrat party has given them their wish and have committed treason for allowing enemies of America and its allies to gain access to its government and possibly classified information and proven by the none action with Hillary Clinton democrats don’t seem to care about security or the safety of the American citizens all democrats care about is power and greed even if it means American citizens are killed at home or overseas America is so distracted by the Mueller witch-hunt while terrorist are preparing to attack Americans the FBI CIA JUSTICE DEPARTMENT should be doing real investigation and help securing the border democrats will never stop illegal immigrants or radical terrorist entering the country because they themselves are safe and it is their fraudulent voting system they have set up

    • Janet says:

      I agree Peter Gaskin 100%.

    • Frank Church says:

      Right there with you Peter. I am so sick of this Democratic BS. They are pushing the wrong buttons with me and I will bring arms to the table if that’s what it is going to take. If they want to come to the US the right way that’s fine with me . Democrats think they can just do what the hell they want and not obey or laws they should be hung for treason. As far as with the Muslims that are ALREADY IN OUR GOVERNMENT SYSTEM Need to be taken out they will not obey our laws as they think they have there own.

  29. Dennis Gilley says:

    Americans we cannot sit still and let them shove this grabage down our throats. We need and have to United and let them know they work for and to protect the AMERICAN people. The Swamp must be drained.

  30. Bill says:

    If they are here illegally they need to be kicked out no matter how long they have been here. Let them apply legally like other immigrants. And send that rag head muslim bitch packin’ with her.

  31. enrique araya says:

    Arrest the two Somalia’s and send them back to where they came.


  32. Patricia says:

    My thoughts exactly! She swore on that cult quoran and should never have been put in office! The only thing that will happen to those democrat scum is that this will blow up in their faces! They just can’t except the fact Trump won over that troll!

  33. Jacque says:

    How long do these people or idiots think they can disrespect the POTUS & get away with it. They think that they are more powerful than God Almighty. News aren’t& although you may think you are God will not stand for this blatant disrespect.

    She has been encouraged by her demoncratic counterparts. Arrest & deport. Sadly the rinos need to be arrested & deported.

    We know that President Trump stopped a lot of gravy trains. That’s why they are so upset. the girls flake, mcconnell, ryan, romney rubio,, crackpot pelosi, schumer. & the rest of the demons.

    An outsider comes in & mashes up their dollhouse/gravy train. People God will not be mocked.

    I’m sure raghead doesn’t believe in our true God even so He will not be mocked. Wake up America. We know this is spiritual cause why else would they hate this President so?

  34. Jerry Todd says:

    Our education system and the media have denigrated all aspects of our history – even Michelle Obama, to the cheers of thousands, stated “We must change our traditions and rewrite our history…”

Michelle was far more successful in screwing up the works than her Muslim husband who loaded his Administration and key agencies with Muslims and converts like the bombastic, lying ex-CIA Director Jon Brennan – not to mention dual US/Iranian citizen Valerie Jarrett who ran the day to day of the WH while BHO puttered and pontificated.

  35. Chief Kickabitch says:

    Time to arrest and deport the illegal immigrant, then kick the three freshman Congress women out of the country. If they don’t like America they’re free to leave.

    • Patricia says:

      My thoughts exactly! She swore on that cult quoran and should never have been put in office! The only thing that will happen to those democrat scum is that this will blow up in their faces! They just can’t except the fact Trump won over that troll!

    • theolddog says:

      These three Representatives are just as much American citizens as you and I – or at least as much as I am.
      If you don’t like that, perhaps it is not they who should be deported.

  36. Jason Casteel says:

    I simply cannot believe what is going on in my country. Congressional douchbags, for starters, picking and choosing which laws they decide to follow or ignore. The law is to be applied to everyone equally, regardless of wealth or stature.

    Any politician who pulls crap like this should be immediately removed from office for not upholding the law. So, I ask you this, why the hell are these people still here? DO YOUR FREAKING JOBS, A HOLES, OR RESIGN YOUR OFFICE.

    How in the world did this get like this? Oh yeah, a bunch of complete idiots believed the freaking lying Domocrat pukes the are trying to give away our country. Why in Gods name is this government giving anything to an illegal immigrant other than a one way bus ticket home?

  37. Beth Mulvihill says:

    We are just a push away from communism gun control,no freedom of speech! These are globalists pushing N W O and we have no representation! The only one trying to do the right thing is the President! Congress does not even back him up! America is in trouble. The .LWNJs are out to destroy America!

  38. Jimmy N Wright says:

    Not only should the illegal alien be arrested, Omar should also be arrested for aiding this criminal.

  39. Virginia Murrell says:

    This illegal should be apprehended. Who do these people think they are? They are purposely throwing it in our faces.

  40. Mike says:

    What kind of country have we become. Allowing illegals to the state of the union wow . Well I guess the way we’re going we’re not going to be a country anymore. I don’t know what you would call us. Third World maybe I guess .We need a country wide petition to get rid of this woman now

  41. Diane says:

    Why is every post I write on this site always say duplicate, cannot post. I have not written a post about Omar until now!

    Rep. Ilhan Omar is not supposed to wear makeup, according to Islam. She is not supposed to divorce, according to Islam. 2 children out of wedlock, then while married to someone else, has a 3rd child with the first guy, then divorces the husband and marries her lover! Wow, a real example for youth. Believes in abortion which is against Islam. Well, maybe she is for abortion since those killed are most likely Christians!
    She and her family fled Somalia, came here and she wants to turn our country into the country she fled! Democrats must not have any decent people to run for office, so any foolish traitorious person will do!
    Don’t forget her “misuse of campaign finance funds”! Dems can’t find anyone honest either!
    She introduced 38 bills while in the House of Representatives in Minnesota. Not one single bill passed! Now that is a real left lib democrat!

    • Gretchen says:

      You are right on. Hypocrites are they

    • The Real M says:

      Diane, Rep. Omar may be in danger from some radical Islamic extremists in her own neighborhood. I don’t think I have ever heard of someone with her lifestyle in her religion. It is not legal in America but, that does not stop honor killings in her religion. What is going on with this woman?
      In fact what is wrong with the Democrat party to elect someone like this to our Congress. She does not support the Constitution or us as Christians. She is faithful to the Quran and you know what the Islam faith thinks about Christians.
      We have alien enemies elected to and serving in our government. She MUST be a one term member of Congress!

      • Bob says:

        Well, wait a minute … If everything that Diane said is true (makeup, bastard children out of wedlock, divorce, infidelity, etc…) then she may be for overthrowing our way of life, but she hasn’t been “faithful to the Quran” or Islam!

        That would just make her another lying, turd of a Demorat politician, using her “constituents” (MN Muslims), to gain power and wealth for herself, while doing harm to the USA!

        • The Real M says:

          Bob, What? You used different words to say exactly the same thing I said! Were my words not clear? If I am not understandable, I will try to do better in the future. I think I addressed that she may have put herself in danger of an “honor killing” by an extremist in her religion due to her lifestyle. Had I known you were going to write your comment I could have saved my effort!

    • Wumingren says:

      You must only click the “post” button once. It takes its sweet time to process your post, but it seems like it didn’t post. Be patient and wait a few seconds longer. If you get the “duplicate” warning, just copy you message and make some minor changes before hitting the post button again. And, wait for it; it will go through.

  42. Diane says:

    Rep. Ilhan Omar is not supposed to wear makeup, according to Islam. She is not supposed to divorce, according to Islam. 2 children out of wedlock, then while married to someone else, has a 3rd child with the first guy, then divorces the husband and marries her lover! Wow, a real example for youth. Believes in abortion which is against Islam. Well, maybe she is for abortion since those killed are most likely Christians!
    She and her family fled Somalia, came here and she wants to turn our country into the country she fled! Democrats must not have any decent people to run for office, so any foolish traitorious person will do!
    Don’t forget her “misuse of campaign finance funds”! Dems can’t find anyone honest either!
    She introduced 38 bills while in the House of Representatives in Minnesota. Not one single bill passed! Now that is a real left lib democrat!

  43. edward says:

    refuse entry to the illegal and whomever they are with.

    • Sulig says:

      Omar carries on about this person being here for 20 years and so respectable. First if she is illegal we have NO idea what she has done criminally and how much she lies. Let alone a name like Linda Clark. Doesn’t sound like she is from her country. Maybe a made up name?

  44. CLIFF says:


  45. Maybe the Capital Police should arrest them both! The House Islamic Representative for harboring an illegal and the illegal for being illegal, that would be a novel idea! I do not know anything about the Deferred Enforced Departure (DED I can only suspect there is something in it that gives reason for this woman’s not doing something since 2000 so she can stay her, or she did something wrong while she has been here. Maybe this woman is suppose to give a response to Trumps speach.

  46. Jay says:

    This certainly tells you where traitor Omar’s loyalties lie!! She certainly does not have America’s best interests in mind either. How did she even get elected with her questionable citizenship and being married to her brother at one point??
    She should be removed from office. Voter fraud is rampant in Minnesota .
    And if this illegal was here since 2000, why didn’t she apply for citizenship legally and become a citizens? The democrats have really gone off the rail and against everything the USA stands for by electing this Omar woman! It’s as bad as Tlaib in Michigan.
    There is a petition with 300,000 signatures on it to get Tlaib removed as well.
    She broke quite a few laws regarding residency etc.
    These vile treasonous democrats are the reason Trump was elected, it’s going to take a long time to drain the 8 year Obama swamp!
    God bless and save America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Trump 2020 🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸

  47. Paul says:

    Every comment from everyone here is exactly right. The Dems have been doing this kind of crap for over 40 yrs. They keep throwing it at the ceiling to see what sticks. If we sit back and do nothing, then what’s next. Ticker tape parade for the caravans, handing out cars and houses at the end.

  48. Truckman says:

    Also arrest the one who brings them for aiding a illegal immigrant

  49. Donald Cox says:

    If Linda Clark, the Liberian, would follow the law on Immigrants, established by Congress many years ago, and if she had applied for citizenship in 2000 (when she came here) she would be a US Citizen today…she would have been here the required 5 years. Why didn’t some Democrat explain this to her? Why didn’t Omar explain this to her instead of trying to make a spectacle of her at the State of the Union? At the time she received her Green Card, it should be told of all receiving the Green Card, that they must apply for citizenship…maybe they do and they ignore our immigration laws. Those of us that live in souther California, Arizona and Texas understand the need for a wall. Pelosi and Schumer should be forced to visit thee southern walls (some places there are only four foot wooden fences)..but, it all goes back to making President Trump look bad. When Obama was in office the Democrats wanted a wall…now, that President Trump is in office, they have changed their minds. POLITICS !!!

  50. Nunyer Binnis says:

    islam must DIE. alla = satan.

  51. Dewey Bowser says:

    The last thing America needs is Muslims telling us how run show. or Democrats far as I am concerned

  52. guy says:

    the sgt of arms should have her removed, if not then the FBI should arrest her and turn her over to home land security for immy deportation.

  53. Mike Mills says:

    Yes……arrest them and then kick the REAL perpetrator out of congress.

    This is a seditionist at work ,right in the legislative branch of our government.

    She should be stopped now!!!!

  54. John Boy says:

    PERFECT!! Use the opportunity to arrest both of them on live TV.

    • Piec says:

      Thanks even better than one.

    • D.A.N. says:

      I like that idea.
      “Paying the ransom would only lead to further demands, Jefferson argued in letters to future presidents John Adams, then America’s minister to Great Britain, and James Monroe, then a member of Congress. As Jefferson wrote to Adams in a July 11, 1786, letter, “I acknolege [sic] I very early thought it would be best to effect a peace thro’ the medium of war.” Paying tribute will merely invite more demands, and even if a coalition proves workable, the only solution is a strong navy that can reach the pirates, Jefferson argued in an August 18, 1786, letter to James Monroe: “The states must see the rod; perhaps it must be felt by some one of them … Every national citizen must wish to see an effective instrument of coercion …”” That quote from snopes shows why we should never bow to the Muslims wishes. First it was the use of the Quran and now it is their demanding and getting to wear headgear in Congress.

  55. rod says:

    who does this somoli piece dung think she is? your muslim hating ass needs to be deported! I don’t think she was elected! this was voter fraud! no respectable American would vote for the swill that comes out of her mouth go home where you belong and take that illegal ho with you you sharia pushing slut! married your own brother! what wrong with this picture

  56. Marlene Saad says:

    Where are the Treason laws in this country against foreigners who in the name of their own foreign countres break the laws and threaten the President of the US??
    More vetting should be mandatory to prevent those who hold office in an effort to destroy America from within?

  57. Mary says:

    Follow the USA constitution IIhan Omar, didn’t you know this before running for office, besides you are an un – American person, don’t have America’s interest first.==>> Impeach ASAP. Obama never followed the constitution, and broke the immigration statue by letting a lot of illegals cross freely into the US

  58. Marie D. Tilson says:

    Why is someone who is not a born American able to run for government offices ?

    • Annette says:

      I didn’t think they could run for office. Or is that just the President having to be a natural born citizen ?
      Either way, if they can NOT uphold the Constitution then they need to be removed immediately. Just my opinion.

  59. Dan Croft says:

    Just remove them if thet cause any problems

  60. Anne says:

    If this Congresswoman, does not respect the Soverinty of the US, I will be more than happy to help her pack her bags on a one way trip. BACK TO SOMALIA!!!!!

  61. Vp says:

    What part of “”illegal” does the radical democrat not understand?

  62. Thomas says:

    It’s time to put the Democrats in their place! People like Omar have no place in our government, she is anti-American just like the Obama’s and probably worse. If I could, I would force every Muslim in America out of the country. They are not here to assimilate but rather, to conquer from within! I’m tired of listening to the Democrats putting my country down, if they don’t like it here, get the hell out!!!!

    • Paul says:

      Couldn’t say it better myself..
      The Dumb ass dems are instigating a new civil war. You can only push so far. Americans will not stand for illegals pouring over the borders and committing crimes.

  63. N says:

    Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil corrupted liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Grahams,Romney,Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio, Sessions, McConnell, Flake, etc)they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp,Pres Trump!

  64. Deanne says:

    If we ENFORCED the 1952 Immigration & Nationality Act we wouldn’t have to worry about Islamic terrorists here , SHARIA supporters on our soil OR enemies INFILTRATING our government w/ demoncrats help!

  65. Bill Shillingford says:

    What is this country coming to ???? How can an illegal get into OUR House of Representatives ?? WHY do the Capital Police allow an illegal into Halls of Congress? It is time for Real Tax Paying American Citizens to start rising up and taking our Country BACK. Washington politicians are gutless and no longer follow the OATH they took
    DON’T let her in with the ILLEGAL

    • D.A.N. says:

      As the person cannot have a legal Driver’s License that meets the Real ID requirements, access to Federal Buildings should be barred.

  66. Diane says:

    Omar is evil and she has no business in the US let alone Congress. What in the ____does she or any other alien know or understand about what is good for this country. These Muslims are destroying our country. What a mockery!

  67. zee+ says:

    Yeppur. ‘TRANSITION’ ‘step by step’
    ‘inch by inch’. ‘We Sovereign USA’ IN
    Big TRBL. Bleeding Heart Syndrome
    DOES NOT SAVE USA (0r Any0ne Else)
    for that fact, in the Long run.
    > 1 World/New World 0rder AGENDA
    you ‘know’.

  68. Nadine says:

    She has been here since 2000 And could have applied for citizenship. My grandparents were legal immigrants but they became citizens .

  69. Richard Tryon says:

    When we elect a Representative from any State and that Rep has right to bring a guest, who happens to be one that may have a legal reason to expect deportation, the Representative has at least an implied need to see to it that the guest is only a show piece, not a U.S. citizen invited to witness an event. Searching and questioning such a person is not disallowed and may take more time than expected to insure that the President is not threatened by such presence.

    The media will certainly follow to insure that treatment of such person(s) is done according to law. Any mis-step is risky to any guest that does not know how to behave.

  70. Sherry L Chase says:

    I see where illegals dig a deep tunnel! Power drive them beans deep into the ground and put electricity though that Safety Security Wall! Arrest them all even the terrorist Muslims…. No Muslim should be in any branches of America’s government…….

  71. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Where do they get this “moral imperative” crap from???? Aiding, abetting and protecting CRIMINAL INVADERS is against our laws and therefore IMMORAL not “moral” in any sense of that term; but Omar should be kicked out for lying on her immigration papers too.

  72. Steve says:

    Both of them should be deported. Period

  73. Steven Kaspar says:

    They should both be arrested and DEPORTED!

  74. MIke W says:

    By showing up anywhere let alone the State of the Union address they are basically saying we’re ILLEGAL and YOO can’t do a damned thing about it. IF we let that stand we get what we deserve.

  75. Terry L Earl says:

    If she shows then arrest and deport!!!

    Standing ovation, in our obscure houses at least!!!

  76. Caesar Meledandri says:

    What a reprihensible human being. Go back to Minnesota with your illegal immigrant. Make room in your own home for her and her ilck.

  77. Robby Dunbar says:


    • They are also destroying themselves……

    • gary says:

      also more proof of would keep happen as long as you Americans just complain without true resistance and stop relying on a corrupt system of government and medias fraudulent elections!

    • gary says:

      This is what idle Americans get when just complaining without true resistance accepting the liberalism of the lowering of standards to pacify all that hurts all and a anti-Americanism of rhinos, especially anti-American democrats and their tool the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES!

  78. Congresspersons that knowingly assist those that are breaking the law should be held accountable also.

  79. Cg says:

    She’s had 19 years to become a legal citizen.

  80. Roger says:

    She is harboring a law breaker and supports them. This raghead is committing Treason.

  81. John says:

    There is a 1952 immigration law that state if you believe in the Korean or Sharia law you swill not be allowed into the country and why are we not enforcing that law

  82. Cliff says:

    Not only should the ILLEGAL be arrested and deported, but the “representative” that brings them to “OUR HOUSE” should be arrested and charged with aiding and abetting a ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT, JAILED, and then REMOVED from their seat in Congress PERMANENTLY.
    I for one, am tired of the “double standards” of “justice” that DEMOCOMMUNISTS are “allowed” to “enjoy”.

  83. Jeanette Fossum says:

    illegal aliens and muslims should Not be allowed in America at all. I would love to help ICE round them up.

  84. Steff says:


    • Glenn says:

      This is sad American people letting this happen

    • R Cunningham says:

      I’ll go you one better. No illegal alien of any kind should be allowed in the United States at any time. From what I understand those who are part of the Islamic cult feel we ‘non believers’ should all die. I don’t know about you, but it’s enough to completely turn me off to any of their beliefs.

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