You won’t believe who Barack Obama just blamed for the George Floyd riots

Barack Obama spent eight years in the White House stoking racial strife and division.

So it was no surprise that Obama would jump into the spotlight to offer his thoughts on the riots and anarchy the Left unleashed on America.

Now you won’t believe who Barack Obama just blamed for the George Floyd riots.

In a web conference speech to his political group “My Brother’s Keeper,” Obama claimed the anarchists in the street were the inheritors of the mantle of the American revolution.

“Just remember this country was founded on protest. It’s called the American Revolution, and every step of progress of this country. Every expansion of freedom, every expression of our deepest ideals has been won through efforts that has made the status quo uncomfortable,” Obama stated.

Obama then claimed that the American people deserved all the looting and rioting because was and always has been a racist country.

“They are the result of a long history of slavery, Jim Crow, institutionalized racism that have too often have been the plague of the original sin of our society,” Obama ranted.

Obama even went so far as to excuse the violence and looting.

“I have been hearing a little bit of chatter on the Internet about voting versus protest. Politics and participation versus civil disobedience and direct action,” Obama added. “This is not either/or. This is both/and to bring about real change.”

Democrats used to pretend to love the country.

But the Left thinks the momentum is on their side and liberals aren’t even hiding their hatred for America and their desire to remake it into a socialist dystopia centered around identity politics and racial grievance.

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101 Responses

  1. Dennis Ellis says:

    Dr. JD You Must Be A Girl Scout Vet. Army Vets Talk Like Men Not Like Little Girls.

  2. Dennis Ellis says:

    II Though The Only Thing Obama Could Think Of Was Ways To Steal.

  3. Gary says:

    Who cares what Obama says she you go back to wear he came from and ruin that country li me he is still trying to do with his shadow govt

  4. Garnet shong says:

    Barrack Hussein Obama is our First Muslim President. Starting in New York he divided the nation by pitting the nation against the Police………then in Ferguson and then on to Baltimore. He was the great “divider”. He intentionally divided the nation…..United we stand…………Divided we fall. He worked diligently to divide this great nation. How anyone could elect this “empty suit community organizer” is beyond me!

  5. ANI4ANI says:

    BHO gave legitimacy 2 BLM /ANTIFA/NEW BLACK PANTHERS/CON ARTISTS tax dodgers (Sharpton) & “UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS” Meanwhile the coffins piled up in Chicago & Baltimore.

  6. John D Kelly says:

    Obama is advocating for violence in his comments. Have him brought in for interrogation; as inciting to riot is a crime.

  7. Rick says:

    Obama ruled USA like a Chicago crime boss…prosecuted whistle blowers, spied on the free press, attempted to overthrow our government, protected criminals under his administration….holder, clinton, clapper, comey, mccabe, mills, paige,stroek etc….and continues to lie about everything. These washed up generals want wars and more wars…no peace. Military industrial complex!

  8. sharon says:

    Amen-Bill Clinton also said “I did not have sex with that woman”.(Darn his semen on the dress. How’s that happen?) And 4-star generals and Mattis answer to who? The President. It’s interesting to note that through the hearings and whatnot that have gone on the last year-that a lot of people who answer to the President don’t necessarily want to or agree with him. We found that out with Ambassadors who thought they were in charge. They answer to the President and if they don’t agree with him or his political handling of something-he is still the President and they can step down. And 4-star generals are used to be listened to because that what troops have to do. The President does not and their egos can get the best of them.

  9. Tank says:

    F number 44!

  10. Amen says:

    Hey sharon, even Bill Clinton said Trump is a danger to our constitution. So did Mattis, and all the 4-star generals that worked with Trump. Trump could have caused Will Rogers to back off from “I never met a man I did not like”!!

  11. Dr.J. D. says:

    Army Vet, if you don’t like lies, then you must really be upset at the compulsive liar Trump who has a documented (2 newspaper) 19,127 lies by now. “Everyone who wants a test can get a test, I had the biggest inaugural crowd in history, hydrozychloroquine will be a “game changer, we have the pandemic under control, etc. (we coudl go on for days).
    One thing your Trumpers do is blame all your behavior on someone else, whether Obama, RINOs, some fake Deep State, whatever. Then that justifies whatever you do, even if illegal. Truman accepted responsibility and sign on desk said “the buck stops HERE!” Trump never accepts responsibility or blame, but wants all the credit, even for stuff that happened before he took office. Most of Trump’s followers never accept responsibility either – – trying to blame Obama for why Trump messed up, time and again, about the response to COVID-19.

  12. sharon says:

    Army Vet-I so agree with you.

  13. ARMY VET says:

    Amen, you shouldn’t use that word. Because, GOD wouldn’t be happy. How you meatballs have forgotten those words of lies spoken by Obumass about his failure healthcare. You will be able to keep your healthcare provider! Your premium will not go up! Tell me what happened when it went into effect? People lost their healthcare providers. The premiums went through the roof. Now, the bull sh##. Those who couldn’t afford healthcare. Were fined $1,000.00 a year for not having healthcare. Then he made the comment; “Whites should apologize for being white”. Also, how about the billions of tax payers money sent to Iran? A country that sponsored terrorist groups and hates America? Therefore, obumass, was the worst to ever occupy the White House. He should be tried and convicted for treason. Along with his cohorts.

  14. Debra Hull says:

    Obama has always put the American people in categories of race. You actually are a very toxic individual to use your color to do this. Got a question for u Obama? What are the two common denominators that all man share throughput history? It is gold and slavery! It didn’t matter what color you were….of course you no longer wanted school to teach history in the classroom anymore. You word to me is garbage and your lies are all.pieces of it! Protesters attacked their own people…again it didn’t matter what race you were…Obama I think u need a strong reality check on racism…to me you are the biggest cause of it because you are a racist….you like Nancy Pissolsi need a time out….u and your first lady are so childish…please keep quiet!

  15. sharon says:

    Don’t forget Jimmy Carter can’t seem to stop spouting also.
    Even though he doesn’t fit in the President’s Club of George H. ,Clinton, George W. and Obama. I will say this about Clinton as President-he had a fairly good economy and he doesn’t continually disparage Presidents elected after him.

  16. Sheldon Nadler says:

    Barak “The Muslim” Obama is a racist, he hates white people and black people because he is a Muslim.

  17. gary says:

    Amen your a fool why do you think he had his records sealed so you cannot see who he really is you must be a dem

  18. Charles says:

    Most of these postings are just one B.S. conspiracy idea after another – – – none with evidence. And when you are presented with evidence, you won’t listen. There are truly none so blind as those who refuse to SEE!

  19. Amen says:

    Obama’s comments do not say what you claim it does. President Obama has spoken out numerous times against violence, looting . . . and his most often phrase is “don’t get angry . . . VOTE!!!” Too many of you have Obama Derangement Syndrome like Trump. Perhaps because some of you are prejudist.

  20. Irtish Lad says:

    Faker obama should go back to Kenya He is nothing but a trouble
    maker Somebody should remind him that he is no longer a office
    holder Was voted the woirst ever

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