You won’t believe which Republican just stabbed Trump in the back

Donald Trump is fighting the Washington, D.C. swamp to prevent a two trillion dollar spending giveaway disguised as coronavirus relief.

The President expected his fellow Republicans to back him up.

But you won’t believe which RINO just stabbed Trump in the back.

When Congress put together their latest $2.3 trillion spending binge, one provision tucked away in the legislation infuriated President Trump and his supporters.

And that was Congress shipping $1,800 checks to the family members of illegal aliens.

To makes matters worse, it was Florida Senator Marco Rubio that fought for this giveaway.

CBS reported:

Under the agreement, U.S. citizens and green card holders will be able to receive $600 in direct aid, even if they filed a joint tax return with an undocumented spouse, as well as additional $600 checks per dependent child, according to congressional aides and the text of the legislation.

The new compromise would also retroactively make mixed-status families eligible for the $1,200 per household and $500 per child checks allocated by the CARES Act, which was enacted in late March.

Rubio wasn’t ashamed of this taxpayer handout, in fact, he bragged about being the mastermind.

“No American should have been blocked from receiving federal assistance during a global pandemic because of who they married,” Rubio boasted. “I thank Senator Tillis and my other Senate colleagues for their leadership in getting this across the finish line.”

This handout to the family members of illegal aliens is one reason conservatives cheered President Trump calling this pork-laden legislation a “disgrace” and threatened to veto the bill.

Establishment Republicans like Marco Rubio creating magnets for illegal immigration at the expense of the American taxpayer are what created the conditions for Donald Trump’s rise.

Four years after Donald Trump smoked Marco Rubio in the GOP primary it is clear Rubio didn’t learn his lesson.

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