You won’t believe which Republican CNN is pushing to challenge Trump in 2020

CNN’s goal for the next two years is to ensure Trump doesn’t get a second term.

They have been hyping up every Democrat looking to challenge him.

But now you won’t believe which Republican they are pushing to challenge him in 2020.

CNN is the most anti-Trump network on television.

As it turns out, they are willing to stoop to any level to stop him, including supporting Republicans that oppose Trump.

Their latest Republican hero is Rep. Justin Amash, who was a little-known politician up until recent days when he called for President Trump’s impeachment.

Now, Democrats are looking at him as though he’s a hero.

And CNN’s chief political analyst Gloria Borger is even pushing for him to be President.

She believes that with him turning on virtually all Republicans, he is going “head-on” with his anti-Trump push.

And she may be right, considering he is burning virtually every possible bridge in the Republican Party he can.

Breitbart News reports:

Tuesday on CNN’s “Newsroom,” network chief political analyst Gloria Borger said Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) could be pushing for the impeachment of President Donald Trump because he “might be running for president.”

Baldwin first noted that Amash is “not backing down,” then asked, “what do you think?”

Borger answered, “I think he might be running for president.”

Baldwin pressed, “Do you think that that’s what that is?”

Borger said, “Yeah, I do. I think it really might be. He’s been excommunicated from Republicans in the Congress, who are by and large standing up with the president. And he has decided to go head-on into this.”

In reality, Justin Amash didn’t really “betray” President Trump, as he was never an ally to begin with.

Amash supports open borders and regularly speaks out against Trump.

Him calling for his impeachment is just an attempt at relevance.

And it’s working for him.

The media is worshipping the ground he walks on, with outlets writing puff pieces with headlines like “Amash gets standing ovation at first town hall after calling for Trump’s impeachment,” as The Hill recently threw up.

But no amount of fake news in the media is likely to save him, considering he already has a primary challenger, and he has lost his top campaign donors.

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