You won’t believe which Republican CNN is pushing to challenge Trump in 2020

CNN’s goal for the next two years is to ensure Trump doesn’t get a second term.

They have been hyping up every Democrat looking to challenge him.

But now you won’t believe which Republican they are pushing to challenge him in 2020.

CNN is the most anti-Trump network on television.

As it turns out, they are willing to stoop to any level to stop him, including supporting Republicans that oppose Trump.

Their latest Republican hero is Rep. Justin Amash, who was a little-known politician up until recent days when he called for President Trump’s impeachment.

Now, Democrats are looking at him as though he’s a hero.

And CNN’s chief political analyst Gloria Borger is even pushing for him to be President.

She believes that with him turning on virtually all Republicans, he is going “head-on” with his anti-Trump push.

And she may be right, considering he is burning virtually every possible bridge in the Republican Party he can.

Breitbart News reports:

Tuesday on CNN’s “Newsroom,” network chief political analyst Gloria Borger said Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) could be pushing for the impeachment of President Donald Trump because he “might be running for president.”

Baldwin first noted that Amash is “not backing down,” then asked, “what do you think?”

Borger answered, “I think he might be running for president.”

Baldwin pressed, “Do you think that that’s what that is?”

Borger said, “Yeah, I do. I think it really might be. He’s been excommunicated from Republicans in the Congress, who are by and large standing up with the president. And he has decided to go head-on into this.”

In reality, Justin Amash didn’t really “betray” President Trump, as he was never an ally to begin with.

Amash supports open borders and regularly speaks out against Trump.

Him calling for his impeachment is just an attempt at relevance.

And it’s working for him.

The media is worshipping the ground he walks on, with outlets writing puff pieces with headlines like “Amash gets standing ovation at first town hall after calling for Trump’s impeachment,” as The Hill recently threw up.

But no amount of fake news in the media is likely to save him, considering he already has a primary challenger, and he has lost his top campaign donors.


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58 Responses

  1. manuel abad says:


  2. Mama says:

    AMASH IS aWASH. M is upsidedown W.
    That’s all.

  3. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Mooslims are religious racists and believe that anyone who opposes them should be killed for not converting to Islam. Read a Quran and find out for yourselves as they hate Jews the most and want to exterminate them along with all of the rest of us.

  4. Mama says:

    Mama June 2, 2019 at 6:58 pm
    NOT TOO Late ! Still June 2nd
    Franklin Graham (Son of Billy Graham)
    MR. President & USA.
    TAKE Quiet ‘moment’ & SEND YOUR

  5. LES says:

    Just another Demonrat posing as a Republican . . . The voters know who these guys are despite what party they CLAIM to be a part of . . . Laugh is now on them!!! Not many Conservatives would ever vote for a Republican anyway!!! A huge waste of time but undoubtedly profitable for those willing to put their name on the “list” . . . LOL!!!

  6. gary glockzin says:

    im voteing for Trump

  7. Chaz says:

    The best joke of the day! The most hated man in the voting public.

  8. David Rose says:

    CNN doesn’t have as many viewers as your home town news paper.
    If I was an ignorant liberal like Just in A mess, I would want to spread my story to other ignorant liberals.
    There is no better place to find a small group of ignorant treasonous liberals, than on CNN.
    Two brain cells are required to understand the President Trump’s policies.
    To meet the two brain cell requirement, 38 liberals, adding assets together, would be needed.

  9. Trumpster says:

    Sorry but Justin is a Democrat. He will never have a chance in he ll beating President Trump

  10. John H Montgomery Jr says:

    He dopesn´t have a prayer.

  11. NOBODY says:


  12. Dr. J.D. says:

    This article is wrong about Democrats thinking Amash is a hero. First of all, he is pretty much a kook about most issues as a libertarian. Second, most of us think better of him because he is one of the few in Congress that has READ the Mueller report . . . we think ALL the Senators and reps should read it. Third, we just admire someone in the republican party that recognizes that NO ONE, NOT EVEN THE PRESIDENT, IS ABOVE THE RULE OF LAW. Since Trump has clearly violated numerous obstructions of justice like telling McGahn to fire the special counsel and then TO CREATE A “FALSE RECORD” ABOUT THAT, it is the duty of ALL in Congress to investigate this thoroughly under impeachment inquiry and vote to remove a president who is doing irreparable harm to the office of the presidency and not protecting the USA from Russian interference in 2020.

    • Trumpster says:

      Have you read the report, Dr. Junk Deadhead. How do you know President Trump did anything wrong. All the log head demorats are yell impeach but coming up with a reason to impeach.

    • jolly roger says:

      Okay DR Junk tell us what has Trump done to warrant impeachment….. we have all day go ahead…….

      • debbie says:

        Guaranteed, “DR” JD Stands for JUST DUMB..only thing this is, is a Dr. of BS…Notice how IT, he or she Never Bothered of course, to Reply..because It’s just Another TROLL..Brain Dead..Puppet of & For the Loony Tunes of the LEFT/DEM Party of Lunatics & Minions.

    • Jim says:

      You sir demonstrate just how Dems/communists have a twisted way of thinking. People like you and the proproganda machine of the DNC have erroded the office of the presidency. Really sad.

    • Rowdy says:

      I do not know how the hell you got the privilege to put Dr. in front of your name. I really thought that a person had to be really smart and loaded with common since3 to receive such a title. Oh, that’s right, if you attended a liberal college, you receive your grades and titles for doing nothing but listening to the democrap leftism propaganda, the only requirement to graduate from college. And that is why I make dam sure when I choose a medical doctor to provide medical care that they actually earned their degree to practice medicine.

    • Tom says:

      Sort Dr. J. D. ,but you can talk all you want, the Democrats might impeach President Trump, but impeachment is worth absolutely nothing without a conviction, and the Senate controls the vote on convicting the President, impeachment means absolutely nothing without conviction. So if the Congress files impeachment charges against Trump, they have just insured Trumps re-election, by a land slide, because that will pi$$ off the voters to no end, and they will give Trump his second term.

    • David says:

      Dr JD I’m sure you’re not a real doctor because if you are you might be the most stupid one I’ve ever seen. I have several friends who use to be bumbacrats but even they had enough brains to see where the party has gone. I was not a Trump supporter to begin with but not he has proven to be maybe the greatest President since George Washington doing all he has done with the ignorance of our fake mews fighting him every step. Even the blacks are starting to see the light on how much he is helping them. It’s a shame that people like you are so ignorant and stupid that you can’t see through the fake news

      • Jack Handy says:

        0nly a ph.d. wrote a thesis to get dr. letters.
        0ther than that jd is a ‘nothing burger’.
        Taught a ‘course’ in some rinky dink college
        ” How To Lie W/ Statistics” , & he does it
        All day long w/ phony msm. Trying to ‘overthrow’
        the President.
        0ne thing for sure, Be Glad this ‘dufus’ Doesn’t
        Hold Public 0ffice ! We have plenty dufus’ Already.

  13. Bonnie says:

    CNN only wants him to divide Republicans so a Democrat could win! So sick of these “fakes” playing the little games!!!

  14. pete says:

    Justin Amash? Ha, ha! CNN would do better if they backed JoJo, The Dog Faced Boy for President!

  15. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Amash is just another liberal idiot that believes in wide open borders. Those two islamic pigs got here from Mexico and shot up that shopping mall in San Bernardino killing 13 people, makes me wish that Amash would’ve been one of those victims. If that was the case I’d say good riddance.

    • Teri Pyzer says:

      Why do you allow your people to just rant on with lies and false information. I understand you are a Republican news organization but really now you are supposed a news organization first

    • Joe the Plumber says:

      White supremacists like you have killed many more than any American Muslims. You’re disgraceful, especially for someone of Irish heritage Sully.

      • David Rose says:

        People are talking about the Democratic party being racist and full of white supremacists, since their top two candidates are creepy old white men. I’ve been listening to the ranting liberals and that’s what they’ve been saying. You need to get rid of the racist white supremacist on top of your list and vote in some crazy muslims or maybe another ILLEGAL.

      • Gregory Sullivan says:

        In other words if I said nothing about the people who were killed by “The religion of peace and brotherhood” I’d not be a white supremacist. Those people are after all of us including you and are dedicated to kill anyone who won’t convert to Islam as people in this world have a right to hate them and criticise them for their barbaric practices.

  16. Gerry Johnson says:

    Trump is saying, “Don’t make this so ridiculously easy. It’s already a bad joke.”

  17. Alan Wright says:

    The Democrats are showing the world exactly what they are. Leave them alone and allow them to dig their own graves. They are doing a much better job at it then anyone else ever could.

  18. Mikey says:

    Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, CNN. Snow White could not beat Trump if the voters knew she had your endorsement.

  19. Robert says:

    Amish is a typical low information voter candidate that probably cannot get a real job in the private sector so he is feebly trying to get his name on the media and the only one he can get to support him is the liberal CNN people, so anyone of the conservative voters that votes for him are just basically voting for the Democratic candidate like Biden or Sanders.

  20. CHRIS HINES says:

    Amash is a idiot looking for attention and he is stupid enough to believe anything CNN tells him. Hopefully he will run against Trump, but doubt after trying for a few months will see for himself just how many already hate him. I would not be surprised if he is voted out next election, that is if he makes it that long.

  21. Helga says:

    Smash Amash the traitor!!

  22. Tom says:

    This Amash is a turncoat, why would a Republican vote for him, if he runs against President Trump he might as well try to transfer to the Demoncratic party, because that is the only party that would except him.

    • Timothy says:

      That’s right, Tom, we need to get rid of anyone who thinks for themselves like Amash. We need to create a screening that anyone with any integrity, be it Amash, McCain, Flake or any other republican, should not be let into the party unless they are spineless like Lindsey Graham! Send them to Canada!

      • Tom says:

        You don’t have to be sarcastic, just because you don’t agree with him, oh! Excuse me, you do too, because your a Demoncrat, excuse me for butting in, go ahead and be as sarcastic as you like, otherwise you wouldn’t be a very loyal Demoncrat.

  23. John Varyan says:

    CNN is a puppet of the DNC. Someone at the DNC write a script for the so called “news ” Ass____s at CNN to put on the air anti-Trump crap.
    Don “Lemon” is the worst , if you bought a new car that had a bunch of defects it is known as a “DON LEMON”.

  24. Ron says:

    CNN the communist news network, Does not realize President Trump is GOD sent, to save this nation. They are fighting against The Almighty GOD. They cannot win.

    • Christel says:

      I have been calling CNN the .Commie News Network for a couple of years now. So glad to see someone else seeing CNN for what they are????????????????

  25. FedUp says:

    cnn should mind their own business & not the business of the American people. We are definitely smarter than cnn. By “helping” the American people, cnn is cutting their own throat.

    • Christel says:

      I have been calling CNN the .Commie News Network for a couple of years now. So glad to see someone else seeing CNN for what they are????????????????

    • Christel says:

      I have been calling CNN the .Commie News Network for a couple of years now. So glad to see someone else seeing CNN for what they are???????????????? Beginning to wonder who monitors these remarks….first time I replied…getting message from them that .I already posted this….and I have NOT.

  26. Gregory Sullivan says:

    This is not surprising as CNN is ran by people who are 90% registered democrats and all of them union members.

    • Ric B says:

      And dammit, their I.Q.s at CNN are way too high, and their education level is way too much to be republicans! As one republicans said: “we need to quit being the party of stupid,” whereas Demented Donnie yelled “No, we don’t!”

      • Melania says:

        That is just not true that “Republicans are the party of stupid.” I know many of them are very well educated, run businesses, attend some of the finest universities in the world and write some excellent, thoughtful books. But what is true, is those who are well educated, like George Will, Jeb Bush and Amash, do not support Trump.

        • Marilyn says:

          So what? George Will turned left, Jeb thought it was his turn, Amash is Muslem and supports that ideology. Jeb would have gone down like Romney and McCain. Sorry to say they were all losers, period! They all had the same chance as Trump – even more. Watch for Trump ins 2020;

      • ron kessinger says:

        Wet dream alert, stick to mental masterbation

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