You won’t believe what Tom Brokaw just said about Donald Trump

For many years, Tom Brokaw was the face of the Fake News Media.

Tom Brokaw was the lead anchor on NBC’s fake news nightly broadcast for years.

And you won’t believe what Tom Brokaw just said about Donald Trump.

Like many so-called “journalists” of his generation, Brokaw came to prominence during the Left’s takedown of Richard Nixon.

The success of the effort to drive Nixon – who was reviled by the left – from office has emboldened the Fake News Media to claim every Republican president faces an impeachment level crisis.

Since Nixon is their frame of reference, Brokaw delivered the most devastating attack on Trump that he thought he could.

Appearing on MSNBC, Brokaw claimed Nixon was more presidential than Trump.

Breitbart reports:

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” NBC special correspondent and former “Nightly News” anchor Tom Brokaw said President Richard Nixon acted more “presidential” than President Donald Trump.

Brokaw said, “The conduct of Donald Trump versus the conduct of President Nixon: Nixon was always aware of being presidential and the way he spoke the way he responded to me there.

Trump, you know, plays from the gutter frankly. It’s ready, draw, shoot, whatever you need to do. So it’s a different time.”

He continued, “It’s also a different time in terms of what people have access to because of social media. That’s a huge difference because everybody can tune in, see what’s going on, you don’t know whether it is authentic or not.”

He added, “The other thing is that everybody is operating on separate islands. There’s no cooperation across agencies and across departments of government. The other very important part of it, the Republican Party at that time, did not speak out in a way they’re speaking out now. Most of them stayed quietly in their offices and took in the evidence that was coming in on a daily basis. They didn’t get out there and show their sharp elbows.”

To the Fake News Media, Richard Nixon stands as the gold standard of a corrupt and criminal President.

Brokaw saying Trump acts even worse than Nixon is his way of signaling to his colleagues in the fake news that they should keep up the attacks on Trump no matter how impeachment turns out.

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166 Responses

  1. Dolly Shepherd says:

    Now we know all the Media was corrupt back then too
    I think they all are getting paid to lie
    by the money men
    That’s my opinion

  2. richard cyfers says:

    Presidential presidents, we don’t need anybody in the WH acting Presidential. We’ve had enough of them that why we elected Donald Trump, he’s a Rambo, you have to be a Rambo to get anything done. These other president were too presidential whips.

  3. steveo says:

    you mean if you like your doctor you can keep him or if you like your plan you can keep it,or every family will save $2,500 per year?so now that cnn has published a list of 13,000 lies please list one!

  4. lester Gelman says:

    I can see that your admiration for someone who speaks his mind pleases you. But does that also give him the right to distort the truth or just outright lie?

  5. tony says:

    what’s a bid dog? is it sumping you pway wif?

  6. tony says:

    sure did a lot more than obama and got a lot of work done while dems. sat on their asses.

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