You won’t believe what the Women’s March just came out in support of

The anti-Trump Women’s March kicked off the so-called “resistance” movement.

Women’s March organizers have jumped on the gun control bandwagon and ramped up their attacks ahead of the 2018 Midterms.

But this one tweet sent out by the official Women’s March account proved they’re even more radical than everyone thought.

Backpage, an online classifieds ad service similar to Craigslist, has been the Internet’s most notorious purveyor of prostitution.

By some accounts, Backpage has made $500 million from knowingly displaying prostitution advertisements.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the majority of child sex trafficking cases referred to them involve ads posted on Backpage.

Now, Women’s March organizers – who supposedly champion the cause of women – are coming to Backpage’s defense after the domain was seized by the U.S. Department of Justice.

This wasn’t just a mistaken retweet or an oversight of a tweet sent by some low-level staffer.

The Women’s March is attempting to capitalize on the praise they get by the national media to make their radical ideology mainstream.

One of their lead organizers is Linda Sarsour.

Sarsour has called for a “jihad” against President Trump and has advocated for Sharia Law.

Americans need to know the true motives of the radicals behind this so-called “women’s movement.”

UPDATE 4/13/2018: According to The Daily Caller, has pled guilty to human trafficking charges in Texas.

“Taking down Backpage and obtaining a criminal conviction for the company and its CEO represents a significant victory in the fight against human trafficking in Texas and around the world,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a statement.


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28 Responses

  1. Chris R says:

    These women are insane. They are so hell bent to go against Pres. Trump, that they aren’t even thinking of what they are actually doing. They are destroying our Freedom and everything our Country has stood for and worked to keep to the point of giving up their lives, to advance their vindictiveness. They will have to deal with no freedom, sharia law atrocities, and no God in our Country. I sincerely hope they all wake up from this nightmare they are perpetrating.

  2. bunny68 says:

    These women are insane. They are so hell bent to go against Pres. Trump, that they aren’t even thinking of what they are actually doing. They are destroying our Freedom and everything our Country has stood for and worked to keep to the point of giving up their lives, to advance their vindictiveness. They will have to deal with no freedom, sharia law atrocities, and no God in our Country. I sincerely hope they all wake up from this nightmare they are perpetrating.

  3. Dianna says:

    She’s a plant by the Muslims. The Muslim men would not allow any woman to be advocating for women’s rights! I have read what sharia law entails. It’s sick and perverted!! What they do to women and children is horrible!! That’s why these endoctrinated women are supporting PPH for carving up full term babies. This evil makes me sick!!! Dear God please help us get rid of this evil!!!!!!

  4. April says:

    Let’s call it what it is, a bunch of women who have no idea who and what they are marching for! A bunch of misguided women marching in the streets being crude and rude, is not a movement, is propaganda!

  5. Mike H says:

    We’ll see what happens in the 2018 elections. This will tell you how far the country has either gone up or gone down. I’m hoping for up but I’m not holding my breath. Forget being a Democrat or Republican or Independent. This country had better wake up now.

  6. Paul Goehring says:

    In my opinion a lot of women i know are very gullible, and could care less on what direction the country is going in. P.G.

  7. Donald Lee says:

    One thing these people are good at is mislabeling. They also often use false narrative to hide their true intentions.

  8. Nancy Tomaso says:

    If they advocate for sharia law AND sex “workers”, then they’ll have to support honor killings also. I mean the male relatives of any sex “worker” will be obliged to kill her to retain the honor of the family and sharia law will allow it.

    • ernest says:

      it is truly hard to believe that any woman would advocate sharia law. what in the heck is wrong with them?
      personally i don’t see any plus factors of the muslim religion. it really is not a religion. it is a world takeover plot
      think about this. what religion would sanction strapping bombs on their children and blowing them up?????

  9. Terry says:

    Lets see according to this story they want to set the womens rights movement back about 3000 years?

    They want Sharia law and SEX TRAFFICKING as WOMEN’S RIGHTS?

    Apparently they have been infiltrated by those who want to abolish women’s rights as they essentially have ZERO rights under sharia law if they bothered to actually READ IT instead of the propaganda about it.

    The site was shut down due to CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING anyone who spouts that it somehow HARMED the women’s rights movement clearly has no understanding about WHO actually profits from this garbage as it certainly was not the WORKERS as they seem to think.

  10. JoeM says:

    I used to think that women were really smart and advancing but, it is ACTIONS like this that are proving just the opposite.
    Just look at the Dumbasses in government today. And any woman that wants sharia law MUST be an advocate of sadomasochism and GRAND stupidity wanting to give up any freedoms they have in the USA , for slavery, rape, and total scorn for women that they are only property worth less animals.

  11. Larry says:

    Idiots are made not born.. democruds are the epitome of stupid and regressive. democrud women are amongst the most ignorant on the face of the earth. To follow sharia law is to demean themselves more than they can even imagine.

    • Chet Suske says:

      I think wre have both-
      idiots ARE born- you can’t fix stupid- Ignorance is learned or lack of. You can indoctrinate the stupid & the ignorant

  12. Susan Dix says:

    The left gets more and more unhinged by the minute.
    They have NOTHING to offer except misery for America.
    There is only negative and destructive ways from this Linda So sour!
    There are many more American women who believe in our great nation,
    our constitution , and most importantly our one true God.
    NO Sharia law, NO Allah, and No to the Satanic ways of this evil woman!!!!

  13. jrhunt says:

    These women marches are straight out of the pit of Hell,these women are being manipulated and they are to dumb to see it,its all part of the divide the house and it will not stand mind set,also Americans need to realize and especially christians,they are being replaced,it is part of the curse in Deuteronomy 28:15-68 and Leviticus 18:22-30,it doesn’t matter where it is Israel or the United states,if we commit or allow these Sins to take place,the Nations people will be held accountable and especially so called believers,they are always held to a higher standard which is Yahweh’s Commandments,statutes and Judgments,it is foolish to scoff at these things when the house is falling down all around you,Repentance is in order if the fear of Yahweh is in you.

  14. James says:

    The left hates our president so much, that they would actually give their freedoms away.

  15. Mike Baumgartner says:

    The left is desperately searching for causes and platforms to promote liberal candidates for 2018. They just seem to get more absurd and extreme with each passing day. We need to stand firm in our resolve to MAGA. Can you imagine America with these people in control?

  16. Moma says:

    These women who follow this muslim witch are out of their minds. Don’t they know how sharial law treats women. Do they really want to say goodbye to women’s rights. They are so brainwashed by the liberal left that they believe anything they are told. Pray for them, Nothing is is impossible with God on our side.

    • Aline says:

      You’re right, NOTHING is impossible for God! We shouldn’t be a bunch of sitting ducks! We have to defend ourselves against the enemy!

    • Bill Wilson says:

      The followers of this muslim witch obviously don’t think for themselves. How could they? Do these women actually believe they would be able to march around protesting anything and everything if sharia law was in effect? Maybe they need to take their blinders off and look at what life is like for women in muslim controlled countries.

    • jrhunt says:

      Moma The Bible say that Yahweh’s people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge,this is never so true as what we see taking place in America today,america is willfully ignorant of what is happening and just doesn’t care anymore.—–Jim Hunt

  17. Ron says:

    People are like sheep, they are led astray.

  18. Mike H says:

    The woman that’s running this thing needs to go back to whatever country she came from and take her sharia law with her. That kind of crap is not needed here . I don’t know of any women that follow this crap .

  19. Jim says:

    Okay, I do not know what the site really is . . . never had a want to search for the site . . . but, it seems to be a site where women sell their sex for money! If so, there are already laws on the books that make it illegal! Shutting down the site is within the authority of the law!!!

    Is it right? Law is based on the civil and moral standards of our representatives in Congress . . . which is why Hillary didn’t win the White House . . . her civil and moral standards fell short of the voters standards!!! Until total corruption takes over the hearts and minds of America, prostitution will be illegal and treated thus!!!

    • Terry says:

      Not only that it was reportedly shut down for trafficking to pedophiles meaning the WORKERS were children with no choice in the matter and are not the ones that were getting the money. Negating the entire rant about the WORKERS rights.

      Investigations into such sites in the past have proven that the WORKERS rarely if ever got anything from the transaction and in many cases were VICTIMS being preyed upon by those who were profiting.

  20. Terre says:

    These women are desperate to take all women back into the 1600’s when women were treated as nothing more than sexual outlets for men’s lust. They’re a slap in the face to all women who fought SO hard to change that. As I’ve said before the media must stop giving them any attention at all – it’s what they crave. As for Shariah Law – well, again, why are they bent on taking us back into the dark ages? Do they enjoy being beaten, having no rights, treated like a dirty, snotty tissue? These women NEED mental help – who in their right mind would enjoy, much less promote this kind of life? They’re brainwashed & desperately need our prayers. NOTHING is impossible for God – NOTHING.

  21. ernest says:

    what American woman would want the nasty muslims shariah law. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING

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