You won’t believe what the government just admitted about voting machines

Electronic voting machines are a source of contention in American elections.

Now there is another massive bombshell.

And you won’t believe what the government just admitted about voting machines.

Election “experts” claimed the 2020 Presidential contest was the most safe and secure election in American history.

Many Trump supporters did not agree.

Some Trump backers, like attorney Sydney Powell, spread a conspiracy theory that Dominion Voting machines switched millions of votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

There was never any evidence for that.

But that does not mean there are no issues with electronic voting machines.

A new report by the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency found that voting machines in at least 16 states contained vulnerabilities that could expose them to hackers.

The Associated Press reports:

Electronic voting machines from a leading vendor used in at least 16 states have software vulnerabilities that leave them susceptible to hacking if unaddressed, the nation’s leading cybersecurity agency says in an advisory sent to state election officials.

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency, or CISA, said there is no evidence the flaws in the Dominion Voting Systems’ equipment have been exploited to alter election results. The advisory is based on testing by a prominent computer scientist and expert witness in a long-running lawsuit that is unrelated to false allegations of a stolen election pushed by former President Donald Trump after his 2020 election loss.

University of Michigan Professor J. Alex Halderman explained that the weak points in security for electronic voting machines are why states should use paper ballots to count votes.

“These vulnerabilities, for the most part, are not ones that could be easily exploited by someone who walks in off the street, but they are things that we should worry could be exploited by sophisticated attackers, such as hostile nation states, or by election insiders, and they would carry very serious consequences,” Halderman said in an interview with the Associated Press.

Donald Trump and many of his supporters pushed in states across the country – such as Arizona – to move to counting votes by hand using paper ballots.

Up until this point, they were dismissed as cranks and conspiracy theorists by the media, who shouted that electronic voting machines were perfectly secure.

But even the government just admitted that states are not doing all they can to secure electronic voting machines.

And experts agree that hand-marked paper ballots are the most effective means of ensuring a secure and accurate vote count.

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