You won’t believe what secret FBI audio tapes revealed about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was the leader of the civil rights movement.

Challenging the government on this front led to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover putting King under unconstitutional surveillance.

And you won’t believe what secret FBI tapes revealed about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thanks to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s leadership, the government passed the Civil Rights Act and ended the abomination of segregation.

However, like many historical figures, Dr. King’s personal life was far more complicated than anyone imagined.

Pulitzer Prize winning historian David Garrow unearthed FBI surveillance audio tapes that appear to show Dr. King encouraging forcible rape and continuing a financial relationship with a member of the Communist Party.

The Daily Caller reports:

While FBI surveillance tapes on King, initiated by former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, are being held in a U.S. National Archives vault until 2027, Garrow used “hundreds of never-before-seen FBI reports and surveillance summaries concerning King” that “have silently slipped into public view on the Archives’ lightly-annotated and difficult-to-explore web site” to uncover the latest revelations about the slain civil rights icon.

King’s sexual promiscuity, much of which is laid out in more detail in Garrow’s lengthy and detailed report, has been known about for years. One allegation unearthed by the historian rises to a new level, however, revealing the alleged rape of a woman by a pastor friend of King, during which the civil rights leader “looked on, laughed and offered advice.” The alleged incident took place January 1964 at Washington, D.C.’s historic Willard Hotel, where King and a group of fellow ministers were scheduled to stay for three nights. Knowing this, FBI agents had bugged his room…

…Former FBI Director Hoover famously ordered surveillance on King and others he suspected of being subversive and/or linked to the Communist Party, a practice legal under the “regrettably relaxed” standards of that time, but widely condemned today as unconstitutional. Hoover reportedly was able to obtain authorization from then-Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy to wiretap King after he “told Kennedy that King’s closest and most influential adviser, New York attorney Stanley D. Levison, was a ‘secret member’ of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA).”

Garrow is an award-winning historian, and he wasn’t releasing this information to smear Dr. King.

He just wanted to present the full picture of the life and times of one of the most important Americans in the nation’s history.

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