You won’t believe what Michael Cohen asked Trump before his testimony

Michael Cohen is going to prison and doing everything he can to attack Trump before he’s locked up.

However, he failed to tell Congress the full story.

You won’t believe what Michael Cohen tried to weasel out of Trump before he testified to Congress.

Cohen has become desperate.

He lied to Congress and did everything in his power to avoid getting caught.

But now he’s been convicted and headed for jail time.

In one last pathetic attempt to avoid jail, he reportedly asked President Trump’s administration for a pardon.

Trump’s team rejected the idea outright and now Cohen is seeking his revenge by trashing the President in Congress.

The Daily Caller reports:

A lawyer for Michael Cohen brought up the idea of a potential pardon for the former Trump fixer but was rebuffed by President Donald Trump’s attorneys, according to a report.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Stephen Ryan, who served as Cohen’s first attorney, broached a pardon soon after the FBI raided Cohen’s home, office and hotel as part of an investigation conducted by the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan.

Trump’s legal team, which included Jay Sekulow and Rudy Giuliani, dismissed the idea, though Giuliani reportedly left open the possibility that Trump could issue a pardon at his own discretion.

“I always give the same answer which is, ‘The president is not going to consider any pardons at this time and nobody should think that he is,’” Giuliani told The Journal.

Michael Cohen’s testimony in front of Congress was nothing but a pathetic attempt to drag the President down on his way to the jailhouse.

He was even forced to admit that he had zero evidence that President Trump colluded with the Russians.

Cohen painted the President as racist and misogynistic but gave no proof to back up his claims.

He did state that he had his suspicions about Trump’s involvement with the Russians.

But when asked to provide evidence or context, he had nothing to offer.

Michael Cohen is simply trying to keep the Russia conspiracy alive without any evidence to get his revenge for not receiving a pardon.

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51 Responses

  1. Simply says:

    Why should we assume this request for a pardon is true? Nothing can be taken as fact coming from the Jews at the WSJ or the Jew Cohen. The public is being played for a fool by the propaganda pushers of the media. These matzo mafia members are the Communist instigators of the destruction of our government and Constitution in their push for their world domination NWO agenda. Their minions are many and as good little stewards of the blackmail, bribery or threatening tactics used on them, caved and flipped from their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution as members of Congress and have now become the traitors to America!

  2. Jack Handy says:

    Look. – ‘When’
    ‘ DJT’ running for 0ffice & Prior to ‘that’ =
    EVVVVREEEBODY ‘wanted a ‘piece’ to ‘hang w/ a ‘big guy’.
    Ok? Plain & Simple. & ‘that’ INCLUDES ‘jerks’ ie
    ‘Dems’/ RINOS’ / Establishment’/ 0rgs. / ‘Loyals’
    > ‘Begging’ for $$$___ 0nce Elected = ‘Who turncoated’ ?/
    Who ‘stayed’ ?

  3. Ira says:

    I don’t think the money USA gives to foreign countries for helping them goes to people in need, it goes straight to the banks of all those mobs, people still leave in poverty and forever needs, their government gets rich , that’s why God gave us honest and trustworthy president so through him blind eyes will be opened!

  4. This guy has brass balls, I’ll give him that. Having said that, it doesn’t mean I’d trust this a**hole to date my mama.

  5. PatrioTEA says:

    You know, if Cohen was advising Trump in business deals, there is a strong likelyhood that there MIGHT be something a little illegal, but NOT because of Trump.

  6. Dixie says:

    Diving Jesus? I never saw in the Bible where he was a diver. And he wasn’t just talking to Trump when he said “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man seweth, that shall he also reap”. That applies to everyone.

  7. zee says:

    The GAUL – ‘Goolish Gaul’ asking
    for a ‘Pardon’.
    > No Shame. No Conscious. No Soul.
    > Wow.
    . hey jd/diane/bender etc.
    you lookin’ ? Advice: Remove yourselves
    from ‘this Club’. Walk Away & SUPPORT USA.

  8. Larry says:

    That’s something isn’t it! Cohen gets convicted for lying to congress multiple times. Now he is their star witness against President Trump. When he was on trial in front of them, they didn’t believe a word he said and convicted him of multiple counts of lying to congress. But now the democrats are saying he’s telling the 100% truth even though he’s been caught lying multiple times again testifying against Trump. When a Republican senator asked him about lying to congress he said, “Yes, I lied to congress, but I’m not a liar.” How’s that for being a credible witness?

  9. Larry says:

    You got that right! We haven’t had a president that wants to put the United States of America first like President Donald Trump does that I can remember in my lifetime. Eisenhower was president when I was born so I can’t remember him. I clearly remember JFK getting assassinated, but very little about his presidency except for the Cuban missile crisis. So I guess Ronald Reagan is the only other president that even comes close to Donald Trump wanting what’s best for America, but look how long ago that was and what all we’ve been through since then. I’m proud of the job that President Trump is doing for us. He told NATO just how it is, that our allies weren’t pulling their part of the load. Now they are paying their fair share to NATO instead of getting almost a free ride off of the United States. Many people, especially the democrats, criticized Trump and said he was insulting our friends and allies. Maybe so if hearing the truth is insulting. But not long ago, the Secretary General of NATO was thanking Trump for what he done and now our allies are committing to paying their fair share. All my life many US citizens are having to live in poverty and can’t get the government to help them much at all. But all these foreign countries were being given millions and billions of dollars for their people’s needs. I’ve got no problem with helping other people, but I do have a problem with our government putting foreign country’s people ahead of our own citizens in need. President Trump is trying his best to rectify that situation but the democrats are fighting him on it every step of way. That shows us where their loyalties lie. They love that pay to play scheme.

  10. The Real M says:

    Bender or demon diane, As far as Michael Cohen goes, he is a convicted liar, regardless of what he lied about. Once a person is a known liar, especially an admitted one, nothing they say will ever be believed again. That is reality, demon diane. The fact of the matter is YOU don’t know what all Cohen lied about because I am sure “destroyer” Mueller brought charges on what he thought he could use to bring down the Trump Presidency, even if they were lies. With the things Bob Mueller has been involved in and done, also make him untrustworthy and unbelievable. There is no telling and we will never know what Mueller threatened Cohen with that made Cohen say whatever Mueller wanted him to. Mueller is worse than Cohen!
    And no, I am not a cult follower, I happen to believe everybody should be given a fair chance and not torn apart simply because I don’t agree with them and don’t like their personality, that is the way you Dems operate. With your party, it is all about “power and control” and you want it back no matter what you have to do to get it. Cult follower title belongs to you as you are blindly led by your leadership!

  11. Ernst says:

    Everyone good at business pushes limits of judgement and opinion. Depending on interpretation, some of these things can be viewed as a crime, or not. So far, nothing has come out that seems a real crime. Michael Cohen is certainly not a reliable source. This guy has lied at every turn; he is a total weasel.

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