You won’t believe what Kamala Harris just said about getting kicked off the 2024 ballot

It’s not just Joe Biden who Democrats do not believe will face the voters in 2024.

Kamala Harris is also on the hot seat.

And you won’t believe what Kamala Harris just said about getting kicked off the 2024 ballot.

Kamala Harris is not very good at interviews.

The administration risked putting Harris out in front of the public as part of the Democrats’ push to gut the filibuster and ram a federal takeover of elections into law.

NBC’s Craig Melvin grilled Harris on rumors that Joe Biden would drop her from the ticket in an effort to reboot his flailing Presidency.

Instead of dismissing the speculation outright, Harris claimed she was fighting for Biden’s stalled socialist agenda.

“I’m sorry,” Harris answered. “We are thinking about today. I mean, honestly, I know why you’re asking the question because this is the part of the punditry and the gossip around places like Washington, D.C. Let me just tell you something — we’re focused on the things in front of us. We’re focused on what we need to do to address issues like affordable childcare –”

“So, there have been no conversations about 2024?” Melvin interjected.

“The American people sent us here to do a job, and right now, there’s a lot of work to be done. And that’s my focus,” Harris responded.

Polling data shows that Kamala Harris is the most unpopular Vice President in the last 50 years.

A recent USA Today/Suffolk poll showed just 28 percent of Americans approved of Harris’ job as Vice President.

Given Harris’ low poll numbers, failure as border czar, and endless gaffes when she speaks in public, some Democrats think they cannot go into 2024 with her on the ticket in any form.

That includes either as Vice President or President if Joe Biden declines to seek re-election.

Harris’ bizarre performance in the NBC interview will not put that speculation to rest.

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