You won’t believe what just happened to Kayleigh McEnany’s family

The Fake News Media regularly smears press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

But now the press has gone too far.

And you won’t believe what just happened to Kayleigh McEnany’s family.

On Wednesday, Kayleigh McEnany held a White House press briefing.

But the biggest news out of the event was New York Times photographer Doug Mills harassed Kayleigh McEnany’s husband Sean Gilmartin over Gilmartin not wearing a mask in the briefing room.

Mills supposedly pestered Gilmartin about him not wearing a mask and Gilmartin ignored the fake news photographer.

White House press aides could not believe what they saw.

“A White House staffer who was with Gilmartin said incredulously, ‘Kayleigh’s husband?’ The staffer and Gilmartin exited together as Mills restated the mask rules and said it doesn’t matter who he is,” the pool report stated.

The White House press corps has a selective mask enforcement policy.

Prominent fake news hacks like Kaitlan Collins of CNN and Jonathan Karl of ABC regularly chide Trump administration aides for not buying into the Left’s unproven, but religious zealotry on the effectiveness of masks.

But both Collins and Karl have removed their masks in the press room after the briefings were over and they did not think the cameras were on.

Masks have become just another tool for fake news reporters to attack the Trump White House.

If Trump supported mask-wearing, the press would use studies showing masks are not effective to attack the President for taking people’s freedom away.

If Trump says people should wear masks but it is a personal choice, the President is a mass murderer.

But the proof is in the pudding with how these reporters act.

Like Democrat Mayors and Governors who impose lockdown orders and routinely violate them, fake news hacks like Collins and Karl show what they really think about the effectiveness of masks when they think no one is looking and they take them off.

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