You won’t believe what just happened in Nancy Pelosi’s driveway

Nancy Pelosi has been on the hot seat ever since she got caught getting an illegal haircut in violation of the state’s lockdown order.

The backlash has been intense.

And you won’t believe what just happened in Nancy Pelosi’s driveway.

A YouTuber named “Lifes Mavrek” uploaded a video of himself pooping on Nancy Pelosi’s driveway.

“That’s for President Trump,” Lifes Mavrek yelled. “F*** that s***. F*** you, Nancy Pelosi! I hope you enjoy that s***!”

The YouTuber mockingly claimed he “dropped off Antifa” at Pelosi’s house.

“Oh my God, what the f*** did I do,” Armando tells his livestream audience. “We just dropped off Antifa at her f****** house, dude.”

The man later claimed he was detained by authorities because he said he would pull the same stunt in Kamala Harris’ driveway.

“I really am going to need a f****** lawyer dude,” he said. “They asked me about Kamala Harris, how I joked around that if she lived in San Francisco, I’d s*** on her house too. They weren’t f****** playing.”

“Lifes Mavrek” explained to the police officers he was merely engaging in a peaceful protest.

“No justice, no peace, my poops got to release,” he shouted.

Pelosi’s hypocrisy on protests and social distancing measures has become a major story this summer.

Like all Democrats, Pelosi defended the rioters as “peaceful protestors” and demanded Americans wear masks.

But Pelosi was seen on security camera footage inside a San Francisco hair salon not wearing a mask in violation of the state’s lockdown order.

This has created a massive political headache for the Democrats as it exposed their support lockdowns and mask mandates as politically motivated power grabs to hurt Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

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