You won’t believe what Jerrold Nadler was caught on camera saying about Antifa

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler was one of the ring leaders of the Democrats impeachment scam.

If it is possible, Nadler just made an even bigger fool of himself.

And that’s because you won’t believe what Jerrold Nadler was caught on camera saying about Antifa.

Americans are stunned to see the images coming out of Portland.

Left-wing rioters and Antifa terrorists spent 60 consecutive nights ravaging the city of Portland.

The past week, these anarchists turned their attention on trying to destroy a federal courthouse.

President Trump responded to protect federal property by dispatching federal law enforcement and the left-wing rioters responded by throwing bottles, mortar sized fireworks, and other dangerous objects at police while trying to set fire to the structure.

By anyone’s definition this meets the standard of violent riot.

But that apparently does not include Jerrold Nadler.

Journalist Austin Fleccas confronted Nadler on the street and asked Nadler about the disturbing violence committed by Antifa members out in Portland.

Nadler responded by falsely claiming the carnage is a “myth” coming out of Washington, D.C..

Democrats are terrified to speak out on the violence in Portland.

The rioters are their base.

If they condemn the rioters they risk antagonizing voters.

If they speak out on the riots it also risks drawing attention to the fact that their political base is out in the streets waging a campaign of domestic terrorism in an American city.

That is why Jerry Nadler lied and claimed there is no violence in Portland.

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