You won’t believe what Ilhan Omar just said about Jesus

Ilhan Omar cannot escape controversy.

The Muslim Congresswoman is now embroiled in what may be her most offensive scandal.

And you won’t believe what she said about Jesus.

Ilhan Omar has often times found herself in hot water over her repeated anti-Semitic comments.

This time she picked a new target – Jesus.

Omar retweeted a piece written by a professor at Southern Methodist University that falsely claimed Jesus was a Palestinian.

This is false.

Jesus was a Jew that was born in Israel when it was occupied by the Roman Empire.

Omar’s bigotry is only exceeded by historical ignorance.

This is leading more Americans to ask: “When is enough enough?”

At some point, her political headaches will outweigh her appeal to the base.

Multiple anti-Semitic remarks did not do the trick.

Nor did Omar smearing U.S. troops killed in the “Black Hawk Down” incident.

Will lying about Jesus be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

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150 Responses

  1. LUCIA GIBSON says:

    Omar feels free to say what she wants to say without any fear for two reasons:
    1) feels safe under the protection of America, where she would be slaughtered in a Muslim country if she was to speak freely .
    2) she has nothing to lose, by expressing as much venomous hatred for this country now that she’s convinced Demon’struck won’t win 2020 election.
    Therefore, letting off streams of hatred towards America, whenever she can, is of little consequence to this So’alient woman.

  2. Rudolf T Meurer says:

    You got it right, Gary.

  3. This needs to stop…ASAP

  4. Harold Jones says:

    Gary- Amen.

  5. Robert Lain says:

    Well said

  6. Robert Freddie: Lain says:

    Remember obama 2 times. unfortunately

  7. Deb says:

    the problem is, it might have been the Pope who supported Mohammed in starting his religion. The Pope is also helping Mexico with the migrants

  8. Darlene Taylor says:

    I support President Trump all the way but let’s not get overconfident here. In 2020 the milennials will outnumber the baby boomers. The educators don’t stick to academics they teach a myriad of things that conservatives disavow.

  9. ONTIME says:

    Islam is a cult, it has a conflict with Christian/Judaeo religion, opposing views, truth , it relies on hate and intolerance…..

  10. ONTIME says:

    Omar has a speech problem, not only does she have her words written for her, she hasn’t the brains to actually comprehend what comes from her mouth….Her Jackass makes sure she always has a ready supply of Jackass road apples to keep her jaw loose….

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