You won’t believe what CNN just admitted about Barack Obama

Barack Obama was left speechless.

He couldn’t believe what he saw on TV.

And viewers were shocked too as CNN just admitted this truth about Barack Obama.

For a brief moment on Tuesday, CNN stopped pumping out anti-Trump fake news and addressed the border crisis in an honest way.

Host John King noted that the flood of illegal aliens pouring into the southern border did not begin with Donald Trump.

King noted that this crisis existed under Barack Obama and Obama failed to take action to solve it.

The Daily Caller reports:

“This particular issue is not new,” King said. “This has been a problem the U.S. government has had to figure out a solution to for a long time.”

King then replayed an interview that former President Barack Obama did with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, where Obama issued a warning to migrant families not to send their children “unaccompanied” to the U.S.

“That is five years ago this very week. That’s five years ago this very week, in the sense that, again, there’s a current divide. The current president evokes emotions among Democrats.” King said. “A lot of progressives weren’t happy with that president, President Obama. They called him the ‘deporter-in-chief.’ But this issue has been unresolved, different pieces of it, for 20 plus years about unaccompanied children. That’s a clip from five years ago this week. When? How?”

In many respects, Obama is to blame for the current crisis.

He extended amnesty to illegal alien children with the illegal DACA program.

And after the 2014 midterm elections, Obama imposed illegal executive amnesty for millions of illegal alien adults.

The Obama administration also refused to close asylum loopholes and now Congressional Democrats are picking up that baton.

The Flores decree, which mandates children be released after no more than 20 days in custody, is an open invitation for illegal aliens to receive amnesty if they can make it to the border with a child.

King’s comments about Obama were a fleeting moment of honesty for fake news CNN.


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77 Responses

  1. Gene says:

    The most important thing the Dems forget~~video tape. They hammered Trump about “lynching” and Biden said the same thing with a TOTALLY different response. Trump said he was spied on, Dems were all over him, until we found he WAS. It goes on and on. You’d think, as many times as they’ve been proven wrong, they might do things differently. They HATE that we used the “nuclear option”, that THEY made possible. Now, ALL of what’s happening can be used against them in the future without recourse. They keep loading the gun, we keep shooting it.

  2. Michael A Heath Sr. says:

    We’ve known this all along, only no one except Donald J. Trump has had the BALLS to try and get it done. N ow every one wants to pass the buck back to the Republicans for the responsibility of this tragic error in judgement the Democraps and their left sided idiot supporters. There’s where the I.Q. deficiencies lie, not with the Republicans and Donald J. Trump!!! No one has to have a very high I.Q. to get that, I’m sure, or do they ???

  3. Gosh TOTALLY AGREE with the fact that Holy Father God has President Trump as our President to protect us Christians from the enemy–being the demoncraps and liberals who are unhinged and trying to destroy our awesome President Trump and our AWESOME COUNTRY and us law abiding US CITIZENS who work hard and have integrity–the exact opposite of The DEmocraps Led by Schmuck Schumer and out off control Nancy Trollosie–want 16yr old votes–legal prostitution–etc skanky illegal votes -avoid fake news–watch Sen Hannity/Pirro FOXNEWS

  4. Will says:


  5. Bill Littleton says:

    Duh, of course Obama owns this current disaster of migrants flooding the southern border. He also owns the lack of and failed policy of “catch and release”, which has been a disaster. However, G.W. Bush also owns a big piece of this current failed policy. He was in a position to do something productive by changing immigration policy and did “NOTHING.” Clinton just did nothing on anything!

  6. Bumper says:

    obammy, the Fraud in Chief had a plan to increase the democrap voter base. obammy should be hung along with the Clintons, nasty Pelosi, chuckie schumer, lynch,holder, and many more.

  7. BOGATOR says:

    DAMN IT!!! No mater what…NOBODY will charge OBAMA-HILLARY-PELOSI-or any of the other dozen or more demoRATS on anything!!! If they do it will die in two days. If TRUMP shoe lace comes untied the will have 10 investigations!! Back in the old days (I’m 82) the standard saying was “crime does not pay”, e-gad it pays big time now. Yes TRUMP makes mistakes but he is ALWAYS FIGHTING FOR AMERICA and his biggest enemy is right under his nose..RINO’S-demoRATS-Liberals-SNOW FLAKES-all news outlets except FOX and fox is becoming questionable. I could go on for another week so better stop.

    • Sarah says:

      Bogator, you just keep on! Truth seems to be harder to be heard these days! I agree with you! The Trump Administration has done and is doing more for all America’s citizens and demonstrates more backbone and courage under fire than any President in the past decades.
      Border Crisis?! Of course there is a border crisis too! Our lackey Congress has failed for so long to actually fix what they screwed up and to be accountable to the oath to defend and protect, that our sovereignty as a country is at fatal risk. President Trump demonstrates the will to fix all border issues.

    • Dolores Cooley says:

      I’ve often said that if Trump spit on the side walk, the Democrats and liberal media would charge him with starting a flood to kill innocent people.

    • Kathy says:

      Because it’s not politically correct to criticize the affirmative action idiot. To them he was the greatest president this country had. So laughable.

    • Keith says:

      Wise words you speak. My sentiments exactly!

  8. He was nothing but a fraud and a liar.The Bible talks about him and his Democrats money crazy power goons in the Democrats party and how they will try to destory this nation. How did he get up so high in government when he did not do a full year in the senate that should tell the people a whole lot. He did not have the education to set in the office. But thanks to Hillary there was a lot of wrong doing that was done. Both of them should be took for treason on this country. Just where in the world did all of these stupid people come from? Obama and Hillary will pay they will half to meet there maker one day and it will not be alha.

  9. Taylor made says:

    Truth is Obama is to blame for some of the immigration (and other) problems . . . and CNN does speak the central truth sometimes. It is foolish to think that no truth can come even from stations we do not like or that one station tells nothing but the truth. There are times even President Obama admitted his mistakes, and when a president does this, it benefits the nation and sets a good tone. However, we currently have a president who takes all the credit and NONE of the blame, continuously, even when UNTRUE claims he is without error or sin. Obama never scraped and defended Putin and stood up to him much stronger and better than his puppet, Trump.

    • Gary Kaye says:

      Yeah you’re Taylor made alright. Outside of rocks, a clubface has to be the next in line for knuckle-head stupidity.

    • Phyllis says:

      Obama just told Putin, under open mike, that after winning the 2nd election he would be able to do more for Russia, because he wouldn’t have anything to lose. Sounds like somebody who stands up to to our enemies. Then there was the matter of giving Iran what they needed to build their nukes, with no accountability, or maybe you forgot about selling weapons to ISIS, which they used to kill American soldiers. I could go on, but I hope you can see the pattern. I never heard Obama admit to making a mistake, unless he was caught red handed, and even then he called it a mistake, when in fact it was deliberate

  10. Gidget says:

    WOW Are Pigs Flying Now I never thought anyone at CNN would Defend President Trump in anyway Especially Against Obama. We all knew from the beginning that Obama is a Fraud and he Created All the Problems we have with the Illegal Immigrants and the Invasion we are facing today. This Illegitimate Anti American Illegal Alien who Perpetrated Our Country’s Presidency did so ONLY to Commit Treasonous Acts Upon the America we all Love! He MUST be Arrested and Imprisoned for Treason Against Our Country!!

    • Sheron says:

      There is definitely some reason cnn is throwing o bumma under the bus.they have something up their devious sleeves. This is really serious for that liberal station.

  11. George says:

    Obama was and is a symptom of the idiocy of the gay agenda, gay marriage, transgender science fiction along with the rest of the Liberal Insanity like wanting to feed all the homeless, open borders, blah, blah, blah, enough to make a sane person want to throw up…

    President Trump is doing what the American People who Elected him want, as in getting rid of some of the crap, though it is not going to happen overnight.

    I am just about fed up with the insanity of letting people come in the country, especially illegally. Some are here legally, though as to assimilating into the American way of life it seems some left where they were just to bring their own culture to America, and what Americans want, always have wanted is Freedom, which includes Free Speech, and the right to bear arms, if desired.

    If anyone does not Love America and what she stands for then they are Free to Leave.

    God Bless the United States of America. Trump 2020.

  12. flyingcoyote says:

    The peckerfaced “mullato-in-chimp” had to use the vast resources of the Federal gubment to come up with a birth certificate. And, that took damned near two years. The worthless cocksucker was a fraud.

    • Tony Bell says:

      Our congress and MSM was/is complicit in the Obama fraud on the American people.

    • Herb says:

      wow, flyingcoyote (of Road Runner cartoons?) . . . could you spew MORE hate and venom? You might wish to take some medication to become either more regular and/or less vicious. You must be the delightful old fart on your block, screaming at everyone.


  14. libra says:

    He could still be hauled up for treason.. I did not know about amnesty to 14 million illegal aliens and daca to their children.. Both of which were illegal acts on his part.. He must have harbored such intense hatred for the USA and what she stands for and for the legal citizens of which he is NOT. When oh when will someone in authority demand his sealed records and reveal them to the public which paid for all of his ill gotten wealth and all of the freebies to which he helped himself and friends of his and his tranny wife. When AG Barr finishes up his investigations–I hope Communist Barry is brought up on charges and sent to prison for the balance of his miserable life.. I believe the AG will find Barry was behind this entire scenario of the PERSECUTION of Pres. Trump.

    • Tony Bell says:

      In Obama’s own words he describes his belief that America was founded on colonial powers wrongfully overtaking nations and implementing colonial rule. That is why he wanted to fundamentally change America. Read it in his own words. What he fails to consider is that America was founded by people rejecting colonial rule and implementing the greatest nation of freedom ever to exist on the planet. What a fool Obama is.

      • Joanna says:

        What do you expect from a liberal that thinks we have 58 states in our union and pronounce corpsmen as corpse men and call him self an American. You know the dead corpse-men. And also makes fun of the Bible! He is a fraud or a moron. I think both, and the Dems think the American people are stupid.

  15. Bruce says:

    If you don’t want to pin anything on him about the borders why don’t we start with in Obama’s tenure for 8 years he installed Rogue operators in government, he leaked classified Intel and Military secrets, he cut military funding, he weakened command of our generals, he killed NASA space Supremacy and EMP risks he removed good guys from government, he weakened NSA and revealed programs gave special Access program sell-offs , he targeted and weakend conservative base, he relaxed borders and flooded illegals in country and he funded terrorism MS-13 and Isis, nuclearized North Korea and Iran also funded and supplied North Korea and Iran, staged are Supreme Court. So like I said if you didn’t want to get him for the borders you can get him for almost everything else that’s wrong in this country. Big Patriot ????????

  16. Deplorable Lanie says:

    As much as I would like to blame it on Obama, it is not entirely his fault. I blame Congress (which includes Democrats and Republicans). THEY have known about this problem for years/decades and they have ignored it during every single session. I mean it is absolutely ridiculous that this group of Democrats who are campaigning for President, all who have been in politics in one form or another (a Vice-President, 7 Senators, 3 US Representatives, 2 Governors, 2 Mayors, a other assorted guests!) But my point is, that this group has more governmental experience than possibly any other group, but the are blaming the man who just took over and is actually trying to fix the problem but can’t get Congress to settle down and realize that we didn’t elect them to investigate the President. We elected them to legislate, but they refuse to do it, and instead all they do is throw blame at the President. Instead of anyone of them saying, “You know what, I’ve been in Congress for X years and I am part of the problem”. They come up with “solutions” that are only going to make the problem worse. Offering free health care to illegals! Yep, that will make them stop coming. Or better yet, let’s offer them all Amnesty! Sure, they will definitely stop coming now! Let’s get real! And fix the problem and not offer all sorts of free stuff or amnesty. Nobody wants to give them all that.

    • Ann says:

      I’m sorry, it was Obama’s fault. His goal was to fundamentally transform America, and he wasn’t kidding Everything he did was illegal. His arrogance that Hillary would win made them both think no one would ever find out.

      America should thank God (or whoever you believe in) every day that Trump ran and won! The only miracle I’ve seen in my lifetime.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      words of wisdom Lanie. I began talking about this issue, writing about this issue almost 40 years ago, and Congress (including both parties and indeps too) failed to stand up and pass the proper legislation and when certain things were passed, they were not properly enforced. In the early 1980s I was telling many of my classes, that given the overpopulation of Latin America plus their poverty and refusal to change, they could become a danger to the USA. I made a few Hispanic students mad at me, but hey, I think we see that certain steps were not taken because few in Congress cared as much about the country as they cared about their re-elections.

    • Jan says:

      The news media and ordinary citizens were reluctant to oppose Obama because they would be labeled racist which aided Obama in his acts against America.

  17. Amado Gob says:

    Indict Barack Obama not for immigration problem but for spygate against Trump.

  18. Will I think otrok already has screwed himself, assuming he found it.,by siding with the rest of the losers of like mentality. Right Mikey. You dim-witted, clueless sorry excuse for whatever you are. Hey Mikey I think theres some illegal immigrants at your door who want to move in with you. No! You say. Bunch of hippocrites.

  19. Al Capone says:

    The deep state MSM will never pro-actively investigate or admit anything negative on the corrupt, illegally elected, brown clown mulatto, Bolshevik Muzzy Bathhouse Barry Obozo and his husband Michael/Michelle
    Manhands. To this day, I cannot understand why the GOP did not sue to demand he provide proof that he met the Constitutional requirements to be President ????

  20. Unicorn76 says:

    Just goes to show who has the smarts. Dumb uneducated migrants whether coached or not know to how to thwart and take advantage of ill conceived laws that are not updated to adjust to current realities. At least Trump attempts to follow his oath of office with action and that is to execute and enforce duly passed immigration law. Obama thumbed his nose at the laws by picking and choosing, and trying to employ back door amnesty.

  21. When you have liberal john King putting the onus on Barach Obomas. Illegal executive decisions in regards to the illegal immigrants, you have to feel exposed as biased if your liberal democrat, and thrilled if your. The average Republican . kudos to John King and sorry for all the flack you will surely take from the sick unhinged left of the democratic party.

  22. I believe that God put Trump in the situation to be president. He knew we needed a president who loved him and America.Who would go against the evil Democrats to keep them from turning America into a Communist State and polluting everything that is good into evil. The Devil has had America in his grasps for awhile.Alot of us did not realize what was going on.Til Trump got elected and we saw what the evil ones were doing.Thank God for President Trump and I hope he puts these Democrats in jail for all the evil things they have done to America and it’s people.

  23. hotrod says:

    Obama = illegal alien, Islamic, anti-American, illegal president groomed by the democrats to destroy the American way of life. since it is aslo a traitor it should be shot ASAP.

  24. POKE says:

    Half Breed

  25. Dorothy says:

    Again..Obama was not eligible to be President. You are supposed to be a person whose parents (both) are citizens of the United States. His father was never a citizen of the United States. I am 93 years old, a college graduate, a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother and I live I fear for my family if the hate filled democrats get in to power. God help us.

  26. Darfman says:

    What is it with Prince Harry and the zebra people? Is he suffering from some sort of white guilt? Bringing a mongrel child into the world isn’t enough for him?

    • Julie says:

      Most people in America are mongrels as you call us, then. My husband has American Indian blood. Therefore so do my children and grand children. I do not, as all of my ancestry comes from the British Isles., but I am the rare exception here.

      • marleen davis says:

        This guy Darfman is a biased idiot. I would, if I were you, just put him on ignore. That being said, he still has a right to say it. That is the problem with the left. They say everyone should have a right to say what they want, unless they don’t agree, then they malign the stater. IE, all those big mouths in Hollyweird who cannot handle the truth and belittle any and everyone who disagrees with their blatant hatred of everyone. As I recall, even tho you probably don’t remember because you are probably too young, a long time ago, during the Watts Riots, there was a young Black Man who was a scoundrel and had been in a lot of trouble but had stated something quite profound. He said, “Why can’t we all just get along?” He was correct in his statement. And since that time, the left has become more and more left and more violent, and the right has become more and more conservative, perhaps to a detriment as they have of late taken a stance of blaming all the hate on the left, which is not totally true. The far left and and their politicans and Rinos are the main problems that need “cleaning out”. I hope that I have made a point that you can understand to a very complex problem, that should be simple but has become complex because of the nonsense of the hate and pettiness involved.

  27. Gregory Sullivan says:

    You should be deported.

  28. ILCon says:

    Well, truth be told, Immigration Laws are set by Congress, and that is why there hasnt been any progress for the last 5 years. They cant do anything but dig for dirt on each other, and there is plenty of that! That Congressional dems are blaming Trump is nothing short of projecting, in a psych sense, for they are projecting their own insufficiencies onto someone they just dont like. He handed them time to address it a year ago and they did very little. Now they have it again and they arent really addressing the root causes… they authorized a spending bill that is a band-aid and nothing more. Congress’ incompetence will force our Pres to take action, and that is all right by me!

    • Pamela says:

      ILCon, I believe it is alright with many of us. Congress is completely WORTHLESS and INCOMPETENT. What in the hell have they done for the American taxpaying citizens. All they do is focus on their hate for our duly elected POTUS, Donald Trump. They should be ashamed of themselves. They certainly aren’t for the American citizens of this country which which is their jobs. They are hateful, selfish and self-centered and NOT working for the American citizens or for the GOOD OF OUR GREAT COUNTRY. Totally UNBELIEVABLE.

  29. Steveur says:

    I think he means Michael who is married to the Manchurian Candidate from Kenya.

  30. Gail Arneman says:

    The truth always comes out.

  31. Thomas Wayne Kidd says:

    Something most people don’t realize is that we are living in the end times and Antichrist is already here. Many people are looking for an individual but the systems of mankind is Antichrist. I have searched the Scriptures and prayed about this for quite a lot of my 67 years and I am beginning to see the plain truth. Trump, I believe was a reprieve from God’s judgment upon our sinful nation, and since he was elected all hell has been thrown at him. The evil wicked system of man will if they can kill Mr. Trump. I am praying that God doesn’t allow this. After Trump’s 8 years is up judgment on this country will continue as if will be most harsh. The murder of 70+unborn babies, then the loosing of the Sodomites is the cause of this judgment. Catastrophic and horrible deprivation is coming to our country as well as rest of this wicked world. The saddest thing is the millions of people who claim to be the children of the true and Living God which have allowed themselves to be bound to this hellish system and don’t have a clue about how to free themselves. They have been spiritually sleeping for so long that they are satisfied. Truth is evil spoken of these people and those whom God sends to warn them are treated as fools. The end is much much nearer than millions think or believe. Preparation is needed most at this hour, preparation in the spirit. Wake up, and save yourselves the ship is sinking.

    • FedUp says:

      AMEN AMEN & AMEN!! You have spoken the truth. Hope the American people (mostly libs) wake up before they are in hell.

    • Jim Tierney says:

      Thomas, I have a few years on you but you are absolutely right and couldn’t agree with you more.

      • ROSE says:


        • Dr. J.D. says:

          I don’t know where you get that concept of the Divine, but I think it is wrong. Sometimes the only way we can learn is by making mistakes. I think The Beloved Divine loves ALL His children and wishes the very best for them. And the very best for them is to be much better stewards of the earth, and try to pass on to the next generations some of the blessings prior generations have given us. While we say the words a lot, the words that “God has blessed America” is so true, and he wants these blessings past on to our children and grandchildren and so forth.


      I totally agree with what you are saying Thomas .I am almost 85 nd I have never seen a President be treated like President Trump .What those Dem o rats don’t realiaze is they are fighting against God And what ever they do They will not win

      • Pamela says:

        I agree with all of the above comments that Trump was sent by God to try to save this great country. I am 72 and I have never seen this world in such a mess. People really need to wake-up. I truly believe that these DEMORATS are the devil within. They are mean, wicked, unreasonable, vicious people and I don’t know what the HELL they are trying to prove. I find it to be really sad and makes me feel ANXIOUS. God knows and he will have the last word. President Trump is our savior and the chosen one. Satan lurks around the corner.

  32. WOW! It’s about time!!!
    Of corse now he will be fired for telling the truth. That’s how the looney libs handle dissent from the liberals plantation.

  33. MNC says:

    I hated the DACA program. The ones who attended ASU made it seem like they were doing us a favor. They continued to criticize the U S A, and thought they were doing us a favor.

    • It’s illegal in the first place. Even Obama said so, and it was always meant to be temporary. The DACA people have no leg to stand on. I hope Trump sends them home and soon.Regular Americans need to reclaim the jobs that DACA people are now holding. Let them do their work in their own countries. They have no legal right to be here, always knew that, and they should pack it up and go home.

  34. Robert Ratto says:

    What fairy tale world do people live in. We are at war and have been for a very long time. War has many faces from cold verbal to all out fighting. People are dying every day from this war.It is not the full scale war of WW II. It is on a smaller scale being conducted throughout the world. An example is the fanatic Islamics attacks being carried on under the term Jihad. There is no surprise that Iran is behind some of these attacks. The question is how far do we need to go to protect open waters, the rights and freedoms of the individuals and when to stop this aggression. I wish I had an answer. I only know is the longer it goes on the worse it is going to get.

  35. Dave Miedema says:

    When Trump gives the go-ahead for mass deportations, he should include President Puke and (former) Fat Ass first lady.

    • Mike Otrok says:

      What are you trying to talk about? Deport the Trumps.

      • steve says:

        Hey idiot Trumps are Americans, Obama is the treasonous one.

      • Will says:

        Oh GO F yourself you A hole I have read your snid remarks for the past week and I am sick of it

        • truthistruth says:

          Then don’t read them, Will, as many people probably do not like your vulgarity and mistakes. Too many conservative radicals want to take away the free speech rights of those they do not like, and deport them. Instead of learning from them, they curse about other points of view.

    • Scott27 says:

      Tell me again, Dave, how old are you? Those are quite the words for a pre-teen. Typical of you and so many of your ilk… can’t say anything with even a hint of adult sensibility so you go straight for the name-calling.

      • Rich says:

        Our President is the world record holder of receipt of Name-Calling and has been continuously maligned by FAKE NEWS, Demented-Dems and RINOS . . . . and he didn’t even publish state secrets on the internet, like the witch and her Coven. ????

        • Scott27 says:

          No, he shared those secrets in person while toasting his beloved commrades in the oval office (which none of his 44 predecessors did online or otherwise). And names? He is indeed the king of juvenile name calling and I see you sycophants followed suit right behind him. And just because you don’t like hearing the truth doesn’t make it “fake news” except for those living in a world of alternative facts.

          • Will says:

            Obummer / Barry the Raghead Treasonous Traitor , he stuck it to you Liberal Idoit Sticks and your still sucking on his rear end , you people would walk Off a cliff edge if
            the Oreo cookie man told u to jump to it , like sheep to slaughter you Libby’s are special indeed !!

          • flyingcoyote says:

            Well; punk, we can certainly tell that YOU don’t like hearing truths.

          • Brat23 says:

            Dumbass much? Obummer was the worse President in recent history. He wasn’t and isn’t a legal citizen

          • Dr. J.D. says:

            Well Scott27,, Will, flying coyote and Brat23 sure proved your point EXACTLY with their responses that included the juvenile name-calling. And despite the continuously presented evidence, they bring up those ignorant conspiracy theories like “birtherism.” Even Trump has admitted that Obama was a citizen, and that he used that lie to get followers.

          • Dr, JD says:

            Wow, did Will, flying coyote, and Brat23 prove Scott27’s point perfectly, which was ” can’t say anything with even a hint of adult sensibility so you go straight for the name-calling!” Rich is also right that Trump prefers to give nasty nicknames to people, even to those in his cabinet, and also to all those LEGIONS of people that were Trump’s pick for the “all the best people he knew.”

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