You won’t believe what Bernie Sanders said to Elizabeth Warren behind closed doors

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are two of the top contenders to win the Democrat Party Presidential nomination.

With the Iowa Caucuses just weeks away, the two are heading into a confrontation that could define the race.

And you won’t believe what Bernie Sanders said to Elizabeth Warren behind closed doors.

In recent weeks Bernie Sanders has surged past Warren as the radical Left grassroots base coalesced behind his campaign.

Sanders overtook Warren in polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, which left Warren – who was assumed to be the darling of the Left – frustrated.

And on the eve of the final Democrat debate before Iowa, Warren’s allies leaked a story to CNN claiming Sanders told Warren during a 2018 meeting that a woman could not get elected President of the United States.

CNN reports:

The two agreed that if they ultimately faced each other as presidential candidates, they should remain civil and avoid attacking one another, so as not to hurt the progressive movement. They also discussed how to best take on President Donald Trump, and Warren laid out two main reasons she believed she would be a strong candidate: She could make a robust argument about the economy and earn broad support from female voters.

Sanders responded that he did not believe a woman could win.

The description of that meeting is based on the accounts of four people: two people Warren spoke with directly soon after the encounter, and two people familiar with the meeting.

Sanders strongly denied the story and said Warren’s allies lied about what was said.

In his telling, Sanders recalled explaining to Warren that an obsession with identity politics would doom the Democrats in 2020.

But with Iowa fast approaching and Warren stagnating while Sanders rises, the gloves have come off and Warren will do and say anything to regain her momentum.

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23 Responses

  1. Will Penny says:

    Wow , Wannabe Redskin Warren and Old Bernie The Dodger . That’s all they’ve got , two old has been nothing’s and never will be nothing . All you communist liberals can kiss your asses good bye . One thing is for sure , were going to have to listen to all of you sneviling Libby’s for another 5 years . So why don’t you all just pack you bags and hit the trail to China or Russia , were you can get what you need and want , locked up as political spy’s against the state . Go for it chumps , bye

  2. Nellie says:

    Socialized government is not what we need. Look at Cuba and Castro. Obama was going to over through our government by electing Muslims. Started with appointing judges who would allow Muslim laws.
    Hillary lost but she was Obama’s Swc of State with her long time side kick Huma. Huma’s mother involved with Muslims Brotherhood.
    Democrats didn’t expect a Trump presidency.
    Obama’s shadow government and Democratic will continue to try and stop Trump from making America great again.
    Trump’s wall is saving lives on both sides of the borders.
    God is Blessing our country.
    Trump 2020

  3. William Rook says:

    that has to be a tough decision. The democrats choose Bernie, Warren cries sex discrimination! She will cry “I stand the better chance! Look how long Bernie has been trying, has he won? I may be a woman but I’m better” They are so much alike in their thinking it’s scary, the thought, of either of them getting in office! Neither has OUR best interest at heart. BOTH consider this a power struggle

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