You won’t believe the number of Americans who say Joe Biden should run for President in 2024

Joe Biden will soon face a major decision about re-election.

The uncertainty is making Democrats sweat.

And you won’t believe the number of Americans who say Joe Biden should run for President in 2024.

Americans completely soured on the idea of Joe Biden as President.

Democrats thought that by nominating Biden, they could install a nonthreatening comfortable old hand as President and the public would not mind the onslaught of radical socialist policies.

But Biden’s failures at the border, in Afghanistan, and controlling inflation tanked Joe Biden’s job approval numbers right out of the gate.

The RealClearPolitics polling average found just 42 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s performance as President.

But the numbers are even worse and point to a larger problem.

A TIPP Insights poll found that just fewer than one in four Americans want to see Joe Biden on the Democrat ticket in 2024.

And barely more than one in ten prefer to see Vice President Kamala Harris on the 2024 Democrat Party ticket.

TIPP Insights reports:

As mentioned, Biden was named by just 22% of those asked, while 12% mentioned Vice President Kamala Harris, whose abrasive style, lack of preparation, and revolving-door personnel changes have drawn criticism even from formerly friendly Democrats and the left-leaning media.

None of the rest rose above low single-digits: Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg garnered 4%, while New York Rep. Andrea Ocasio-Cortez, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Rep. Joe Kennedy, and Georgia 2018 gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams each attracted 3% of the support.

There may be more to those numbers than meets the eye.

While just 22 percent of Americans want to see Biden run for President again in 2024, Biden also suffers from a severe lack of enthusiasm in his own party as just 37 percent of Democrats want Biden on the ‘24 ticket.

That lack of support from Democrats speaks to the challenges Biden faces as an increasing number of Americans view Biden as senile.

A previous TIPP Insights poll found only 42 percent of Americans believe Biden is mentally sharp enough to be President.

Just 37 percent of Democrats want to see Biden run again because they view Biden’s cognitive decline as an electoral liability.

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