You won’t believe the massive scandal the mainstream media is hiding about Ilhan Omar

Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

She keeps making extremely offensive statements on everything from 9/11 to Israel.

But that isn’t all she’s said, and the mainstream media is hiding a massive scandal about Ilhan Omar that you won’t believe.

As it turns out, Ilhan Omar’s disdain for America doesn’t stop at dismissing 9/11 as simply “some people” doing “something.”

In a recent discussion with the far-left “news” outlet Democracy Now, Omar went on a rant about the problems in socialist Venezuela, and how all their problems are actually caused by the United States.

Venezuela is ruled by socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro.

The people in the country are fighting back against him and electing their own government, but the Maduro-controlled military is refusing to allow the new government to take full power, using brutal attacks on his own people to do so.

They want to get rid of Maduro due to his oppressive actions, which include killing his own citizens and starving his own people.

But Ilhan Omar chooses to shift that blame from Maduro to the U.S., arguing that it was U.S. sanctions on Venezuela causing all their problems.

Newsbusters reports:

The media has chosen to ignore more anti-American comments from U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). In an interview May 1, Omar attacked the U.S. for being the reason why its citizens were starving and getting mowed down in the street by its socialist government regime. Her absurd and anti-patriotic comments are just the latest she’s made attacking the country she’s supposed to be serving, and ABC, NBC and CBS continued to ignore them on their Thursday morning shows, today.

To the liberal, tax-payer funded outlet Democracy Now, Ilhan Omar said the following about the current crisis in Venezuela:

“I remember talking to Madam Secretary Albright and talking to her about the success of sanctions we impose around the world and how some of them have devastating effects on the actual population and not on the governments that we see as our adversaries. And she concurred with me that many of the sanctions that we impose ultimately lead to devastations—and we are seeing it now in Venezuela—and ultimately lead to having severe problems in that country, which doesn’t stabilize life for the people, and certainly puts us here in the United States at risk.

Her statement isn’t surprising, considering that many on the far-left agree with her.

But what is surprising is that the media is completely ignoring it, allowing her to make these extreme statements in a far-left echo chamber with no consequences.

If anyone on the right had made any statement even close to the one Omar made, there would be calls for their resignation.

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158 Responses

  1. Shell says:

    Correction: The Q’uaran referred to Jesus as a prophet and a good man, but never to my knowledge as the Messiah. A prophet like Mohammad only less. A good man, but they can’t explain why, if he is a good man, he would lie when he says , “IF YOU HAVE SEEN ME YOU HAVE SEEN GOD, GOD AND I ARE ONE!” The Muslim religion, i.e. Sharia Law, is combative with the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Federalist Papers, the very idea of this great government we have, therefore they would never be compliant in this nation, consequently It is incomprehensible as to why they settled here at all……except to establish a caliphate and take over.

  2. Michael Christopher Scott says:

    Venezuela’s woes are the result of grotesque mismanagement by the Chavez and Maduro regimes. Those did not expect that oil prices would come back down, so they spent and spent. Note: crude oil is Venezuela’s primary export.

    They won’t accept relief aid from Brazil, and in fact blocked the highways with shipping containers. They hyperinflated their own currency, and drove merchants out of business by calling them “speculators” and “hoarders”.

    In the meantime, 10% of the Venezuelan population has fled the country, and this most likely includes anyone who knows how to run a business.

  3. Robert says:

    Pat: With respect, actually, “Islam” means ‘surrender” or “peace”. It’s from the same root as Hebrew “shalom” and Arabic “salaam,” as in the greeting slaam aleikum, “peace be with you.” Muslims revere the Bible and Jesus, Who they think is the Messiah. There are plenty of Muslim nutcases. Islam was founded about 600 years after Christianity and borrowed a lot of ideas from Christianity.

  4. Robert says:

    Biblical “Philistine” = Palestinian.

  5. Robert says:

    How many Muslims do you know? Shiites or Sunnis? Sufis? Turks, Indonesians or British converts? If you know all of them should be slaughtered, the way the Nazis knew they should slaughter Jews, I’d hope you knew quite a few. I’m not a Muslim, and I’m not crazy about any of the Abrahamic religions, but I do know quite a few believers, and in my personal experience they are much like other people. Before we embark on genocide, we should make sure we know personally at least some of the people we propose to kill.

  6. Alan says:

    The Palestinians are noting but survivors, children and grandchildren from extremists Arabs who never wanted Jews living in the Mideast; that lost to Israel in1948.
    These Arabs could not accept the fact Israel would win when the Arabs thought they would win. There also is no record of any distinct people called Palestinians whoever lived independently at any time in History. Palestine was the name that the Romans gave to Israel after they destroyed the 2nd Jewish temple in 70 AD.
    The Jewish people have lived in Israel for 3000+ years making Israel the historic and official Jewish homeland.

  7. Victress Jenkins says:

    I wonder if they truly understood the oath they took when they were sworn in back in January? Doesn’t sound like it!!!

  8. Pat says:

    To Gary Not me! I have been trying to get people to go along with me to go to DC to stop thew travesties,
    .No one will comply so it IS their fault, not mine!

  9. gary says:

    yet! You foolish Americans are at fault for just complaining about it, how’s that for hope and change for you Americans! You Americans are just as much the enemy as the terrorist for allowing the likes of Obama and other s in your corrupt government and also the anti-American democrats and their tool for it the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES of Anti-American agendas!

  10. C. Wilson. says:

    These nut jobs get way to much press. But not enough for the really bad stuff they do. Get them the heck out of the country and we will all be better off.

  11. J Fargen says:

    We Agree all three of the hateful Muslims need to be removed from America! America is a GOD LOVING NATION & WE WANT & WILL KEEP IT THAT WAY , THANKS TO OUR GREAT PRESIDENT, V President & All our God LOVING LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, IN GOD WE TRUST!!!! AMEN!!!!

  12. J Fargen says:

    YES, We have connected the dots & DO AGREE!!! Muslims do not Belong in MN.

  13. J Fargen says:

    We agree with Rickster! Omar is so Dam Stupid ! She dies not Belong In AMERICA at all! America is a Country Under God & In GOD WE Trust ! She sure Doesn’t APROVE OF GOD ! So She DOES NOT BELONG IN THIS GREAT COUNTRY!!! AMEN!!!

  14. Rickster says:

    What the hell you been smoking George? Camel dung pot! Only a stupid Muslim would support anything her dumbass says or does! One of the biggest big mouth idiots in Congress that shouldnt be there to begin with! No dam Muslim or camel jockey belongs in our Congress wearing a rag on her head! She nothing but a trouble maker with a big mouth terrorist! She sticks her foot in it every chance she gets!! You are totally not American supporting trash like her! Get out of our country!

  15. george beres says:

    BRAVO, OMAR! She is one of the few honest legislators we have. More power to her in support of Palestine! Her critics are bigots. G. Beres

  16. Pat says:

    Robert: I hate Islam people, but, you need to realize that Islam is not a religion. It is a movement. But, Islamic people do have a kind of religion of their own. Islam means: their way is the only way. Their God is the only god. Killing is detriment to their way. I believe we should take each and every one of them out for ever!

  17. Robert says:

    The violent language in this chain dangerous to American unity and potentially corrupts any youngster who reads it. We’re all Americans here, except the Russian trolls who contribute the most virulent of these exchanges. Islam has its good points and bad ones, like all Abrahamic religions. We don’t need to get in the gutter to discuss them. (Just for the record: some of my my published writings have been denounced as anti-Islamic. I think Omar is a naive jerk, but don’t wish to inflict sexual or other damage on her or any other woman, unlike some of the people (or Russian bots) contributing to this discussion.

  18. Donna says:

    Her district is all Muslim, which is horrifying. The encroachment of all the anti-American refugees we have taken in is alarming. These hateful neighborhoods don’t even all police in them so who knows what is going on?

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